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El lápiz del carpintero Capítulo por capítulo. Capítulo 1 Present Spain 1990s Carlos Sousa- Journalist, Daniel & Marisa Da Barcas background Interview.

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1 El lápiz del carpintero Capítulo por capítulo

2 Capítulo 1 Present Spain 1990s Carlos Sousa- Journalist, Daniel & Marisa Da Barcas background Interview with Da Barca

3 Capítulo 2 Present day Spain – Brothel near to Galicia Herbal Maria (his favourite prostitute) Description of Herbal now + Description of what goes on at Brothel.

4 Capítulo 3 Herbals flashback of his Uncle shooting fox. Murder of painter by Herbal (mercy killing)

5 Capítulo 4 Civil War 1936 Santiago Herbal saves painter from torture Describes events preceding Civil War (arrests of Republicans etc) Scene of prisoners in prison – Discussing religion and Science. Story of Life and Death (white shoes / black shoes)

6 Capítulo 5 Santiago Summer 1936 – History of Pencil Descriptions of Painter drawing el pórtico de la Gloria on the Cathedral. Draws faces of his fellow prisoners.

7 Capítulo 6 Before the war / Before Da Barcas imprisonment Herbal Painter Da Barca Painter goes to see Da Barca in Tuberculosis asylum. Herbal describes how he was tracking Da Barca. Conversation between Herbal and Sergeant. Herbal gives his detailed report. Description of Herbals childhood illness + His joining army & taking part in crushing minors revolt in Asturias. Da Barcas arrest.

8 Capítulo 7 Flashback to Herbals childhood Description of Marisa related to Herbals childhood. Herbal describes affection for his Sister. Father abused Herbal (wanted to swap him for a pig)

9 Capítulo 8 Santiago 1936 – Early days of war Herbal has the pencil – Change in his personality / voice Marisa brings gun but Herbal changes the bullets. Fascists come for Da Barca, he lies and tells them hes being moved to La Coruña. Herbal convinces his Sergeant to let him go.

10 Capítulo 9 La coruña – After Da Barcas move Description of prison + prison outings (killings) Herbal talking to Painter through pencil – Painter convinces him to save Da Barca by not shooting him with others. + A third time – shoots him through neck not to kill him. Da Barca is saved and taken to hospital.

11 Capítulo 10 La coruña – Summer 1936 Description of prison – Da Barca court-martialled and sentenced to death. Involvement of Cuban gvt Description of Dombodans story – Stupid man mixed up in things he doesnt understand – Da Barca defends Dombodan instead of himself at trial.

12 Capítulo 11 La coruña 1936 Da Barcas sentence changed to life imprisonment He becomes camp Doctor, helps Nurse and Doctor Prisoners set up their musical orchestra. Pepe Sanchez the singer is shot.

13 Capítulo 12 La coruña 1936 Dombodán and Pepe Sanchez have been shot Da Barca very depressed Imaginary dinner with rest of patients – Convinces them they are eating a feast

14 Capítulo 13 La coruña 1936 Herbal talking to painter through pencil – Illness is better. Herbals dream about Marisa and bike. Painter leaves to look for his son. Scene with Herbal in Sisters house – Violence of husband. Herbal thinks about killing him.

15 Capítulo 14 La Coruña – 1939 Franco wins victory Prisoners disrupt mass by coughing. Marisa visits Da Barca Herbal feels uneasy when painter leaves Reports Da Barca for having radio (turning bad again) Herbal turns bad and vents anger on prisoners – plays tricks on them until painter returns from looking for his son.

16 Capítulo 15 Galicia 1939- 1940 Party at Marisas house History of her Grandfather He admits he tried to get Da Barca killed Father tells Marisa he has arranged for Da Barca to be moved to Valencia. Valencia

17 Capítulo 16 La coruña railway station 1942-1943? Description of tuberculosis train taking Da Barca and prisoners. Marisa runs along platform and embraces him.

18 Capítulo 17 La coruña railway station 1942-1943? Train en route to Valencia – Stuck in snow in between Coruña and Madrid (León) Da Barca and Marisas embrace again + Herbal describes their kiss in rain. Train stuck in snow. Prisoners eaten food, prisoners dying. Herbal and Lieutenant walk to Leon station – find a commanding officer. Da Barca brings prisoner through snow…Lieutenant knocks Da Barca down & Herbal helps him up. Da Barca performs an operation but patient dies later in asylum (we hear)

19 Capítulo 18 Valencia – After the war Da Barca writes love letters for prisoners. He has married Marisa at distance Friendship of Da Barca and Nun(mother Izarne) – Nun hates Herbal – Herbal opening prisoners letters – Reading Marisa to Da Barca. Da Barca is sending football letters about secret movements. He is caught, imprisoned and moved.

20 Capítulo 19 After war – Valencia to Galicia train Da Barca travelling to be put onto island with Herbal and Sergeant. Herbal dreams about scars as memories, people chiselling memories into him. Marisa gets on train – they leave them. Sergeant pays Herbal and they give them their wedding night. Da Barca is taken to San Simón island.

21 Capítulo 20 Present day –Brothel in Galicia Herbal reflecting on good effect they had on his life Says Da Barca was released + Marisa had his child and they emigrated and returned. Describes murdering sisters brother. Painter visited him in prison and he had been ill. Herbal goes out and dies Phantom pain.

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