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Eastern Hemisphere Grade 8

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1 Eastern Hemisphere Grade 8
Pages Resources and Land Use

2 Resources of Western Europe
Fertile Soil Loess is the rich, dust-like soil deposited by the wind. Rain and moderate climate help to make this region good to farm. Water Hydroelectric power is generated by moving water like rivers. Irrigation for crops. Fuels Fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal are plentiful. Good fuel location gave Europe a head start in the 1800’s in industrial development.

3 Resources of Eastern Europe
Fertile Soil Black soil found in the Ukraine is good for farming. Water Fewer water resources than Western Europe. Balkan Peninsula produces hydroelectric power. Fuels Silesia has large deposits of coal which aids industrial growth. Ukraine is a big producer of coal, natural gas and oil.

4 Resources of Russia Fertile Soil Water Fuel
Much of Russia is lacking either suitable climate, good soil, or water for farming. Water Uses hydroelectric power on some rivers. Has other abundant fuel resources. Fuel Large reserves of natural gas, oil, and coal – but located in Siberia. Iron ore reserves are located west of the Urals, so much of their industry is located there.


6 Additional Russian Resources
Minerals Cobalt, Chromium, Copper and Gold. Forest Largest forest reserves. Wood is used to make furniture, paper, pulp, etc. Fishing East coast (Pacific) of Russia is good for fishing, as well as the Black and Caspian Seas.

7 Challenges for Russia Location of the resources. Russia’s size.
Most of the resources are located in Siberia. Difficult to access resources in the harsh climate. Russia’s size. Hard to transport resources due to inaccessible rivers. Pollution Some of the worst cases of pollution are found in Russia.

8 Assignment What do you think is the most important natural resource in Europe and Russia? What makes that resource so important? What are the challenges that resource faces? Write a paragraph to explain your choice. OR…. Make Venn Diagram of all the resources of Europe and Russia. Use the maps on pages 165 & 168. Be sure to include those listed in the reading and on the maps.

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