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Warren Buffett Value Investor Billionaire Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway

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1 Warren Buffett Value Investor Billionaire Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway
Yale University Stanford University Harvard University University of Nebraska

2 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger UCLA University of Wisconsin Harvard University Northwestern University

3 First African American justice of the United States Supreme Court
Thurgood Marshall Stanford University Boston College University of Pennsylvania Lincoln University

4 Dian Fossey Ethologist San Jose State University
University of Pennsylvania Princeton University Columbia University

5 City University London
Writer, poet, philologist Author, The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Cambridge University City University London Kingston University University of Oxford

6 Madeleine Albright U.S. Delegate to the United Nations
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Wellesley College Princeton University Columbia University UCLA

7 Kofi Annan Secretary General, United Nations Macalester College
La Sorbonne Oxford University Columbia University

8 Bill Gates Founder, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft
Harvard University (dropout) Dartmouth University Yale University Columbia University

9 Christiane Amanpour Reporter Emmy Winner
CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour UCLA University of Rhode Island Harvard University Northwestern University

10 Kate Spade Journalism Major Fashion Designer
Co-Founder Kate Spade New York Kate Spade Emory Arizona State University University of Oregon Carnegie Mellon

11 David Letterman Comedian Television Host Yale University
University of Notre Dame Ball State University (Indiana) Georgetown University

12 Chad Hurley Founder of YouTube Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Pepperdine University University of Notre Dame University of Chicago

13 Christie Whitman New Jersey Governor EPA Director Wheaton College, MA
UC Berkeley Tulane University Vassar College

14 Norah Jones Musician Grammy Winner Dartmouth University
University of Notre Dame University of North Texas Brown University

15 John McCain United States Senator US Naval Academy, Annapolis
Arizona State University University of South Carolina Air Force Academy 15

16 Donald Trump Real Estate Mogul Georgetown University
Dartmouth University Northwestern University Fordham University

17 Colin Powell Four-Star General Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Secretary of State Colin Powell Stanford University Northwestern University Harvard University City College of New York

18 Condoleezza Rice Stanford University Provost National Security Advisor
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Harvard University Yale University University of Denver University of Pennsylvania

19 Linus Pauling Nobel Prize in Chemistry Nobel Peace Prize MIT
Oregon State University Northwestern University Dartmouth University

20 Toni Morrison Author Pulitzer Prize in Fiction
Nobel Prize in Literature Toni Morrison Princeton University Harvard University Columbia University Howard University

21 Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Columbia University
New York University Wellesley College Cornell University 21

22 Ted Turner Founder of CNN Founder, Turner Broadcasting System
Boston College UC Berkeley Brown University, expelled Yale University

23 Eileen Collins American Astronaut US Air Force Colonel
First female pilot & commander of a Space Shuttle Eileen Collins Corning Community College, NY SUNY New Paltz Hunter College, NY Ithaca College

24 Joe Biden Vice President University Massachusetts Amherst
University of Delaware Trinity College Penn State 24

25 Mark Cuban Entrepreneur Owner, Dallas Mavericks Indiana University
Georgetown University Stanford University Yale University

26 Oprah Winfrey Actress Television Host USC Tennessee State University
Northwestern University Princeton University

27 Barbara Boxer United States Senator Stanford University
Yale University Brooklyn College Columbia University

28 Jake Burton Carpenter Founder of Burton Snowboards
University of Colorado at Boulder NYU Burlington College Daniel Webster College, NH

29 Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Activist Nobel Peace Prize
Boston College Morehouse College University of Pennsylvania Columbia University

30 Martha Stewart Entrepreneur Barnard College Harvard University
Princeton University Dartmouth College

31 Annie Leibovitz Photographer USC Columbia University
Princeton University San Francisco Academy of Art

32 Jon Stewart Comedian Television Host The College of William and Mary
Yale University Stanford University Northwestern University

33 Barack Obama President of the United States Harvard University
Princeton University Occidental College Cornell University 33

34 Jaime Escalante Teacher United States Presidential Medal winner
Stanford University California State University, Los Angeles University of Pennsylvania MIT

