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Project: American or Canadian literature The Call of the Wild Jack London Leona Vladařová.

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1 Project: American or Canadian literature The Call of the Wild Jack London Leona Vladařová

2 Genres and authors in American or Canadian literature M. Twain – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – novel E. Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea – novella J. F. Cooper – The Last of the Mohicans – adventure W. Whitman – Leaves of Grass – poetry H. Melville – Moby Dick – adventure, drama M. Twain – The Prince and the Pauper – fairy tale

3 My Choice Name: The Call of the Wild Author: Jack London Publisher: Oxford Publisher: Oxford, 2000 The reason : I chose this book, because the trailer at the end of the book catch me.

4 Author Jack London - John Griffith Chaney He was born on 12 of January 1876 in San Francisco He was seaman, gold-digger and hunter oysters He wrote adventure literature He wrote about his experience of Alaska He lived in his ranch in California He died in 22 of November 1916 His other books: All Gold Canyon, In A Far Country, A Daughter Of The Aurora

5 Languages I got from the reading – Key words and phrases Nearby = neighbouring Chief = leader Indeed = really Obey = follow Fair = just Immediately = directly Among = between Unseen = unnoticed Punish = correct

6 Quotation Buck was beaten (he knew that) but he was not broken. He had learnt that a man with a club was stronger then him. Every day he saw more dogs arrive, and each dog was beaten by the fat man. Buck understood that a man with a club must be obeyed, although he did not have to be a friend. Buck byl zbit (ale věděl), že nebyl zlomený. Naučil se, že muž s palicí je silnější než on. Každý den viděl přijíždět více psů a každý pes byl zbit tlustým mužem. Buck pochopil, že muže s palicí musí poslouchat, i když není přítel. (page 6) Reason: I chose this quotation, because we can see as the author of the book describes the situation and feelings of the main character. I think that it is really impressive.

7 What I did not know before reading the book Usually, the man went in front on snowshoes and he settles the snow for dogs I thought, that the dogs were always in front and people stayed by the sledge.

8 Characteristics Perrault Leona person friendly French – Canadian Czech fair calm nervous honest know everything know nothing about dogs about dogs quick slow

9 If I were…, If I were in Perrault instead, I wouldn‘t take a dog, because I was afraid, that the dog will be bad.

10 Recommendation I read it in one go. The book evocatived emotion in me. I think, that the author narrated the story very realistic and naturalistic. I think, that the book is in some parts of rough. Sometimes it evocatived dread in me. It’s a thin book. It is necessary to have and read this book.

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