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New Mexico iTest System Practice Test Training Fall 2013

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1 New Mexico iTest System Practice Test Training Fall 2013
4/5/2017 New Mexico iTest System Practice Test Training Fall 2013 Scott Duquette Technical Product Support

2 Training Topics Help Desk Information iTest System Components
DAS PTW STW Best Practices Training Test Administrators Resource Availability Technical Requirements Key Dates & Scheduling Q&A

3 Help Desk Information New Mexico Help Desk
For questions relating to policy or the New Mexico Standards Based Assessment in general Monday–Friday, 7 AM to 3 PM MT Extended hours: March 3, 2014 – April 11, 2014, 7 AM to 5 PM MT Measured Progress Technical Product Support For questions relating to the iTest software or any technical issues Extended hours: December 10, 2013 – April 11, 2014, 7 AM to 5 PM MT

4 Introduction to iTest Components
Three web-based components requiring secure logins: Data Administration System (DAS) Proctor Test Workstation (PTW) Student Test Workstation (STW) Referred to as the kiosk

5 iTest Components – DAS Data Administration System (DAS) Access documentation Access technical requirements and kiosk installation files Manage staff and student data Assign tests to staff and students Assign read-aloud accommodations Print Student Login Tickets Access reports

6 Online Resources DAS Welcome page Online Administration Materials
Quick Start Guide Show Me Videos Training Materials (including recordings of previous training sessions) Administration Manuals (DFAs and TCMs) Technology page Technical Requirements Installation files and instructions Online Help System Announcements

7 iTest Components – DAS Staff Management drop-down menu
4/5/2017 iTest Components – DAS Staff Management drop-down menu Test Administrator Accounts page displays any created Test Administrators Test Administrator Roster link – PDF report of Test Administrators and their login information; use this to distribute logins to Test Administrators Create New User link – create new Test Administrators Selected Items dropdown – delete Test Administrators or make them active or inactive

8 iTest Components – DAS Staff Management drop-down menu (continued)
4/5/2017 iTest Components – DAS Staff Management drop-down menu (continued) Create New User page – create new Test Administrators Create user names and passwords for Test Administrators Assign tests

9 iTest Components – DAS Student Management drop-down menu
4/5/2017 iTest Components – DAS Student Management drop-down menu Student Roster page displays students by grade Download Student Roster link – PDF report of students and their login information NOTE: The report is considered secure material Create New Student link – create new students; links to Create/Edit Student page Red Ticket icon – generate Student Login Tickets (PDF) that students use to log in to test Selected Items dropdown – Print Student Login Tickets for selected students

10 iTest Components – DAS Student Management drop-down menu (continued)
4/5/2017 iTest Components – DAS Student Management drop-down menu (continued) Create/Edit Student page – create new students Student Information – Enter demographic information including state-assigned student identifier or SASID Test Information – Tests are pre-assigned by grade (additional tests can be assigned manually, if needed)

11 Read-Aloud Accommodation Options
4/5/2017 Read-Aloud Accommodation Options One of the three read-aloud accommodation codes must be selected for each student’s test, as appropriate # 4 – Read-Aloud Test Items # 20 – Read-Aloud in English # 27 – Read-Aloud Test Items in Spanish

12 iTest Components – DAS Reporting drop-down menu
4/5/2017 iTest Components – DAS Reporting drop-down menu Test Status Report page – PDF report shows test status of all students on rosters, broken out by session 1=tested/0=not tested

13 iTest Components – PTW Proctor Test Workstation (PTW) Used by Test Administrators to administer tests to students Start, pause, and end test sessions Monitor student progress during test Print test receipts Allows Test Administrators to print a record of the students that participated in a particular test session

14 Administering Multiple Sessions
You can toggle between test events, or test sessions, if you are administering multiple test events Each test session has a different PTW screen, a unique Test Access Code, and a unique student roster

15 iTest Components – STW Student Test Workstation (STW)
Accessed via a kiosk that must be installed onto each student computer Prevents access to other programs or websites Used by students to take tests Requires a secure login using Student Login Tickets Use of virtual tools such as rulers, calculators, and/or Text-to-Speech NOTE: A paper answer document will be used in conjunction with the STW for math, science, and writing. When administering the Practice Tests, please pass out scrap paper to simulate the use of a paper answer document.

