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Introduction of IEC Ltd

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1 Introduction of IEC Ltd
Introduction of IEC Ltd. Hungary Törökszentmiklós, Jászberény (OUTSOURCING)

2 IEC Company Profile - Introduction
Company Foundation-structural change Our company has founded as IEC Bt. on Main activity at the beginning: engineering projects, technical drawings Founders and owners 100% own company Csaba Kamarás general manager 1, share 50% Boglárka Kamarás general manager 2, share 50% General structural re-birth in February 2005 Our partners prefer Ltd. structured companies Due to huge growth of activities More safety to our partners .

3 IEC Company Profile - Introduction
Main profiles: Outsourcing type #1: LEAR Corporation /Wire harness assy./ Outsourcing a labour-intensive activity from industrial Customers Technology and raw materials are provided by Customer Lower activity cost and high level of service Outsourcing type #2: ELECTROLUX /Edgeboard packaging/ Outsourcing an uncomfortable activity from industrial Customers Complete technology and materials are provided by our company Higher activity cost and very high level of service .

4 IEC Company Profile - Introduction
Outsourcing: Outsourcing activity advantages: Effectively-motivated people in assembly lines Well-trained, performance-focussed employees Mainly useful for labour-intensive manual assembly High level of Quality, ISO Certificates available 0-24 h service and excellent logistics available Important automotive and high-volume Customer 5.100 square metres still available with full-service Good communication skills Hungarian state helps outsourcing activities .

5 IEC Company Profile - Introduction
Customers Electrolux-Lehel Kft. Chestfreezer Factory According to their own patent we produce low frost bag (LFB) family Developing of an automated manufacturing machine, raw material Mass production Preparing for „urgent” orders A/S Vestfrost Chestfreezer Factory, Denmark Export of modified Low-frost bag technology Highly labour intensive design .

6 IEC Company Profile - Introduction
Electrolux-NEW Chestfreezer packaging Electrolux-Lehel Kft. Chestfreezer Factory Packaging made of edgeboard frame Paper edgeboard as load carrier!!! Can be used for large and lighter products Manual assembly and daily JIT delivery! 35% save than paper or wooden boxes!!! .

7 Packaging development - Introduction
Customers Electrolux-Lehel Kft. Chestfreezer Factory Market-leader packaging material production JIT-type delivery for assembly lines Dynamic organization from 0-200% of capacity Huge volume of material flow(finished goods) 0-300m3/day Payment terms end of month + 60 days using factoring services New site building in Jászberény, HUNGARY Manual assembly of packaging material 0-24h service Delivery according to the line assembly program Electrolux Q-category supplier (highest quality level) .

8 IEC Wireharness project - Introduction
Features: Previous activity: wire harness (Ford Fiesta/Videoton) 5.100m2 , 18x12m-es matrix of columns Dry, clean environment Social building 2x282m2 designed for people Offices with ISDN lines and Internet Storage of products nearby the production area Guards, safety is available Separateble lighting Gas-operated heating 2 compressors with dryer Available from tomorrow! Loading of the truck by forklift .

9 IEC Wireharness project - Introduction
. Wire harness project Picture gallery

10 Edgeboard production - Introduction
Production features Using various internal paper thicknesses to match customer needs Dimensions: mm of edgeboard width, 1,5-8mm of thickness Quick changeover possibility Flexo printing in various colors if needed Special short pieces available on request Annual capacity is metres JIT delivery capable 0-24h service Payment terms: from 8 days till end of month + 60 days .

11 Contacts: IEC Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft.
H-5200 Törökszentmiklós, Dózsa Gy. u. 13. Pf.49. Central phone: Fax: Kamarás Csaba General Manager Mobile: I-E-C Skype: ieckft

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