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Developed vs. Developing Nations

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1 Developed vs. Developing Nations

2 Contrasts between developed and developing nations
How does the developing world compare with the developed world in terms of economic, social, and population characteristics? Geographic locations – The developing countries are, for the most part, those countries which used to be colonies of the developed nations or part of a developed nation. Economic conditions – GDP(gross domestic product) Developed countries already have a strong economy with a high GDP while developing nations have low GDP and a higher unemployment rate.

3 Contrasts between developed and developing nations
Social conditions- Developed nations will have a lower birth rate than developing nations due to education, health care, availability of food, etc… Population size and rate of growth – People often emigrate from developing to developed and not vice versa. Growth of population is higher in developing because of social conditions as mentioned earlier.

4 Factors affecting environment and society
Economic development – Education, availability of raw materials, excellent infrastructure, and steady government in the developed nations. Rapid population growth – Growth from immigration from developing to developed but also in developing because of high birth rates.

5 Impact on the Environment
What impact are economic development and rapid population growth having on the environment?

6 Environmental Challenges
Pollution – Industrial pollution w/out controls vs. with controls, sewage, air/ground/water. Loss of habitat – Increase in population will mean more housing/industry which means loss of nature. Global climate change – Cutting down trees in rain forest, exhaust fumes, overpopulation


8 Social Challenges Poverty, poor health, illiteracy, famine, migration -

9 Relationship between economic and political freedom
What are the links between economic and political freedom? Free market economies produce rising standards of living and an expanding middle class, which produces growing demands for political freedoms and individual rights. Recent examples include Taiwan and South Korea.

10 Understandings Both developed and developing nations of the world have problems that are brought about by inequities in their social, cultural, and economic systems. Some individuals choose to deal with these unequal conditions through the use of terrorist activities. Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce for political reasons. A major cause of terrorism is religious extremism.

11 Questions to know What are some examples of international terrorism in our world today that have impacted developed and developing nations?

12 Examples of International Terrorism
Munich Olympics – 1972 Jewish Olympic athletes taken hostage and some killed. 9/11/01 – Twin towers attacked my Al-qaeda terrorists (Osama bin Laden) Car bombings, suicide attacks, airline hijackers

13 Terrorist Activities Car bombing Twin towers attack 9-11

14 Question to know How has terrorism impacted developed and developing nations in the contemporary world?

15 Governmental Responses to Terrorist Activities
Surveillance Security at ports and airports Identification badges and photos Review of privacy rights

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