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How TO MAKE MONEY WITH mobile marketing ! Mani Pessiani-14092013.

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1 How TO MAKE MONEY WITH mobile marketing ! Mani Pessiani-14092013


3 3 Smartphones and Applications 40+ installed applications on device (average) Source = Médiamétrie - IDC 247 million SMARTPHONES Shipped in Q2 2013 +52% YoY Change Q2 2012 and Q2 2013 72% of smartphone owners have used an application

4 Operating Systems since 2009

5 GOOGLE PLAY:  Launched March 2012.  Android Market, Google Movies, Google ebookstore, Google Music  1 Million Apps, 48 Billion Downloads APPSTORE :  Launched July 2008 with iPhone 3G  900 000 Apps, 50 Billion Downloads WINDOWS PHONE STORE:  Launched September 2011  160 000 Apps, 2 Billion Downloads Application Stores

6 6 The smartphone : the 1st Screen of our lives 69% use their smartphone before making a purchase 40% of the internet search comes from mobiles Source = Google/IPSOS 70% have searched a product or a service on their smartphone

7 7 Mobile but also Local and Social 70% consult social networks on their smartphone 85% look for local information on mobile Source = Google/IPSOS + SNCD+TNS Sofres 60% would accept to receive location- based commercial offers

8 8 Digital Loyalty on Smartphones Source = INIT + SNCD 73% want promotions when using loyalty programs on smartphones 83% would like to have their loyalty cards stored in their smartphone


10 A good mobile solution is first and foremost a simple idea, carefully developed, with results on sales and of which everybody talks about. The Value Proposition An integrated approach ensures the success of your offer to the brand

11 11 A Good Mobile Marketing Offer 11 Full support in ideas and in the execution of a rich user experience Specific contents in order to inform and entertain around your client’s brand and products Innovative features to promote your client’s brand and products A targeted approach to federate customers to your client’s brand

12 12 Phase 1: Thinking Analyzing brand problematic (visibility, promotion, customer relationship ) Recommending the strategic scenario of the «simple idea» (a content, a feature, an information, a service...) Create the user path and the interactions with the brand and the community

13 13 Phase 2: Producing Functional and illustrated building of the application Definition of the graphic interface and user interactions Creation of the embedded contents, promotions and geo-marketing modules Multi-platform technical programming (iOS, Android, Windows...)

14 14 Phase 3: Communicating Communication plan Copywriting Influential target identification Community Management

15 15 Then… Analyzing Usage report (offline data consolidation) Built-in Sensors Most used features analysis Consolidated volume of downloads on every platforms

16 A Good Mobile Solution in 4 steps... Consulting Market analysis Benchmark Strategic Creation Ergonomics/UX Technical Specs Graphic Charter Development Application Interface Management Back-Office flows Services Analytics Communication Maintenance


18 Mobile Marketing for Points of Sales...At home...In the street...In points of sale...At the checkout An Innovative Solution Intended for Retail Brands A COMPLETE SHOPPER EXPERIENCE...  Inquiring about the brand products  Planning to buy thanks to its friends advices on social networks  Following directions to the point of sale  Receiving promotions near the points of sale (Geofencing)  Using received informations to shop  Geo-locating to win loyalty points  Using its loyalty card  Redeeming its discount coupons and benefits

19 Catalogue and Points of sale ‣ Search of Products/Service through the catalogue ‣ Geo-location of nearby points of sale ‣ Store Brand News access: new products/services, special offers, events... ‣ Share of Product/service Information with the community on social networks (Facebook, Twitter...)

20 Traffic Generation and Promotion ‣ Push of targeted Promotional messages near points of sale using geofencing ‣ Use of dematerialized coupons: with automatic destruction once it has been used and real-time control of quantities

21 ‣ Digital Loyalty Card Loyalty program registration, Card integration, management of the account and benefits ‣ Check-in and Reward in Points of sale Checking-in (QR Code scanning or iBeacons) in points of sale to gain points ‣ Access to Exclusive benefits Conversion of points gained into goods: discounts, gift certificates, gifts... Loyalty Program and Rewarding

22 Trafic et Promotion - Program Menswear Backoffice Administration A web interface to plan promotions for the store brand/franchise or the point of sale : Messages management (events, flash sales, info...) or promotions in Push mode Selection of the points of sale Available quantities Offer validity Statistics and Reports Open Data Integration (weather, traffic...) to optimize promotional offers To always have efficient and available promotions...

23 Cras mattis consectetur purus sit amet fermentum. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nom de l’app Driving traffic in McDonald’s restaurants Geolocating restaurants and cinemas nearby and getting directions, showings, movie infos and trailers. Preparing the shopping list before going to the restaurant. The Experience

24 COMMANDE ET PAIEMENT SUR LE MOBILE, RETRAIT EN RESTAURANT : CONFORT DE COMMANDE ET GAIN DE TEMPS POUR LE RETRAIT Ouverture de l’Application Constitution de commande Retrait de commande Easy Order Sur le mobileEn restaurant Choix du restaurant le plus proche grâce à la géoloc + rayonnage d’1km Confirmation de commande + validité : La commande est valable 30min Confirmation de Paiement et Envoi de la commande en restaurant via le mobile : génération d’un code de commande. SMS de rappel / push notif 10min avant la fin de la période de validité si le numéro de commande n’a pas été utilisé Paiement sur le mobile via 1.Numéro de CB renseigné 2.Compte virtuel type Paypal 3.Carte de Paiement rechargeable via le web (et/ou via NFC) Activation de la préparation de la commande via AirPad à l’arrivée en restaurant Consommation sur place ou à emporter Example of The Customer Journey

25 2. Make Order 3. Pay Order 1. Start App ORDERING ON THE MOBILE APP 4. Confirm Order

26 ARRIVAL IN THE NEARBY RESTAURANT 5. Geolocalisation 6. QR Code Scan



29 29

30 iBeacons in Retail

31 Wearable Devices: iWatch

32 Wearable Devices: Google Glasses

33 Biometrics on the Go

34 Biometrics with Apple TouchID


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