35 James Gandolfini Actor Emmy Winner Rutgers University USC
University of Pennsylvania Yale University

36 Mia Hamm Athlete Olympic Gold Medalist Cornell University
Georgetown University Yale University University of North Carolina

37 James Pawelczyk NASA Astronaut Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Rochester Texas A&M University California Institute of Technology 37

38 Alice Walker Pulitzer Prize winner Author, The Color Purple
Wellesley College New York University Davidson College Sarah Lawrence

39 Dick Cheney Congressman Secretary of Defense
Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney Princeton University Harvard University Columbia University University of Wyoming

40 Educator, songwriter, minister
Host, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Fred Rogers Indiana University Knox College Rollins College University of Miami

41 Elaine Chao Director of the Peace Corps President of the United Way
Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao University of Pennsylvania Yale University Mount Holyoke College Columbia University

42 Sarah Palin Alaska Governor Vice-Presidential Candidate
Fox News Analyst Sarah Palin University of Alaska, Fairbanks North Idaho College Hawaii Pacific University University of Idaho 42

43 John Wooden Hall of Fame Basketball player and coach
Six-time NCAA College Basketball Coach of the Year John Wooden Stanford University Princeton University University of Notre Dame Purdue University

44 Jay Leno Comedian Television Host Stanford University
Emerson College (Boston) UCLA Columbia University

45 Emmy Award Nominated Actress
Lucy Liu Ohio State University Syracuse University University of Michigan Arizona State University

46 Ronald Reagan Governor of California President of the United States
UCLA Eureka College (IL) Northwestern University Georgetown University

47 Jenny Ming President of Old Navy Cal State San Jose
Art Center College of Design Pomona College UC San Diego

48 Joycelyn Elders Surgeon General College of the Southwest, NM
Philander Smith College, AR Whittier College Rice University

49 Calvin Klein Fashion designer Cornell University
California Institute of Fashion & Technology The New School Fashion Institute of Technology

50 Anne Mulcahy Chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation Marymount College
Stanford University Harvard University Georgetown University

51 Norman Lear Author Emerson College, MA Wesley College
Middlebury College New England College

52 Larry Page Co-founder and President of Products, Google
Stanford University University of Notre Dame University of Michigan Swarthmore College

53 Steven Spielberg Director, Producer Academy Award Winner USC
Columbia University Princeton University CSU – Long Beach

54 Bernadine Healy Head of National Institute of Health
President of the American Heart Association Bernadine Healy Columbia University Vassar College Princeton University Dartmouth University

55 Warren Buffett Value Investor Billionaire Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway
Yale University Stanford University Harvard University University of Nebraska

56 George W. Bush Governor of Texas President of the United States
Harvard University University of Pennsylvania Yale University Princeton University

57 Cokie Roberts Reporter, Author Emmy Winner
Senior News Analyst for National Public Radio Cokie Roberts Wellesley College Princeton University Yale University Dartmouth University

58 Stephen Colbert Comedian Stanford University Columbia University
Northwestern University Princeton University

59 Steve Jobs Co-founder and CEO, Apple Computer Chairman and CEO, Pixar
Reed College Columbia University Georgetown University UCLA

60 Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks University of Virginia Bates College
Cambridge College University of Northern Michigan

61 Ruth Simmons President of Brown University Princeton University
Northwestern University Dillard University Yale University

62 Gavin Newsom Mayor of San Francisco Yale University
Georgetown University University of Pennsylvania Santa Clara University

63 Sandy Lerner Co-Founder of Cisco Systems Stanford University CSU Chico
UC Santa Barbara UC Berkeley

64 Denzel Washington Actor Academy Award Winner Fordham
University of Arizona MIT Northwestern University

65 Phil Knight Founder of Nike UC Santa Cruz Lewis and Clark College
University of Oregon University of Puget Sound, WA

66 Ang Lee Filmmaker New York University USC UCLA
University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana

67 Michael Dell Entrepreneur Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Dell Computer
University of Texas Georgetown University Columbia University USC

