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Culture and the Family HPER F258 Marriage and Family Interaction.

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1 Culture and the Family HPER F258 Marriage and Family Interaction

2 Culture A basic definition -- Culture is the total accumulation of an identifiable group's beliefs, norms, activities, institutions, and communication patterns. Values, attitudes, standards and beliefs are all embedded in culture

3 Small group: What is your cultural identity? “ I am a 58 year old, married, middle-class, university professor living in a small city in the midwestern US. I am also a third generation American of Slovak descent (much more American than Slovak, which is why I don't say Slovak-American), and was raised in a large, urban, blue- collar, Catholic family, by parents who were much older than my friends’ and were both children of immigrants. They not only lived through WW II, but also were adults during the Great Depression. I have been married (to the same man) almost twice as long as I was single, am a mom of two girls, and am Grandma (not “grandmother)” to my grandson. In small group, discuss how each of the individual elements in your description of yourself is (1) a product of your culture and (2) how it might influence you. Note that your description probably will be radically different from the one above and probably will include elements that are not included above.

4 Ways to Think of Culture

5 Culture as racial/ethnic identity Two views: family pathology model In this model, family forms that are valued by the dominant culture are perceived as being healthy while others are measured against this and, if different, are determined to be deficient. family strengths Each family form is viewed independently of others, with the goal of identifying strengths in that family form

6 Culture as the “big picture” Painted with a broad brush—no subtle differences The way we are viewed by others “I can tell you’re an American by how you walk” “Ugly Americans” The Chinese family Also may be how we view ourselves How we present ourselves to others Use of cultural iconography to identify ourselves to others, both in and out of our group E.g., military uniform, religious “dog collar”

7 Culture as an environment The broader context within which social interaction takes place “the place where you live” Where you feel most comfortable Guides/influences the way in which we act, feel and think

8 Culture as lens The view through which we see the world in which we live Shapes the way in which we see/experience things Broaden your cultural view (shift the lens) and we see things differently Coming to college Traveling

9 Personal/local culture A way of viewing culture as a lens The culture of your family The culture that comes out of your personal experiences Includes the broadening experience you have here at IU. There is an interplay between the broader culture and your local culture

10 Implications of culture for your experience of "family" insider's view Family as seen from the inside Expectations about family based on your personal experience us vs. them -- insider/outsider Makes the business of “doing” family easier but also can act as blinders. Our cultural expectations can create a sense of difference from others that can be very limiting

11 Article facilitation –cultural expectations and cultural awareness In your small group, discuss article #3, “Families and Family Study in International Perspective” Also, brainstorm questions for our panel for next class session Katie will describe the nature of the panel and note that the reading may trigger some thoughts on things to ask about

12 Panel discussion Guest panel

13 Final thoughts What did you learn from today’s class? Be sure to turn this in to your discussion leader.

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