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Department of Computer Science Undergraduate Degree Program.

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1 Department of Computer Science Undergraduate Degree Program

2 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science2 Overview 1.Computer Science is a good career choice 2.The Kent State University Department of Computer Science provides excellent preparation for a career in Computer Science Main points:

3 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science3 Computer Science vs. Management Information Science Computer science is programming intensive Involves system architecture software engineering application programming hardware theory Information Technology is organization related applications business related organizational automation

4 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science4 Careers – Graduating Bachelors Software Development Software Engineering Database Administration Database Programming Internet Engineering Web Development Systems Administration Network Administration Information Technology

5 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science5 Job Prospects in CS Dot-com bust did not reduce the demand Outsourcing is mainly in lower level help desk jobs. More jobs are being created Job prospects are very bright 2004-2014, 71% of new jobs in science and engineering will be for computer specialists 59% of new jobs plus net replacements US universities will graduate half this amount

6 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science6 New Jobs – Labor Department US Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 2005

7 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science7 Job Prospects ( New + Replacement )‏ US Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 2005 59%

8 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science8 Job Demand & Growth Computer Science graduates are in top 5 of demand market (CNN)‏ U.S. Department of Labor – Projected to be top 5 fastest growing occupations (46% over next 10 years)‏ CNN Money says “Software Engineer” is best job in US 2700 Software development jobs are currently unfilled in Northeast Ohio (Northeast Ohio Workforce Report)‏

9 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science9 Employment and Salaries 75% alumni in Ohio companies such as: Progressive Insurance, NASA Lewis, Goodyear, Cisco Systems, Hitachi Medical, Davey Tree, Fed Ex, Ernst & Young, Philips Medical, Sherwin Williams, National City Bank, Key Corp, Procter and Gamble, Lexis-Nexis, Bell and Howell Multinational companies such as IBM, Intel National labs: NASA, Oakridge and Lawrence Livermore Average Starting Salary ~$50K (2006) Earning range $60K - $90K

10 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science10 KSU CS Degree Programs Bachelor of Science Minor in Computer Science Minor in Web Design and Programming Master of Science with thesis option Master of Science with course only option Doctor of Philosophy

11 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science11 KSU CS Department Ranking National ranking top 60 CS departments State ranking top three CS departments Best in the Northeast Ohio Largest faculty Many courses are offered Industrial internship is part of the curriculum One of the four CS departments in Ohio funded by Ohio Board of Regents 100% employment of our graduates

12 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science12 CS Undergraduate Curriculum Aligns with the current ACM & IEEE-CS curriculum guidelines Keeps up with latest industry demands through senior year elective courses through internships ACM & IEEE-CS are major professional organizations that provide curriculum guidelines for computing programs

13 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science13 Focus of BS Program Integration of theory and system perspective of computer and software development Solid emphasis on software development Provide solid foundation essential to keep pace with rapid change in evolving field Keep up with the changing market demands Incorporation of new emerging areas through senior level elective optional courses project oriented courses internships in industries

14 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science14 Flexible Course Structure Students take electives in junior/senior years based upon their interest Minors in other fields can broaden a student's perspectives and marketability bioinformatics and biotechnology web development and graphics mathematics business administration

15 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science15 Teaching and Advising Interactive classes around 25 students Programming courses taught by Professors/Lecturers Coordinators for entry level courses Continuous monitoring and assessment of entry level courses for better coordination Graduate students help with labs/ entry level courses Junior / Senior level courses taught by Professors Evening courses for part-time students Opportunity for undergraduate research experience at junior and senior level Professional advisors for undergraduate students

16 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science16 Work/Study Opportunities during BS Internships in industries organized through department Summer internships in national labs such as NASA Lewis, Oak Ridge, and Lawrence Livermore Part time employment in local companies Work study programs in local industries

17 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science17 BS Student Research Experience An Individual Study course allows students to work on projects with professors for elective credit Many opportunities for undergraduate involvement in faculty research projects Combined Bachelors/Masters program time savings of one or two terms

18 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science18 Faculty Research Project Areas Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics and application to biotechnology Cluster computing Computer graphics and game Design Database and data mining Image processing Internet application Multimedia and programming languages Networking, Internet Engineering, and distributed sensor networks Software engineering Parallel & distributed systems, Visualization Web based education

19 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science19 Scholarships Scholarships for qualified Ohio students STEM scholarship for undergraduate research experience OBR scholarship for BS/MS students

20 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science20 Cost Effectiveness of CS Program In state tuition is half of private colleges Low tuition fee for 12 or more credit hours 1 - 10 credit hours: $384 / credit hour 11 and above fixed amount of $ 4215 / semester Best CS department in northeast Ohio with in- state tuition Credit transfer within NE Ohio universities Transfer from two year colleges possible

21 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science21 Student Body Undergraduate majors: ~250 Graduation rates (Bachelors): ~35/year Most students are full-time (traditional) and come from NE Ohio Masters students: ~100 Doctoral students: ~40

22 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science22 Department Faculty & Staff Professors: 19 (largest in NE Ohio) nationally and international known some with industrial experience Lecturers: 3 university wide teaching award winning instructors Graduate teaching assistants: ~20 Adjuncts: ~5 Systems staff: 3 Office staff: 3

23 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science23 Department and Facilities Three instructional labs with 25 computers each Class rooms equipped with projectors Gigabit network speed Faculty offices equipped with computers All Faculty research labs have latest state of art computers

24 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science24 BS Degree Requirements - 1 Foundation Courses - 5 Introduction to Computer Science (4)‏ Discrete Structures for Computer Science (3)‏ Computer Science I: Programming & Problem Solving (4)‏ Computer Science II: Data Structures & Abstraction (3)‏ Computer Architecture (3)‏ Mathematics Courses - 3 Calculus I (5)‏ Calculus II (5)‏ Linear Algebra (3)‏

25 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science25 BS Degree Requirements - 2 Core Upper Division Courses – 8 Operating Systems (3)‏ Structure of Programming Languages (3)‏ Social & Ethical Issues (3)‏ Algorithms (3)‏ Networks (3)‏ Databases (3)‏ Software Engineering (3)‏ Capstone Project (4)‏ CS Electives Courses – 5 X 3 credit hours Electives can be new selected topics courses to reflect latest industry demand and new emerging areas

26 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science26 40000-Level Electives Artificial Intelligence Automata Theory Bioinformatics Compilers Computer architecture Game programming Graphics Human Computer Interfaces Information Security Internet Engineering Internship Numerical Computing Systems Administration Systems Programming VLSI Design Web design & Programming Special Topics And others….

27 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science27 BS Prerequisite Structure 70 credits in Major + College requirements

28 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science28 Student Activities in the Department Very active ACM student chapter organizes seminars from industry teaches popular courses such as Unix and Linux ACM programming competition IGDA local chapter

29 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science29 For More Information See our web page: Email: Phone: 330-672-9102

30 www.cs.kent.eduComputer Science30 References BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook Ohio Labor Market Information NorTech Technology Workforce Report (pdf)‏ Money Magazine Sorfware Engineering Article

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