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POWER POINT DO S and DON’T S Yulia V. Sergaeva Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.

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1 POWER POINT DO S and DON’T S Yulia V. Sergaeva Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

2 Power Point: to use or not to use Power Point is the most common technology to support a presentation but the biggest issue is how NOT to make it ineffective or even counterproductive. Visuals should support the presentation and should not replace it since the audience has come to hear a speaker, not merely to stare at images tossed onto a screen.

3 Power Point: how to use However creative speakers are in providing their presentations with pictures, sound and animation, they need to keep in mind some Power Point dos and don’ts concerning: Design Images Font Animation effects Presenter’s behaviour

4 Good Design Light Background Dark Text Easy to Read & to Take Notes Not Distracting

5 Bad Design Dark Background Light Text Hard to Read Distracting (and puts the audience to sleep!)

6 Images Normally graphics and images help, because of the information we take in, 55% is visual and less than 10% is from texts. Pictures definitely make a presentation interesting but are not always relevant (like this cute dog).

7 The SPIDER MAN IMAGE in the next slide goes well with the topic it illustrates but might be distracting if used in the middle of your presentation It could be used in the beginning to spark the audience’s interest in the presentation or at the end for emphasis.


9 Font size – should be at least 28, ideally 30 or larger, preferably Arial This is Arial size 60. This is Arial size 30. This is Times New Roman size 30. This is size 12

10 7 x 7 Rule – To keep slides simple and readable U p to 7 Words per Line Up to 7 Lines per Slide Key words and phrases, not lengthy texts (see the bad example in the next slide) Minimize numbers

11 Too Much Text PowerPoints are meant to serve as an enhancement for presentations. Kawasaki believes in only using key words and phrases on slides. He says it is important to avoid using lengthy blocks of text and only using full sentences when absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that in a classroom, there will always be students that write every single word on a PowerPoint in their notes, even if they are instructed not to. Limiting the text to only the necessary points helps with this problem.

12 Animation and Sound Do not overuse PowerPoint animations and sound effects during a slideshow – it looks “gimmicky” and may even insult the serious audience Go to the next slide to see how irritating, distracting and time consuming the excessive use of animation and colour could be

13 Animation and Sound don’t animate each sentence so it flies in, drops down, and explodes on the screen with an accompanying sound effect

14 «PowerPoint Poisoning» do not rush through the slides – plan at least 1-2 minutes per slide give the audience a chance “to digest” a slide before following up with remarks and commentary remember that the audience can’t read and listen at the same time

15 «PowerPoint Parroting» do not just read the information from the slide do not constantly turn your back to the audience in order to read the slide be able to present the material without the PowerPoint, should technical difficulties arise

16 Useful links Jeff Wuorio Presenting with PowerPoint 10 dos and don'ts. hnology/business_software/ presenting_with_powerpoint_10_dos_and_donts.msp x hnology/business_software/ presenting_with_powerpoint_10_dos_and_donts.msp x Art Wolinsky How to Avoid PowerPoint Poisoning pptpoison/webquest.htm Ресурсный центр «Информационные технологии в обучении языку»

17 POWER POINT DOS and DON’TS: conclusion Innovation and creativity in preparing and performing a presentation do not have to be a lessening of standards and rules.

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