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Title of the event Location Date Speaker’s name. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as PhD Courses in Agriculture, Engineering,

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1 Title of the event Location Date Speaker’s name

2 The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as PhD Courses in Agriculture, Engineering, Economics, Medicine and Marine Biology

3  Ancona is a city and a seaport in the Marche region, as well as its capital city  It is located on the central Adriatic coast and it is one of Italy’s most important ports  Population – 102,997 inhabitants ANCONA (main campus and administrative offices)  Other sites are distributed all over the Marche Region: - Ascoli Piceno - Fermo - Macerata - Pesaro - San Benedetto del Tronto

4  The oldest Universities of the Marche Region (Urbino, Camerino and Macerata) date back to the Middle Ages  After the Second World War there was an attempt to create a unified University with faculties across the whole Region. The attempt wasn’t successful and each University went its own way.

5  1959 – start-up of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce in Ancona  1969 – start-up of the Faculty of Engineering  1970 – start-up of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery  1986 – start-up of the Faculty of Agriculture  1991 – start-up of the Faculty of Science, with a strong focus on marine science (due to the importance of Ancona as sea-town)


7 UNIVPM at a glance 17.000 students 650 administrative staff 5 PhD schools 35 specialization schools (in the field of medicine and surgery) 46 degree courses 12 Departments 700 professors/ researchers


9  The Faculty was founded in 1986  It is equipped with computer-science classrooms, an experimental farm of around 180 ha, a botanical garden (Selva di Gallignano), a livestock breeding, some greenhouses. The staff collaborates with many foreign Institutions (e.g., Cuba, South-Africa, Spain, Sweden, Canada, China) in order to allow researchers and students to participate in international exchange programs.

10 3 years ♦ Agricultural Sciences and Technologies ♦ Environmental and Forestry Sciences ♦ Food Sciences and Technologies AGRICULTURE : Degree Courses:

11 2 years ♦ Agriculture and Land Sciences AGRICULTURE : Master Degree Courses:

12  The Faculty of Economics and Commerce was originally set up in Ancona in 1959 as a branch of the University of Urbino  In 1982, the Faculty of Economics joined the more recently established (1969) University of Ancona (now UNIVPM).

13 3 years ♦ ♦ Economics and Commerce (Ancona – main campus) ♦ Business Management (San Benedetto del Tronto) Faculty of ECONOMICS “ G. Fuà” Degree Courses

14 2 years Faculty of ECONOMICS “ G. Fuà” Master Degree Courses Economics and Finance ◊ Economics and Finance International Economics and Business ◊ International Economics and Business Economics and Management ◊ Economics and Management Social Services Management ◊ Social Services Management


16 The Faculty is endowed with the most vanguard scientific and technical laboratories, mainly operating in the fields of renewable energy sources, biotechnology, environment protection, telecommunications, microelectronics, new materials and nanotechnologies.

17 3 years ♦ Biomedical Engineering ♦ Civil and environmental Engineering ♦ Building Engineering ♦ Electronic Engineering ♦ Management Engineering ♦ ICT and Automation Engineering ♦ Mechanical Engineering Faculty of ENGINEERING Degree Courses:

18 2 years Faculty of ENGINEERING Master Degree Courses: ◊ Civil Engineering ◊ Building Engineering Electronic ◊ Electronic Engineering ◊ Management Engineering ◊ ICT and Automation Engineering ◊ Mechanical Engineering

19 5 years Faculty of ENGINEERING Single-cycle Master Degree: ♦ ♦ Building Engineering and Architecture ( European Standards)

20 Faculty of Medicine and Surgery II

21  The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery offers courses aimed at medical, dental and sanitary training.  Experimental and clinical research is carried out in collaboration with national and international research centres and with companies working on the continuous development of biotechnologies, pharmaceutic chemistry and diagnostic therapeutic equipment.  The Faculty is endowed with multimedia rooms and modern laboratories for basic and applied research.

22 3 years ♦ Professional Education ♦ Physiotherapy ♦ Dental Hygiene ♦ Nursing ♦ Obstetrics ♦ Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques ♦ Biomedical Laboratory Techniques ♦ Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques Faculty of MEDICINE Degree Courses:

23 2 years Faculty of MEDICINE Master Degree Courses: ♦ Nursing and Obstetrics ♦ Health-care Professions

24 6 years Faculty of MEDICINE Single-cycle Master Degree Courses: ♦ Medicine and Surgery ♦ Dentistry and Dental Implants

