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University of TOULOUSE. The territory Located in Midi- Pyrénees region 3 M inhabitants Toulouse (the capital city) counts approx. 441 800 inhabitants.

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1 University of TOULOUSE

2 The territory Located in Midi- Pyrénees region 3 M inhabitants Toulouse (the capital city) counts approx. 441 800 inhabitants

3 University of Toulouse founded in 1229 (Bologna/ Salamanca/Sorbonne) 2014 : 120 000 Students

4 UT IS A FEDERATION Stronger together ! UT is legal body grouping together 14 HE Institutions ITS MISSIONS: Enhancing the attractiveness of the University of Toulouse, speaking in one voice and offering the best opportunities to students.

5 (6 founders) 4 Universities :  Toulouse 1 capitole : Law, Economics, Management  Jean-Jaures le Mirail : Humanities, Languages  Paul Sabatier : Sciences, Technologies and Health  Institut National Polytechnique : Engineering 2 Engineering schools :  Institut National des Sciences Appliquées : Engineering  Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace :Aeronautics and Space

6 UNIVERSITY of TOULOUSE (8 associate members) Sc. Po : political sciences ENAC : pilots training TBS : business school Ecole des Mines d’Albi : engineering ENFA : agriculture ICAM : engineering Centre Universitaire Champollion : non-specialized univ. ENS Archi. De Toulouse : architecture

7 120 000 students (among which 15 000 foreign students) 30 000 diploma awarded a year 1 500 frame agreements with 110 countries 15 Doctoral Schools 4500 PhD students 6000 researchers and researchers-lecturers 7 leading research institutes 200 laboratories Key figures 2012 – permanent office in China / 2014 Indonesia and Brazil

8 Academic training Fields of academic excellence  Space  Aeronautics  Health (sp. cancer research)  Engineering  Economics  Tourism & hospitality The University of Toulouse boasts a top-ranking academic offer covering all the fields of knowledge

9 English-taught Master’s Degrees 45 master’s programs in English in the fields of law, Economics, Management, Sciences, Technologies, Health and engineering. 20 specialized master’s programs in English in the fields of Law, Economics, Management and Engineering List of the masters programs in English on : wide & increasing offer of programmes taught in English

10 PhD programs 15 Doctoral schools cover a wide range of scientific domains and award PhD degrees with one single label "Université de Toulouse" The student can write and defend a thesis in English.  Social and human sciences and humanities Legal and Political Sciences Management Sciences Toulouse School of Economics Behaviour, Language, Education, Socialisation and Cognition Arts, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Information and Communication Time, Territory, Societies and Cultures  Sciences and Technologies Biology, Health and Biotechnologies Sciences for Ecology, Veterinary, Agronomy and Bioengineering Geosciences, Astrophysics and Space sciences Mathematics, Informatics and Telecommunications Electrical engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications Electronic systems Physics, Chemistry and Material sciences Mechanics, Energetics, Civil and Process Engineering Aeronautics and Astronautics

11 First region in France in terms of R&D efforts: 4.2% of the GDP are dedicated to R  D, i.e. twice the European average Second region in France (after l’Ile de France) for the number of researchers Around 25 000 people in research and development: 10 000 in public research and 15 000 in private research Public Research (1) 6 major scientific fields: Economics and Social Sciences Mathematics, Information and Engineering Sciences and Technology Heritage, Apprenticeship, Creation, Societies Material Sciences Life Sciences, Planet, Environment, Space

12 200 research laboratories, 6000 researchers and 4300 PhD students, the higher education institutions (universities, engineering and graduate schools, doctoral schools) build up a highly dynamic research think tank which also benefits from the close collaboration with the seven major national research bodies (CNRS - INSERM – IRD – INRA - ONERA - CNES – CNRM) Public Research (2)

13 Research and economic development  Partnering with the industry is one of the priorities of the University of Toulouse and its research laboratories with a view to creating added value.  Numerous cooperation tools have been set-up in order to deploy far-reaching scientific projects, build new researchers networks, explore further fields of research and support innovation in a highly competitive economic environment.

14 4 main research clusters (univ + labs + firms)  Aerospace valley (Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems)  Cancer Bio-Health (Health, Biotechnology and Oncological research)  Agrimip – Innovation (Agriculture and Food Industry)  Water & environment (Ecotechnologies) Toulouse, city of innovation Main technological and scientific areas

15 Pharmaceutical industry, biotechnologies (Sanofi-Aventis, Laboratoires Pierre-Fabre…) Aeronautics and space Electronics, embedded systems, ICTs (Freescale, Continental, Alstom transport…) Agri-food industry (3A, Gerblé Novartis, Andros…) (Airbus group, ATR, Airbus defense and space, Thales Alenia Space, Liebherr-Aerospace, ATR, LATECOERE …) Toulouse, city of innovation Main international technological firms

16 MAJOR ASSETS  a top-ranking academic offer covering all the fields of knowledge  English-taught Master’s Degrees  High-ranking research and innovation  Strong strategic partnerships with major research centers and multinational companies  a European and world leader in a number of activities (aeronautics)  Career opportunities and customized guidance (TOUL’BOX)  Elected most attractive city for the quality of life by students

17 In 2012, the University of Toulouse has been awarded by the French government for the quality and diversity of its academic offer and the excellence of its far- reaching research activities. The” Initiative of Excellence” label One of the eight high-flying French academic and scientific clusters of international scope.

18 Thank you for your attention !

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