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Aplikasi po wer point Mata kuliah aplikasi komputer.

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1 Aplikasi po wer point Mata kuliah aplikasi komputer

2 Fitur top home  Copy paste  Format font  Paragraph  Quick style  find

3 garfik

4 TABLE JAWA TIMURJAWA BARATDKI 2.5%3.5%4.0% 3.4%3.3%4.2%

5 KURVA PENAWARAN-PERMINTAAN Price Quantity Supply Demand Equilibrium

6 Project Overview What is the project about? Define the goal of this project Define the scope of this project


8 Current Status What progress has been made since the previous milestone? o Which tasks have been completed? o What issues have been resolved? o What new issues have risen? * Is the project currently ahead of schedule, on track, or delayed? o If delayed, what is the mitigation plan?

9 Issues and Resolutions Description of the issue How was it resolved? What and how did it impact the project? o Time o Cost o Other

10 Timeline

11 Date 1Date 2Date 3Date 4 Timeline

12 Date 1 Date 2 Date 3 Date 4 Timeline

13 Looking Ahead When is the next milestone? What are the expected deliverables? Known risks and issues o What is the investigation timeline for these issues? What are the immediate next steps?

14 Dependencies and Resources Project Vendors Manufacturing Sales Engineering Remote Teams

15 Appendix

16 Budget Design documents Marketing plan Supplemental documents Contact information

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