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Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD. Lund University Markus Schneider, Karlstad universitet OER –Open opportunities.

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1 Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD. Lund University Markus Schneider, Karlstad universitet OER –Open opportunities for learning NGL14, 19th March 2014, Falun, Dalarna University

2 Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, or research materials that are in the public domain or released with an intellectual property license that allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution (Plotkin 2010, UNESCO 2011a). COL-UNESCO defines OER as: The phenomenon of OER is an empowerment process, facilitated by technology in which various types of stakeholders are able to interact, collaborate, create, and use materials and pedagogic practices, that are freely available, for enhancing access, reduc ing costs, and improving the quality of education and learning at all levels (Kanwar, Balasubramanian & Umar 2010).


4 OER World Wide…

5 Education Our Content Our Support Our Students Friesen & Murray, 2011 Ossiannilsson_FSA2014



8 EC Recommendations for Higher Education Opening up EducationOpening up Education review their organisational strategies exploit the potential of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) stimulate innovative learning practices such as blended learning equip teachers with high digital competences equip learners with digital skills think about how to validate and recognise learner’s achievements in online education make high quality Open Education Resources (OER) visible and accessible Ossiannilsson_2014

9 Partnership OER SverigeOER Sverige Karlstad University (coordinator) Lund University (dept. coordinator) Consultant Alma Taawo Jönköping University College Gävle University College KTH Linnaeus University Mid University Umeå University

10 Aim of the projectAim of the project: …to foster an open dialogue on Internet for infrastructural collaboration on open educational practice Target groups; academics, teacher training, managers

11 GoalsGoals: …to increase national collaboration for HEI and other involved educational institutions on the use, reuse and production of OER … through Internets possibilities make support more efficient for teachers and students, regarding quality, technical and search possibilities on OERs …to increase awareness about webinars as a tool for open learning on the net …increase national collaboration on support, resources, ICT and pedagogy …contribute to national tagging, dissemination and storing of OERs …web page www.OER

12 What we did What we did (1)…

13 Vad gjorde vi (1)…

14 What we did What we did (2)… The domain 7800 unique visitors from 2230 sources All together unique visitors and those who viewed the recordings were appr 12000 Articles 1 SverdNytt 3, 2012 2 ScieCom, 29 29 3 Final report 4 Presentation, OER13, April 2013, Nottingham, NGL14, Dalarna University, Falun, March 2014NGL14

15 What we did What we did (3)… se109ru2 com68nl1 org8dk1 net8info1 no6li1 fi3me1 de2ax1 Källa: SUNETS Adobe Connect adm gränssnitt (google analytics)

16 What we did What we did (4)…

17 Evaluation and analyse

18 Evaluation and analyse (1)…

19 Evaluation and analyse (2)… Virtual project organisation and meetings Implementation of open webinars Continuously evolution and enhancement Technical enhancement

20 For the future…

21 © Gabi Witthaus, Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester, 2014 (slides) and Thomas Sly (image) CC-BY To find, use and resuse Att söka, använda OERs… Ossiannilsson_2014

22 For the future… Establish Networks and COP OER-OEP (Open Educational Practice) www.oer- quality.orgwww.oer- Opening Up Education to boost innovation and digital skills… both OERs and MOOCs MOOCs and OERs OERSverige continous Webinars continous Internationell and nationell networking and COP Dissemination and valorisation

23 Reflections och discussion…

24 Caring is sharing, sharing is caring FB:Ebba Ossiannilsson T:@EbbaOssian Skype: ebba.ossiannilsson S: E: Markus.Schneider@kauMarkus.Schneider@kau Skype: markschn Ossiannilsson_Schneider NGL14; Falun

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