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Agriscience Defined Agriscience Applications Basic Agriculture Awareness.

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1 Agriscience Defined Agriscience Applications Basic Agriculture Awareness

2 Agriscience Defined Agriscience- The application of scientific principles to agriculture Agriculture- The activities related to the production of plants, animals and related processes. Agribusiness- Refers to commercial firms that have developed from agriculture

3 Agriscience Defined Technology- The application of science to an industrial or commercial purpose High Tech- The use of electronics and state- of-the-art equipment to perform task

4 Fact!!! A United States Department of Agricultural study forecast that job opportunities for graduates in agricultural and life sciences will exceed the graduates available in the coming years.

5 Areas of Agriscience The Basic Sciences 1) Biology- The study of living things 2) Chemistry- Deals with elements and simple substances 3) Biochemistry- Focuses on chemistry as it is applied over living things.

6 Applied Sciences n Aquaculture n Agricultural Engineering n Animal Science n Crop Science n Agronomy n Soil Science n Biotechnology n Horticulture n Hydroponics Definition- The application of one or more of the basic sciences for practical (real life) purposes.

7 The Science of Living Things Objective: Contrast agriculture, agriscience and agribusiness and their impact on industry

8 What is Agriculture? n The activities concerned with the production of plants, animals, and related supplies, mechanics, products, processing, and marketing –Production agriculture (farming) only accounts for 1/5 th of the total agriculture jobs in the US

9 What is Agribusiness? n Refers to commercial firms that have developed out of agriculture –Take a moment to name three agribusinesses in your notes: n John Deere John Deere John Deere n Monsanto Monsanto n Tractor Supply Tractor Supply Tractor Supply

10 What is Agriscience? n Application of scientific principles and new technologies n Applied science –Uses basic sciences in practical ways n Biology n Chemistry n Physics

11 Agriscience Examples n Agronomy –Uses biology and chemistry to produce and control crops n Cotton n Soybeans n Tobacco n Corn n Hay and Turf grass

12 Agriscience Examples n Entomology –Uses biology and chemistry to study insect life n Agriculture Engineering –Uses physics to develop new machines, tools and implements

13 Agriscience Examples n Biotechnology –Uses biology, genetics, and chemistry to modify or change organisms for a useful purpose

14 Scientific Method n Agriculture and other sciences use the Scientific Method to solve problems

15 Scientific Method n Identifies a Problem n Reviews Literature n Forms a Hypothesis n Prepare a Project Proposal n Design the Experiment n Collect the Data n Conclusions n Prepare a Written Report

16 Scientific Method n List in your notebook at least five problems that you think could be solved by science to make our world a better place

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