25 Sciences The Department of Life and Environmental Sciences (DiSVA) was established in 2011 by merging a number of laboratories involved in a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied research topics. The department includes more than 100 scientists and technicians that conduct research in areas such as analytical and organic chemistry, biophysics, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics, microbiology and biotechnology, viral, prokaryotic, fungal, algal, plant and animal systematics, physiology and reproduction, marine biology, ecology, eco-toxicology, oceanography, Earth sciences, risk reduction and civil protection. In the last five years, scientists from DiSVA published more than 650 papers in international peer reviewed journals, on average cited more than 2500 times per year (ISI, Web of Science). These scientists directly collaborate with numerous research centers and Large Scale facilities worldwide coordinating and carrying out several national and international research projects (including EU programs from FP5 to FP7) and some of them participate in the National Antarctic Research Program and are involved in international expeditions to the Arctic and the world's oceans. DISVA is a local unit of several research consortia (e.g. the Italian Consortium for Marine Science - CoNISMa, the Italian Consortium for Physics of Matter - CNISM, and the High Tech Recycling Center - HTR), and hosts the headquarters of the Italian Association of Oceanology and Limnology (AIOL), the Italian Society of Ecology (SITE), the Italian Society of Neutron Spectroscopy (SISN) and the Italian Zoological Union (UZI). It also hosts the editorial office of several international scientific journals (e.g. Chemistry and Ecology, Advances in Oceanography and Limnology, Marine Environmental Research, TheScientificWorldJournal: Biophysics). Three academic spin-off companies (Oceans Soc Coop, Ecotechsystems srl, and EcoReach) have been initiated by DiSVA's scientists and graduate students. Detailed description of research activities can be found at

26 3 years SCIENCES Degree Courses: ♦ Biological Sciences ♦ Environmental Control Techniques and Civil Protection

27 2 years SCIENCES Master Degree Courses: Applied Biology ◊ Applied Biology Marine Biology ◊ Marine Biology Environmental Sustainability and Civil Protection ◊ Environmental Sustainability and Civil Protection

28 Research activities are carried out within Departments and Inter-Departmental Centres  Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences  Economics and Social Sciences  Management  Construction, Civil Engineering and Architecture  Information Engineering  Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences  Materials, Environmental Sciences and Urban Planning  Clinical and Experimental Medicine  Biomedical Sciences and Public Health  Molecular and Clinical Sciences  Odontostomatologic and Specialized Clinical Sciences  Life and Environmental Sciences Departments:

29  Technological transfer for the enhancement of research  Internationalization  Student services and tutoring (before, during and after the university experience)  Placement

30  Promotion of cooperation between the University research facilities and local firms and diffusion of innovation within the local economy  Services for the valorization of research activities of the University  Intellectual Property valorization (patent)  Spin-off companies  Open-innovation

31 UNIVPM fosters INTERNATIONALIZATION as one of the top priorities of the university strategic development plan INTERNATIONALIZATION is necessary because of: 1.International policies (European Union and Bologna Process) 2.National policies (Ministerial regulations and recommendations) 3.Local policies and pressures (Adriatic-Ionian Macro-region)

32 International activities @ UNIVPM:  Agreements with foreign universities/institutions  Participation in international networks  International courses  Joint programmes  Mobility (Students and Staff) MOBILITY IS ESSENTIAL FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION Benefits for the individualBenefits for the institution intercultural experience added value to CVs opportunity for career development improvement of academic collaboration dissemination of innovations international dimension of research student recruitment

33 Project promoted by Università Politecnica delle Marche for internships all over the world ► addressed to students and young graduates of Università Politecnica delle Marche ► Internships can last 3 to 6 months ► Internees are awarded a monthly scholarship ► Internees also have the opportunity to develop their thesis abroad

34 International Co-operation Università Politecnica delle Marche signed agreements of co-operation with Universities placed in the following countries: Albania Democratic Republic of Timor- Leste IsraelRussia AlgeriaKazachstanSerbia ArgentinaDominican RepublicKyrgyzstanSlovakia AustraliaEgyptKosovoSlovenia BangladeshEcuadorLebanonSpain BelgiumFinlandLybiaSri Lanka Bosnia and Herzegovina FranceLithuaniaSweden BrazilFormer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia LuxembourgSyria CanadaMadagascarTaiwan ChileJapanMaldivesThailand ChinaGermanyMalaysiaTunisia Democratic Republic of Congo GhanaMontenegroTurkey CroatiaJordanNew Zealand United Kingdom CubaGreecePeruUSA Czech RepublicIndiaPolandVietnam DenmarkIndonesiaRomaniaZambia (List in progress)

35 CAD CAD – University Library System, offering both paper and electronic resources and services to support learning, teaching, research and other university activities. CSAL CSAL – Language Centre, providing foreign language services to help students with foreign language exams and certifications and to support foreign students with Italian language courses. CESMI CESMI – Computer Centre, implementing the University IT strategy and providing IT and multimedia services.

36  The University Sports Group (CSU) facilities are open to all students and staff.  Games, such as basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, kickboxing, free- climbing are available. Also a gym for aerobics, a swimming pool and some agreements for skiing, sailing, and horse riding. The University Sports Group aims are:  promote intra- and inter-university events for students;  draw up plans for the development of sports infrastructures.  to promote sports activities and initiatives for students;

37 Rectorate

38 Contact details

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