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Tools for Teachers.

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1 Tools for Teachers

2 “Yoga creates S P A C E between your FEELINGS and BEHAVIOR to make healthy choices.” Robin Appell

3 Benefits of Yoga Yoga is non-competitive
Yoga requires staying present, developing focus and concentration. Yoga is practical, low-cost preventative medicine. Yoga creates balance, integration, flexibility and quiet. Yoga expands and enriches awareness and the experience of our inner life. Yoga is not an intellectual process; it is experiential and social. Medical science identifies self-awareness and the ability to self-care as two key factors in maintaining a lifetime of health and wellness.

4 Yoga Tools for Teachers
The intention of Yoga Tools for Teachers is to nourish, balance and support the TEACHER and STUDENT. Although it seems to be taking time away from “getting things done,” it actually supports achieving one’s desired goals by releasing tension and stress that obstruct optimal learning. Yoga tools help transform the teacher’s inner state from: chaos to calm, frustration to finesse, tired to energized, tense to relaxed, or distracted to focused in just a few minutes. If the teacher is “being” calm, alert and focused, this elicits the same states in their students (“Positive Behavior Modeling”).

5 Yoga Tools for Teachers
All Yoga Tools are designed for the classroom, requires no extra equipment and take 5-15 minutes. Yoga Tools are proven behavior-and classroom-management techniques that enable the students to focus, concentrate and fully participate in the learning process. Yoga Tools work best as a continuing practice, and part of the daily routine.

6 Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Addresses the Challenges Teachers Face
Obesity rates at are at an all time high. ADD/ADHD diagnosis rates are increasing among youth. Increased rates of stress, decreasing attention spans, levels of concentration and social skills are becoming more problematic. Academic achievement in public schools is at new lows. Incidences of bullying and violence in schools are increasing.

7 Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers Address the Challenges Children Face
Children are emotionally and physiologically stressed, over-stimulated and adversely affected by toxins in food, the environment and the media. Stress=Disease; it threatens our health, damages our bodies, and inhibits our ability to learn and grow. Body movement and breath are the best antidotes. If interested in research supporting yoga’s impact on children and children with ADD/ADHD, please see me.

8 The Science of Yoga Scientific research on the neuro-physiology of yoga demonstrates that it is truly the “world’s oldest and most perfect form of exercise.” (Gessner Geyer) Yoga has demonstrable efficacy in reducing stress, achieving emotional balance, developing focus and enhancing cognition. Yoga improves cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, endocrine and nervous system health.

9 The Science of Yoga When the fight-or-flight response is activated the body produces adrenalin and cortisol which cause the heart rate to speed up, the breath to become shallow, the eye muscles to expand, a tightening of lower back and neck, etc. Yoga Tools de-stress and bring the body-mind back to a safe, and open state where learning is possible. Yoga breathing and moving dissipates the physiological consequences of the stress response in the body.

10 The Science of Yoga Yoga and play stimulate the secretion of dopamine and DHEA igniting joy (feel good hormones that improve mood). Visualization slows brain waves, allowing the nervous system to recharge and integrate the activity between both brain hemispheres of the brain When done on a regular basis, Yoga Tools bring greater harmony and ease to the learning environment and process for teachers and students, by giving the mind-body system what it needs to perform more optimally.

11 Four Yoga Tools for Teachers
Breathing Yoga Time-In Games

12 Breathing-”Yoga and Breath are One.”
The ability to breathe fully and deeply builds strength, healthy, presence, calm and focus. The more you fuel the brain and body with oxygen, the better it functions. Knowing how to use one’s breath to shift one’s mental and physical state is a valuable life skill that lays the foundation for personal health and responsibility. Conscious breathing brings us into balance and an awareness of ourselves, giving us the opportunity to slow down, center and make behavioral choices from a non-reactive, reflective, integrated place.

