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Ozone in Athletes.

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1 Ozone in Athletes

2 Athletes and Performance
Exercises are considered as aerobic and anaerobic activities in which fatigue occurs by consuming much of ATP and forming lactic acid in muscles and blood that requires recovery to be able to resume work. The fatigue and time of recovery are problems has been noticed and they affect the athletic performance level.

3 Ozone and Athletes Safe effective agent
Not prohibited if used by the proper way of administration (R.H. & Steam Bath) Effective in enhancing the performance Effective in reducing the recovery period

4 Ozone Benefits for Athletes
Increases tissue oxygenation Increases production of ATP resulting in more energy and faster recovery Delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation of sugar in the cell reducing lactic acid buildup Oxidizes lactic acid, helping prevent sore muscles

5 Ozone Benefits for Athletes (cont.)
Reduces swelling, bruising and pain from injuries and speed healing Prevents and treat colds and flu and enhances immunity Eliminates need for antibiotics, protecting intestinal flora Increases hormone production to optimum levels, eliminating need for artificial steroids

6 Persons and Methods

7 Persons Two groups; the first is the study group and the second is the control group. Each group includes female athletes; students in the final year of Faculty of Physical Education, Helwan University. There age ranged between 20 and 21 years of age

8 Methods Lactic acid measurements: First Stage:
Study group: Lactic acid was measured before exercise, ten minutes of physical exercise using ergo metric bicycle (60 cycles/min.) till the pulse rate reached more than 160/min.(consedered to be the maximum oxygen utilization rate) and after 20 minutes of rest. The second day the same procedure was repeated, but instead of having rest each athlete had a 20 minutes exposure to ozone steam bath (using Ionozone Bath Cabinet – Nemectron Company)

9 Methods (cont.) Second Stage:
Same like the first stage but all the measurements for the study group were repeated after having six sessions of ozone steam bath in a two month period



12 Methods (cont.) Rhythmic Gymnastics Performance
Includes the art of Jumps & Leaps, Balances, Flexibility, Turns & Pivots and Waves. This was carried on for five minutes Evaluation was made by three judges from the professors of the University and scores were given This evaluation was done for all athletes of both groups twice: at the start of the study and after two months

13 Results

14 Average Lactic Acid Level Before & After Exertion and Following Rest and Following Single Session Ozone

15 Average Lactic Acid Level Before & After Exertion and Following Rest and Ozone Single and Six Sessions Ozone

16 Average Performance Score Before and After Ozone in the Study Group Compared to the Control Group

17 Conclusion Ozone administration in Athletes enhances the performance and decreases the recovery period

18 Ozone Sauna

19 Ozone Sauna It is not a Sauna, but special steam bath:
Wet heat (humid) not dry like sauna Temperature around 40 ºC not 70 like sauna Heat and humidity is not the main method of treatment but they are a tool for the treating gases to be delivered to the tissues

20 Ozone Sauna Modalities
Oxygen / Ozone Carbonic Acid H2O2 Ultraviolet Irradiation Aromatherapy Heat / Humidity Ionized H2O2

21 Oxygen / Ozone It has been proved that ozone is absorbed through the skin. This, together with the non-specific heat stimulation produces considerable hyperemia. According to Kunzmann treatment of the whole body for 30minutes in an ozone cabin increases the oxygen partial pressure of the peripheral venous blood up to 25%.

22 Oxygen / Ozone Ozone Sauna is suitable for conditions with or general reduction of oxidation processes in the tissues, e.g. degenerative disorders of the blood vessels, the connective tissue, the locomotor system, the parenchyma and CNS.

23 Oxygen / Ozone Good results have also been obtained in bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, obesity, psoriasis, and in dermatological conditions, nutritional disorders of the skin with ulcers, as after long resting (e.g. bed sores) prophylactically in fatigue and stress and in convalescence.

24 Carbonic Acid Vasodilatation of B.Vs. C.N.S. Sedating
Peripheral vascular diseases (Raynauds, Burgers) Coronary insufficiency Diminished memory Post-myocardial Infarction Hypertension C.N.S. Sedating Anxiety & Stress

25 Ultraviolet Irradiation
When the unstable oxygen compound O3 is dissociated Ultraviolet radiation is emitted. The radiation acts on the epidermis and on the deeper layers of the skin, where it contributes to the production of protective agents, hormones and vitamins.

26 Heat / Humidity In a hyperthermia bath the nuclear body temperature is increased by 2 °C on an average due to cessation of heat output (hyperthermia). This causes perspiration with excretion of organic acids and end products of metabolism i.e. an increased output of waste products. In addition to this external effect, the internal effect of perspiration increases metabolism with functional stimulation of all organs.

27 Heat / Humidity The combined ozone-oxygen-hyperthermia treatment results in a lasting relaxation of muscles. Quite remarkably, spastic and stiff limbs can be moved after a few minutes treatment, often without pain. This fact is of importance in the aftercare of paralysis, e.g. poliomyelitis

28 Indications for Ozone Sauna
Patients Musculoskeletal System: myositis, muscle spasm, arthritis …. Cardiovascular System Dermatological conditions Non Patients Athletes Beauty Vitality

29 Factors Enhancing Ozone Absorption Through the Skin
Heat / Humidity High solubility in H2O H2O2 LOPs Area of Skin exposed

30 Factors Enhancing Ozone Absorption Through the Skin
Ozone dissolves in water-sebum film overlying the outer layer of the stratum corneum and reacts immediately with PUSFAs generating ROS (among which H2O2 and LOPs) These compounds can be partly absorbed and pass through the transcutaeneous barrier, facilitated by the intense vasodilatation induced by the sauna. Both lymphatic and venous capillaries can rapidly transfer LOPs into the general circulation.


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