16 Text-to-Speech (TTS) Tool
Students should use the TTS tool for read-aloud to ensure standardization of test presentation and read-aloud policies Students may choose the speed at which the text is read Headphones should be distributed and the computer volume level should be adjusted prior to starting the kiosk

17 Text-to-Speech (TTS) Tool
TTS is available on all training tests and all math, science, and writing tests of the SBA if the appropriate accommodation code (4, 20, or 27) is marked for the student prior to their login to each test TTS is available for both the English and the Spanish tests

18 Downloading the STW Download the STW from Measured Progress iServices
4/5/2017 Downloading the STW Download the STW from Measured Progress iServices Go to From the state/contract dropdown menu, select New Mexico and click Enter On the next screen, New Mexico Online Services, click Online Test Resources Click the Technology button

19 4/5/2017 Downloading the STW The Technology page is also accessible from the DAS home page Save this page to your Favorites or Bookmarks if desired: In order to access the DAS, a Technology Coordinator must have a Test Administrator account created by the principal or Test Coordinator at the school

20 Starting the STW Windows
4/5/2017 Starting the STW Windows The STW will appear as a shortcut on the desktop and will be added to the Start menu. Start the STW to get to the student login screen. Macintosh The STW will appear on the dock. The student must log out and log in as another user to access the application: User: mpsc_01 Password: secure From the dock, open the My Applications folder and click the Portable Firefox icon Macintosh Note: Once testing is complete, the computer should be logged out / logged in under its normal account

21 Best Practices Configure network and download kiosk from iServices or the DAS Simulate testing in advance Schedule labs in advance Take advantage of practice tests for both staff and students

22 Training Test Administrators
4/5/2017 Training Test Administrators Test Coordinators are expected to train Test Administrators on the online test system components (PTW and STW) The training should provide time for staff to practice logging into the PTW and performing all actions to start and end a test Training students have been created in the system for staff use during training Test Administrators are expected to administer the computer-based test in the same manner as the paper-based test

23 Training Test Administrators
4/5/2017 Training Test Administrators Training resources and help accessible via iServices or DAS Home Page: *Operational testing only Available Material Where? Description Quick Start Guide Online Administration Materials A summary of basic facts and resources for all components of the test administration STW-PTW Interaction Video A brief video demonstration of the virtual interaction between the student and the proctor systems during a test session Student Training Video A brief video demonstration of the student system during a test session Training Presentations Recorded training presentation webinars Directions for Administration (DFA)* Administration Manuals Grade-specific manuals, including scripts, used to administer the test Test Coordinators Manual (TCM)* Manual for District or School Test Coordinators listing test security measures and packing instructions User Guide A complete guide to all components of the iTest system and the test administration Online Help Feature DAS A searchable version of the User Guide, located exclusively on the Data Administration System (DAS)

24 Resource Availability
Technical Resources Lab meeting technical requirements including network specifications Staff Engagement Availability of Test Administrator(s) Technical Rep available during testing

25 Technical Requirements
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP®, Vista®, or Windows 7 Macintosh® 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 Internet Browser – DAS/PTW Firefox® 17 ESR (Extended Support Release) Windows: Internet Explorer® 7, 8, 9, or 10 Macintosh: Safari® 5 or 6 Internet Browser – STW Firefox Portable Kiosk is installed with STW software Memory Configurations 512 MB or greater minimum, 1 GB or greater recommended Internet Speed Upload: 15 kbps per student Download: 55 kbps per student

26 Key Dates & Scheduling August 21, 2013 Introductory Training
4/5/2017 Key Dates & Scheduling August 21, 2013 Introductory Training September 19, 2013 Second Introductory Training October 4, 2013 Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) and School Speed Test (SST) Deadline; Footprint Snapshot Collected by PED October 14, 2013 iServices opens for access to online resources October 14, 2013 – October 18, 2013 On-Site Technical Support & Training October 16, 2013 DAS opens for Practice Testing October 21, 2013 Practice Test Training November 4, 2013 – November 8, 2013 November 15, 2013 CBT or PBT Decision Deadline February 3, 2014 Final Training prior to 2014 SBA Administration March 3, 2014 – April 4, 2014 Operational Testing

27 Q&A

28 Q&A Sessions October 28, 2013 9–10 AM MT 4–5 PM MT

29 Thank you!

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