68 Rudolph Giuliani Mayor of New York City New York University
Manhattan College Stanford University Harvard University

69 Milton Friedman Economist Cornell University
University of Pennsylvania Rutgers University Princeton University

70 John Glenn Astronaut Austin College University of Oklahoma
Providence College, RI Muskingum College, OH

71 Professor, UCLA Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Donald J. Cram Rollins College Northwestern University of Chicago MIT

72 Henry Winkler Actor, Director, Producer Played “Fonzie” on Happy Days
Brown University University of Georgia Vanderbilt University Emerson

73 Jack Welch Chairman and CEO of GE Tulane University
University of Wisconsin University of Massachusetts Washington University

74 Tom Hanks Actor Academy Award Winner
Community College and Cal State Sacramento Princeton University Yale University Dartmouth University

75 Sergey Brin Co-founder and President of Technology, Google UCLA
University of Maryland Georgetown University Columbia University

76 William Shatner Actor Emmy & Golden Globe winner McGill University
UCLA Kenyon College University of Indiana

77 Ismat Kittani President of the UN General Assembly Knox College
University of Chicago Rutgers University Dartmouth College

78 John Grisham Novelist American University Jacksonville University
Emory University Mississippi State University

79 Robert Iger President of Capital Cities/ABC CEO of Walt Disney
Ithaca College Rutgers University Hamilton College Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

80 Willie Brown Speaker of the California State Assembly
Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown UCLA UC Berkeley San Francisco State Stanford

81 James Hahn Mayor of Los Angeles UCLA Dartmouth University
Pepperdine University Yale University

82 Dr. Phillip A Sharp Dir of Cancer Reasearch, MIT
Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Phillip A Sharp University of Colorado, Boulder California Institute of Technology University of Arizona Union College, KY

83 Paul Otellini Board of Directors of Google CEO of Intel
University of Wisconsin Princeton University Boston University University of San Francisco

84 George Clooney Actor Purdue University University of Iowa
Ottawa University Northern Kentucky University

85 Michael L. Eskew Chairman & CEO of UPS Rutgers University
University of Oregon Purdue University University of Pennsylvania

86 David Lesar Board of Directors of the American Iranian Council
CEO of Halliburton David Lesar Columbia University Stanford University Harvard University University of Wisconsin

87 Edward Whitacre, Jr. National President of the Boy Scouts of America
CEO, AT&T Edward Whitacre, Jr. Texas Tech University University of Alabama The University of Mississippi Georgia Tech University

88 Doug Ducey CEO of Cold Stone Creamery Arizona State University MIT
Georgia Institute of Technology University of Wisconsin

89 Andrew Grove Founder of Intel MIT Grinnell College
California Polytechnic State University, SLO University of Iowa

90 John J. Mack CEO, Morgan Stanley Stanford University Duke University
University of Iowa New York University

91 Stan O’Neal General Motors Analyst CEO, Merrill Lynch
Stetson University Texas A&M Kettering University University of Texas at Austin

92 Richard D. Parsons Worked for President Gerald Ford CEO of Time Warner
Yale University Queens College City College of New York University of Hawaii

93 Anne Mulcahy CEO Xerox Columbia University Marymount College, NY
Harvard University Wellesley College

94 Ken Lewis President and CEO of Bank of America Corp Boston University
Georgia State University Georgetown University Tufts University

95 Ron Paul United States Congressman Texas A&M University
Rice University Georgetown University Gettysburg College

96 Jamie Dimon President, JP Morgan Chase & Co Tufts University
Princeton University University of Pennsylvania Northwestern University

97 Ivan Seidenberg Chairman and CEO, Verizon Communications
Ithaca College City University of New York New School University Cornell University

98 Alan G Lafley CEO, Proctor & Gamble Company
Thomas Edison State College Hamilton College Defiance College Dartmouth College

99 Robert Ulrich CEO of Target University of Minnesota
University of Toledo Tulane University Pacific University

100 Chris McCormick President of LL Bean Emerson College Dartmouth College
Bowdoin College Brown University

101 Bernard Marcus Founder of Home Depot Bucknell University
LaSalle University Middlebury College George Washington University

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