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MU24H itu IM3 on DIGITAL ©NusantaraWidyandaru.

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1 MU24H itu IM3 on DIGITAL ©NusantaraWidyandaru

2 BUZZ Social Media Digital Competition e-Banner Viral How do They Know?

3 Buzz-ing “MU24H itu IM3” on Social Media Social Media Facebook FB Indosat currently have about fans currently have about followers YouTube Uploading TVC IM3 KasKus (The biggest online Forum) Others (Blog, mailinglist, forum, etc) Virtual Agents

4 Examples SocMed: Screen Shots

5 e-Banner Facebook Ads examples

6 Broadcasted to more than addresses Viral

7 timeLINE the Digital Competition NoDigital CompetitionOctober 2010November 2010December JAGO KATA 2ON AIR Quiz – Radio Play 3koM3n SERU

8 1.JAGO KATA Competition A facebook competition makes the most creative acronym based on theme accompanied by hashtag e.g: Theme: ARTIS Titi DJ = Hati Hati Di Jalan # Period: 13 October – 11 November 2010 Prize: 3 vouchers/day for 3 Rp 50K Participants: users Average: 289 users/day Digital Competition

9 2. ON Air Quiz – Radio Play A radio quiz (12 episodes) that played on 9 radio stations. Participants have to answer the questions at Period: 21 October – 5 November Prizes: Holiday in Bali for 7 winners 2 units BlackBerry Radio Partners: Prambors FM Jakarta Ninetyneners FM Bandung Trax FM Semarang Gen FM Surabaya Momea FM Palembang CDBS FM Bali SBI FM Balikpapan Prambors FM Makassar Kiss FM Medan Participants: 143 users

10 Digital Competition 3. KoM3n SERU Participants must provide comments on the illustrations provided Status facebook/twitter participants will automatically be updated with their comments (to make a viral) Period: 15 November – 14 December 2010 Prize: 1 Rp 100K Participants: 231 users status per 16 November 2010 (2 days running)


12 Microsite Statistic MonthUnique VisitorsVisitsPage per ViewHits October November

13 Thank You Danke trIM3 kasih Thank You Danke trIM3 kasih

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