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2  What 3 types of climates does India have?  What continent is India in?  What is the major mountain range located in India? REVIEW

3  Review: what is a monsoon?  In India, when the monsoon rains would start, the farmers would celebrate.  If the rain comes on time, and lasts long enough- the crops will be long.  If the rains are late, there would be a drought. A LONG, LONG TIME AGO…

4  Because water was so important to early farmers, the first Indian civilizations began around river valleys.  The first civilization in India was near the Indus River.  When the river flooded, it left good soil for the farmers.  The people were able to grow so much food they became very wealthy when they traded. FLOODS=GOOD?

5  The town grew so big that it contained more than 1,000 villages and towns!  The two major cities were:  Harappa  Mohenjo-Daro  There were about 35,000 people in each city. A large wall surrounded the houses and buildings. BIGGER AND BETTER

6  The houses were pretty advanced for their time.  Water was contained by wells  Inside bathrooms  Waste water flowed to drains under the streets and through pipes  Garbage disposals CLEAN UP THAT MESS!

7  Not much more is known about these civilizations because historians cannot translate their writing system!  Stamps and seals  Some ruins exist, so we know more about their buildings. A DEAD END

8  Most Harappans were farmers.  Rice, wheat, barley, peas, cotton  Artisans made:  Tools, pottery, cloth, jewelry, toys JOBS

9  Harappans began trading with the people of Mesopotamia around 2300 B.C… SPREADING CULTURE AND IDEAS

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