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Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

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1 Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007
Human Resources Administration in Education CHAPTER 4: SELECTION Ronald W. Rebore This multimedia product and its contents are protected under copyright law. The following are prohibited by law: • Any public performance or display, including transmission of any image over a network; • Preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or in part, of any images; • Any rental, lease, or lending of the program. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

2 Steps in the Selection Process
Writing the Job Description Establishing g the Selection Criteria Writing the Job Vacancy Announcement and Advertising the Position Receiving Applications Selecting the Candidates to be Interviewed Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

3 Writing the Job Description: Job Analysis
Observation: direct observation of employee performing job Individual Interviews: extensive interviews and analyzed results are complied into the job analysis Group Interviews: similar technique to individuals interviews Job Questionnaire: employees check or rate tasks Consulting: experts describe tasks that should be performed by certain employees Supervisor Analysis: consultation with the supervisor Diary Method: employees maintain diary of daily activities Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

4 Establishing the Selection Criteria
Without criteria, each interviewer is left to his or her own discretion in determining if an individual will be able to perform the job. The use of selection criteria also can become a method for quantifying the expert opinions of those who will interview candidates. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

5 Writing the Job Vacancy Announcement and Advertising the Position
Human Resource department writes and publishes job vacancy announcements. Announcement should include a deadline for receiving applications. Provide sufficient time to implement the selection process. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

6 Receiving Applications
One person in the central office should be assigned to receive all applications. Date and attach college transcripts to candidate application. Compile a master list of all candidates. Keep applicants informed during the application process. Immediately notify applicants who did not turn in applications before the deadline date. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

7 Selecting the Candidates to Be Interviewed
Definition of an Interview: structured conversation with direction and format moved in a direction dictated by occasion Types of Interviews: standard and open-ended The role of the Interviewer: director, evaluator, facilitator Legal Implications of Interviewing: common questions have legal implications The Art of Questioning: a skill that is acquired through experience Group Interviewing: effective and efficient Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

8 Checking References and Credentials
Credentials: transcripts, certifications, verification of health Letters of Reference: HR administrator must contact those who wrote the letters; evaluate glowing, inferior performance, and vague letters Criminal Background Investigation: dependent upon district policy, state statutes, and the HR administrator Unlawful Employment of Aliens: The Immigration Reform and Control Act, 1986 Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

9 Implementing the Job Offer and Acceptance
Professional Positions: may require interview with superintendent, formal job offer, contract approved by the board of education Classified Positions: may require interview with superintendent but usually accept recommendations of HR, employment may commence at a mutually agreeable time Notifying the Unsuccessful Candidates: good PR dictates that all applicants be notified Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

10 Principles of Constructing Application Forms:
Emphasizes detailed and extensive factual information about the individual, little attention towards the individual’s attitudes, opinions and values Emphasizes the applicant’s attitudes, opinions, and values Only ask for information you need to know Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

11 Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007
A Final Note Employment Tests: testing has definite limitations and legal implications and the results must be interpreted in relation to the interview, references, and other employment documents Assessment Centers: used primarily for management positions; present simulations dealing with problems that will most likely be faced on the job Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

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