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Public Relations: Dulu, Kini, dan Tantangan Masa Depan Surabaya, 27 November

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1 Public Relations: Dulu, Kini, dan Tantangan Masa Depan Surabaya, 27 November

2 Biografi Dulu Corporate Affairs Manager, Fonterra Brands Indonesia ( ) Internal Communications Manager, PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk ( ) Public Affairs Manager, Indo Pacific PR (2005) Consultant, Ogilvy Public Relations (2000 – 2002) Public Relations Officer, Hotel Mulia Senayan (1999 – 2000) Broadcaster, Ardan Radio, Bandung (1995 – 1998) Awards & Recognition Kini Deputy Director, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Dosen Pengajar Kelas Komunikasi Internasional, Universitas Indonesia Executive Committee, The Indonesian PR Practitioners Group Founder, Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah Accredited Business Communicator, International Association of Business Communicator, San Francisco, USA ( Stevie Awards, The Best Corporate Merit Scholarship, University of Houston, Texas, USA


4 Public Relations - Dahulu Perempuan Cantik, Semampai, Langsing Harus pakai rok (pendek) High heels Yang penting penampilan Public Relations = Sales Promotion Girl PR = Media Relations only

5 Reputation Management Have a strategic thinking (planning & implementation) Good communications and presentation skill (Bahasa Indonesia & English) Have a good inter-personal skill A story-teller Berwawasan luas, memahami bisnis dan teknik komunikasi. Pendidikan: komunikasi, humas, jurnalistik Gesit, multi-tasking, tahan banting

6 Reputation Management: 3P PROMOTEPROTECTPRE-EMPT Internal Communications Brand PR Corporate PR CSR (Corporate Social Res ponsibility) External Networking Issue & Crisis Management Employee Engagement Media Relations (hak jawab, klarifikasi) Lobbying Media Monitoring Eyes & Ears (Associations, etc) Advertising clearance CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) MISSION & VISION CORPORATE VALUES: Leadership, Integrity, Credibility, Trust

7 KEY STAKEHOLDERS (Pemangku Kepentingan) Internal External Employees Labor Union Board Members Shareholders Media Government Non-Government Org (NGO) Academician/University Competitors Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Customers Community Agency Vendor Distributors Dealers Family of employees

8 Media Relations Old ParadigmNew Paradigm Closed Reactive One way Money talk Off the record No comment Single interest Open, transparent Proactive Two-way, interactive Content talk Everything is on the record Even silent is a statement Mutual understanding

9 Content Creation/Story Teller Make it comprehensive: 5W+1H (Who, What, When, Where, Why+ How) Understand the needs & interest from the target audience Listen & observe Gain insight (research) Emphasize Key Messages Prepare anticipated Q&A Don’t do hard-selling

10 News Creation

11 Now and in the future: WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA

12 How it works A Story Press Kit: 1.Press/Photo Release 2.Speech 3.Biography 4.Photo 5.Fact Sheet 6.White Paper Distribution only Press conferenceMedia Briefing Exclusive Interview WORD OF MOUTH Real time HUB/HQ: WEBSITE Blog Micro site

13 Source:

14 The Future of PR & Social Media It’s Transforming Technology driven Change the way we interact Change the way news is sourced and seeked More tools & channels Challenge: speed & accuracy

15 Questions?

16 Thank You

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