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Resilience and Career Development

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1 Resilience and Career Development
Curtin Careers Centre

2 • is an ability to bounce back from adversity and difficult situations
Resilience is... • is an ability to bounce back from adversity and difficult situations • involves strength as well as flexibility • associated with elasticity, buoyancy and adaptation

3 Resilient people • are positive and view life as challenging but also filled with opportunity • demonstrate flexibility and durability • have an ability to organise and manage ambiguity • are proactive and not reactive (anticipate positively) • are open to learning, taking risks and remaining optimistic

4 Remember the High Five Reflect on the Hi Five in The Real Game
Change is constant—embrace it Learning is ongoing Focus on the journey Know yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart Access your allies

5 Developing Career Resilience
1. accept change 2. become a continuous learner 3. take charge/control 4. find your purpose 5. pay attention to self-identity 6. cultivate relationships 7. reflect 8. skill shift 9. develop emotional intelligence 10. take care of yourself

6 Developing Career Resilience 1. Accept Change
Accept that change is constant and inevitable so……. Find ways to be comfortable with change Successful people accept change and don’t waste energy resisting it

7 Developing Career Resilience 2. Be A Continuous Learner
Keep learning, new skills, gain new understanding and perspectives, and apply these in changing times Many people resist learning new ways, and hold onto old and outdated behaviours and skills Even when it can be seen they no longer are effective

8 Developing Career Resilience 3. Take Control of Your Life
Embrace your power—become self empowered Take control of your own learning, development and career Don’t expect other people to show you the way (only you really know what is the best choice and direction for you)

9 Developing Career Resilience 4. Find Your Purpose
Develop a personal way that; gives your work meaning, and helps you put it in a larger context With a clear sense of purpose you are better able to assess setbacks within the framework of the bigger picture and broader perspective.

10 Developing Career Resilience 5. Self Awareness – Self Identity
Develop an identity that is apart from your job Your work is only one aspect of your identity You have many other roles in your life/career rainbow e.g. friend, partner, parent, child, student, citizen To develop resilience separate: Who you are from what you do

11 Developing Career Resilience 6. Cultivate Relationships
Develop and nurture a wide network of personal and professional relationships Personal relationships create a strong base of support A critical element in Achieving goals Dealing with hardships and Developing perspective

12 Developing Career Resilience 7. Be Reflective
Make time for reflection in all aspects of your life Reflect on your successes and your challenges and hardships Reflection fosters learning new perspectives a degree of self awareness Reflection can enhance resilience

13 Developing Career Resilience 8
Developing Career Resilience 8. Skill Shift – Enhance Transferable Skills Assess and even change your definition of self and/or your career Reframe how you see your existing skills, identify and enhance your transferable skills and develop new skills and skill sets

14 Developing Career Resilience 9. Develop Emotional Intelligence
Think creatively and flexibly under stress Expand rather than shut down when face with challenge Focus on the future and gain strength from new opportunities that present a change to learn new perspectives and develop your skills

15 Developing Career Resilience 10. Take Care Of Yourself
Practice ‘self care’ Exercise regularly Eat healthy food Meditate Keep a journal Spend time with family and friends Plan and regularly enjoy fun activities

16 Developing Career Resilience Take Control of Your Career
Learn about the aspects of your career development (e.g. ABCD career competencies) Spend time developing self awareness Explore all the opportunities and the workplace Develop and practice your decision making skills Develop your skills and take action Continue to reflect, explore and learn, be adaptable

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