13 Yoga-”Unity of Mind, Body and Breath.”
Yoga postures activate full body-mind coordination, waking up the whole brain and stimulating every system in the body. Yoga postures help develop: awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and focus. Yoga postures are fun and non-competitive. Yoga can be done almost anywhere, with no equipment, and even in your chair!

14 Time-In Time-In refers to the time spent with an internal rather than an external focus. Time-In is the first step to awareness and conscious action. Time-In can be done sitting up, or lying down, in silence, listening to a visualization, or soothing music, or while just breathing. Time-In relaxes the body; restores and balances the nervous system; connects one’s to one’s thoughts and feelings; develops awareness and non-reactivity; cultivates creativity and the use of inner resources; promotes harmony and communication. Brain waves automatically slow down. Time-Out can be replaced with Time-In as a way to support self-discipline and personal responsibility. Time-In encourages kids to practice personal responsibility by giving them a chance to breathe, feel and release whatever feelings are bothering them. Then, they can re-center, make an inner attitude adjustment and return to the class ready to participate.

15 Games Play-”Nature’s biological plan for learning.”
Games can be used as warm-ups, rewards, energizers, organizers or just plain fun.

16 Yoga Ed. Manual Time Breath Game Yoga Time-In 1.Morning Balloon
Sighing Appreciation Nature Wake-Up I’m a Rainbow Special Place 2.Transitions Bear Humming Energy Balls Eagle Wisdom Yogi Benders Transition Inner Mountain Animal Friend Inner Advisor 3.Testing Sounding Alternate Nostril M-B Restore Fly Like a Butterfly Stop the Rock Chair Create Affirmation Watch Self on Television 4.Completion Bunny Elephant Wash-Tap Jam Session Pass the Squeeze Circle of Friends End of Day Music Imagery Gratitude Guiding Star

17 Good Morning Come Together, Be Alert, Energized, Grounded and Peaceful
Wake Up Yoga Mountain Blown Palm Waterfall Half Sun Salute Rag Doll Tree Warrior Series Triangle Downward Facing Dog Dragon Frog Star Twisting Star/Windmill Folding Star Breathing Balloon Breath Hissing (Snake Breath) Time In I’m a Rainbow Special Place Games/Exercise All Good Things(Positive intentions) Receiving Love and Light Nature Game

18 Transitions Helps to maximize the benefits of break times between subjects and minimize time spent settling back into learning. Breathing Bear Breath Humming Breath Time-In Inner Mountain Animal Friend Inner Advisor Games Energy Balls Eagle Wisdom Pose Back to Mountain Yogi Benders Yoga Rock Cat Down Dog Dragon Ragdoll Mountain Half Sun Salute Warrior I and II Extended Angle Tree

19 Testing “To feel centered is to experience one’s psychological center of gravity-a solid integration of mind and body. Knowing how to feel centered is as important to young people as knowing how to read, write and brush the teeth.” Dr. Gay Hendricks Breathing Sounding Breath Alternate Nostril Breath Time In Create Your Own Affirmation Watching Yourself On TV Muscle Test Experiment for Positive and Negative Thinking Games Eye Stretches Brain Massage Fly Like a Butterfly Drink Water Stop the Rock Game Yoga in Your Chair Head and Neck Stretches Chair Twist Forward Bend Arching Back Camel Blown Palm Puppy Dog holding back of Chair Crescent holding back of chair Standing River Standing Pigeon

20 Completion Yoga Tools to seal in your learning and leave in a balanced, healthy state.
Breathing Bunny Breath Elephant Breath Time-In Listening to Music Awakening Gratitude to Hashem Guiding Star Games Washing Out-Tapping In Jazzy Jam Pass the Squeeze Circle of Friends Yoga to End the Day Sitting Twist River Rocking Horse Bridge Hug Knees into Chest Lying Twist Constructive Rest Yoga at Your Desk Rag Doll Twisting Star Frog Mountain Standing Shark Warrior Yoga Hops Down Dog Twisting Dragon Candle

21 You are now Yoga Educated!
Mazal Tov Teachers, You are now Yoga Educated!

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