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Public Relations: Dulu, Kini, dan Tantangan Masa Depan Surabaya, 27 November

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1 Public Relations: Dulu, Kini, dan Tantangan Masa Depan Surabaya, 27 November 2012 @vera_makki

2 Biografi Dulu Corporate Affairs Manager, Fonterra Brands Indonesia (2011- 2012) Internal Communications Manager, PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk (2006- 2011) Public Affairs Manager, Indo Pacific PR (2005) Consultant, Ogilvy Public Relations (2000 – 2002) Public Relations Officer, Hotel Mulia Senayan (1999 – 2000) Broadcaster, Ardan Radio, Bandung (1995 – 1998) Awards & Recognition Kini Deputy Director, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Dosen Pengajar Kelas Komunikasi Internasional, Universitas Indonesia Executive Committee, The Indonesian PR Practitioners Group Founder, Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah (@lebahbooks) Accredited Business Communicator, International Association of Business Communicator, San Francisco, USA ( Stevie Awards, The Best Corporate Merit Scholarship, University of Houston, Texas, USA


4 Public Relations - Dahulu Perempuan Cantik, Semampai, Langsing Harus pakai rok (pendek) High heels Yang penting penampilan Public Relations = Sales Promotion Girl PR = Media Relations only

5 Reputation Management Have a strategic thinking (planning & implementation) Good communications and presentation skill (Bahasa Indonesia & English) Have a good inter-personal skill A story-teller Berwawasan luas, memahami bisnis dan teknik komunikasi. Pendidikan: komunikasi, humas, jurnalistik Gesit, multi-tasking, tahan banting

6 Reputation Management: 3P PROMOTEPROTECTPRE-EMPT Internal Communications Brand PR Corporate PR CSR (Corporate Social Res ponsibility) External Networking Issue & Crisis Management Employee Engagement Media Relations (hak jawab, klarifikasi) Lobbying Media Monitoring Eyes & Ears (Associations, etc) Advertising clearance CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) MISSION & VISION CORPORATE VALUES: Leadership, Integrity, Credibility, Trust

7 KEY STAKEHOLDERS (Pemangku Kepentingan) Internal External Employees Labor Union Board Members Shareholders Media Government Non-Government Org (NGO) Academician/University Competitors Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Customers Community Agency Vendor Distributors Dealers Family of employees

8 Media Relations Old ParadigmNew Paradigm Closed Reactive One way Money talk Off the record No comment Single interest Open, transparent Proactive Two-way, interactive Content talk Everything is on the record Even silent is a statement Mutual understanding

9 Content Creation/Story Teller Make it comprehensive: 5W+1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why+ How) Understand the needs & interest from the target audience Listen & observe Gain insight (research) Emphasize Key Messages Prepare anticipated Q&A Don’t do hard-selling

10 News Creation

11 Now and in the future: WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA

12 How it works A Story Press Kit: 1.Press/Photo Release 2.Speech 3.Biography 4.Photo 5.Fact Sheet 6.White Paper Distribution only Press conferenceMedia Briefing Exclusive Interview WORD OF MOUTH Real time HUB/HQ: WEBSITE Blog Micro site

13 Source:

14 The Future of PR & Social Media It’s Transforming Technology driven Change the way we interact Change the way news is sourced and seeked More tools & channels Challenge: speed & accuracy

15 Questions?

16 Thank You

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