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Digital Measures’ Activity Insight Electronic Faculty Database.

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1 Digital Measures’ Activity Insight Electronic Faculty Database

2 Session Overview Digital Measures’ Activity Insight Overview Data Entry Requirements – Timeframe – Required information Getting Started Frequently Asked Questions How to get assistance

3 Digital Measures Overview Web enabled information management system used by more than 400 schools and colleges worldwide. Assists faculty with maintaining an ongoing record of their professional accomplishments. – Intellectual contributions – Grants and contracts – Education – Teaching history

4 Digital Measures Overview Maintained by the faculty member – Entered once. No more repeat requests for the same information. – May be used to produce standard vita through report feature. Secure environment – Each faculty member may only access his/her account. – Access to faculty information is restricted to college and university administrators to create reports (e.g. SACS-COC). – DM is a vendor hosted solution on secure servers.

5 Data Entry Requirements Timeframe: – Must have complete information starting 2009-2010 – Request information for the past five years. – May enter as far back as desired Personal benefit: generate a complete and up-to-date vita at any time Deadline for above timeframe: May 1, 2011 Document/File storage currently not available.

6 Getting Started Visit the Digital Measures webpage on the University’s website. Navigation to webpage – Go to – Under “Who”: click “Faculty and Staff” – At the top of the next page, click “Faculty and Staff” – At the bottom left of the next page, click “Digital Measures” –


8 Accessing Digital Measures Username = TROY e-mail address. Password = click “Request Your Password” link on the University’s DM webpage. – An initial password will be emailed to you. – You will be prompted to enter a new password. Instructions are available by clicking the “Download” link at the bottom of the DM webpage on the TROY website.

9 Getting Started Instructions are available on the TROY website. A video and guide are available in DM.

10 Getting Started Video Guide (.PDF)

11 Managing Your Activities Access content areas through links on the main page.

12 Entering Intellectual Contribution Click on Intellectual Contributions. Click on Add A New Item

13 Entering Intellectual Contribution Enter data, but do not enter Ranking. Current Status must be entered. If left blank, the entry will not be included in reports.

14 Quickly Entering Data Intellectual contributions with multiple authors working at TROY will automatically populate for all authors after being entered once. If co-authors are TROY faculty members, simply select them from the drop down menu when adding co-authors. Using the PasteBoard feature at the bottom of the DM screen allows users to drag and drop information quickly into fields. View the DM video for an example.

15 Populate Information All full-time faculty must input their information by May 1, 2011. Completion Status: Per academic year – Completion status section may be entered at the bottom of the DM main page. Scheduled teaching and education are automatically populated from Datatel and are noted as such with an “R” for restricted. Other areas should be populated. Scholarship/Research is an area of emphasis. Changes made in Digital Measures do not make changes to information in Datatel.

16 Frequently Asked Questions What is the PasteBoard? – Middle-man between your vita in Word and DM’s Activity Insight I have a lot of contributions to the same journal. How can I enter those quickly? – Use the Copy feature and then edit only the fields that differ from the original entry.

17 Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to repeat all Intellectual Contributions in Presentations? – Yes. In order to correctly report your scholarly activities, both publications and presentations (even if the presentation is about the publication) need to be listed.

18 Assistance Contact your college DM team member – A&S – Ms. Meredith Singleton (334) 670-3399 – CCFA – Mr. Roy Hudson (334) 808-6142 – COE – Ms. Marci Shirley (334) 670-5842 – HHS – Dr. Christina Martin (334) 670-5763 – SCOB – Mr. Sven Aelterman (334) 670-3922

19 Thank you for your timely participation.

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