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The Life Cycle of a Koala

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1 The Life Cycle of a Koala
By Kate

2 First Phase of a Koala’s Life Cycle
The first stage of a koala’s life cycle is the koala is born from it’s mother a mammal and a marsupial. A marsupial is a mammal that has a pouch to carry their young. The adult has its young mostly from August to February. Where koala’s activity in increased. When the koala is born it is 2 centimeters ,1 gram, and they also look like a pink jelly bean because they are born hairless, blind, and without ears.

3 The Second Phase of a Koala
The second phase of the koalas life cycle is the mom puts the baby koala (joey) into the pouch and the mother tightens the outer muscle to prevent the koala falling out. About a week in the pouch the koala almost has a full coat of hair.The koala stays in the pouch for 7-8 months

4 The Third Phase of a Koala’s Life Cycle
The third stage of a koalas life cycle is that the koala is ready to leave the mothers pouch. The koala still stays close to the mother for another 2 months. The koala usually clings to the back of the mother after exiting the pouch.

5 The Fourth Phase of a Koalas Life Cycle.
The fourth phase of a life cycle is that the now adult koala has left its mother at 10 months old. The koalas at age of 2 years will usually find a mate and reproduce , like I said before, from August to February.

6 The Final Stage of a Koalas Life Cycle
Like all good things, koalas have to end. Koala’s death is usually caused by hunters, old age, and tree cutters, but luckily there are plenty of koalas to go around.

7 Habitat of a Koala Koalas live in the forests of Australia. They live on branches of a tree using their long claws to cling on. Sometimes koalas go to the floor of the forest to collect food.

8 This is a picture of a giant prehistoric koala
History of a Koala There were several kinds of koala, all except one died out. The earliest koala was known as the “giant koala” witch lived 15 million years ago. Later early settlers referred to them as sloths, monkeys, bears, and even monkey bears!

9 This is a picture of an Australian eucalyptus grove
What The Koala Eats The koala can eat a lot of things like eucalyptus. Koalas also eat lots of different kinds of leaves including banana leaves, regular forest leaves and other assorted greens. Koalas have a huge buffet to choose from.

10 This is a picture of Australia showed through a map
This is a picture of Australia showed through a map. It shoes in red were koalas live.

11 Which Leaves Koalas Eat
When the green stops on the bars that shows how likely koalas will eat for their meal Forest Leaves Eucalyptus Banana Leave Forest Vine

12 Koala Percentages of Which Death is Most Often
This graph shows in green the percentages of the likeliness's of certain deaths.

13 Koala population 2011 (69) 2012 (56) 2013 (43) 2014 (71)

14 Koala Anatomy Koalas large ears look a lot like monkeys. This is why the first settlers in Australia thought they were monkeys. Koalas noses can help identify them Koalas fuzzy coats help them keep warm during cold times. Koalas thick fur can also prevent bugs from harming their skin Koalas use claws to cling to trees

15 Koala Life Cycle G’day mate! Thank you for reading!!!!

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