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Volcanoes and their effects on Earth

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1 Volcanoes and their effects on Earth
EQ: How do volcanoes effect Earth’s surface?

2 What is a Volcano? A volcano is a mountain that forms when molten rock, magma, is forced to the Earth’s surface

3 What are the types of Volcanic eruptions?
Nonexplosive Eruptions: Continuous flow of lava Can release huge amounts of molten rock Can have lava fountains can spray lava into the air Explosive Eruptions: Clouds of hot debris and gases shoot out from the volcano, often at supersonic speeds The molten rock hardens in the air creating dust particles Can demolish rock formations

4 What are the types of Volcanoes?
There are three types of Volcanoes: Shield: spreads out and covers a wide area Cinder cone: cone shaped with a narrow base and dome opening Composite: most common with broad bases and steep slopes

5 Where do Volcanoes form?
Volcanoes form on or near plate boundaries They are usually occur at convergent and divergent boundaries The plate boundary surrounding the Pacific Ocean have so many volcanoes that it is known as the Ring of Fire 75% of the world’s volcanoes are found in the Ring of Fire

6 What are the effects of Volcanoes?
Climate Changes: In large eruptions, volcanic ash and gases can reach the upper atmosphere If there is enough ash, it can block sunlight causing temperature drops This can result in climate changes all over the world

7 What are the effects of Volcanoes?
Earth’s Surface: Volcanic ash can cause great damage to surrounding trees and vegetation It can flow like an avalanche, choking and searing everything in its path Large amounts of ash can cause buildings to collapse under the extreme weight Can dam up rivers, resulting in massive flooding



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