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Spyrou Hotels & Companies Skopelos Island - Greece.

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2 Spyrou Hotels & Companies Skopelos Island - Greece

3 Find Skopelos at Skopelos Island: enticing shores, luxuriant vegetation, crystal clear seas, with a Hollywood flair! Spyrou Hotels & Companies: the biggest hotel company on the Island with 3 unique properties. Officially named by the International Organism of Biopolitics as the ”Green and Blue Island ”

4 Unique Destination for Unforgettable Holidays Skopelos is also called “The Mamma Mia” island as its eye-catching landscapes impressed the Hollywood producers who chose it to shoot the famous movie. Skopelos is the greenest Greek island, adjacent to the Sporades “Natural Marine Park.”

5 Skopelos, azure waters on golden coasts; traditional Pelion architecture; rugged natural monuments, local gastronomy and a pure Aegean island atmosphere. Easy access by Skiathos airport and/or by 4 mainland ports. Spyrou Hotels offer Authentic Greek Hospitality. Holds 3 properties (3 star to 5 star luxurious accommodation) with a total of 155 rooms, apartments, studios, suites and bungalows with private or sharing pools. We can accommodate more than 560 quests. Spa & Wellness facilities. Certified for serving the healthy Greek Breakfast.

6 Travel Services from A to Z The only hotel company in Skopelos capable in organizing and delivering all your travel requirements within Greece. Moreover, we offer free ferry tickets to/from Skopelos and free transportations from/to Skiathos airport. We also organize: scuba diving, sea kayaking, sailing, cycling, “Mamma Mia” tour, V.I.P. transporations.

7 Sunny Winter Residence ENJOY THE SUNNY “OFF SUMMER” RESIDENCES AT SKOPELOS ISLAND The “off summer” months enjoy the Mediterranean mild weather with only 480€ per month, for 3 persons in a spacious Studio at the “Rigas Hotel”. Even cheaper than staying home! The program includes outsource activities and Agrotourism while is absolutely suitable for Medical Rehabilitation & Recovery. Skopelos has been already chosen by hundreds of foreigners for residing round the year, creating a vivid and active new community.

8 Skopelos Romantic Weddings Live your dream in Skopelos island, the "Mamma Mia" Island. Here in Skopelos we enjoy bright and sunny weather. The marvelous dry climate, the flourishing vegetation and the warm bright sunshine create the perfect conditions for photographs and videos under an extraordinary variety of natural lights and colors. Symbolic Ceremony or Legal Wedding in Skopelos, Honeymoon in Skopelos, Beach Weddings, Barefoot at sunset, Vow Renewal, it is still your special date and you deserve the best! You can be as little or as much involved as you please and we will handle the rest. Just relax, bend back and leave everything to our experienced "hands". Marrying in Skopelos is something that you will never forget !

9 Attentive Services for Carefree Guests & Head office Tel: +30 210 6919111

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