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Principles of training design TrainEd Graz 2004 Frank Heyworth.

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1 Principles of training design TrainEd Graz 2004 Frank Heyworth

2 Introduction Whenever we are training, we are applying some explicit or implicit principles These examples are adapted from general principles related to quality assurance

3 Principles for training design 1 A relational model – It must start with an identification of the “client” of training activity – Trainee needs, wishes and motivation must be analysed – Opportunities for negotiation and feedback are provided – There are procedures for measuring short-term and long-term satisfaction Quality slogan “Good training is when trainee expectations are exceeded.”

4 Principles for training design 2 Process-orientation – Requires an analysis of the processes of design, delivery and evaluation Design – fixing aims, objectives, sequencing, content Delivery – presentation, managing activities, setting tasks Evaluation – assessing results, affective impact, efficiency of processes Quality slogan – “Doing the right things, doing them right.”

5 Principles for training design 3 Results oriented – Is intended to implement change – in practices, methods, approach – Requires specific measurable objectives, indicators of success – Starts with the baseline – what is the starting point? – Needs steps for “institutionalising”, making the training part of everyday procedure Quality slogan – “Where’s the beef?”

6 Principles for training design 4 Value driven training – Involves identifying the values in training content and practice Respect for the individual Personal development Social cohesion Intercultural understanding …… Quality slogan – “Training without clear values is like a monkey learning new tricks.”

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