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The chalkboard and other display materials

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1 The chalkboard and other display materials

2 Chalkboard This is the most versatile medium for instruction; it is always available. It is especially useful in presenting a variety of instructional materials like charts, graphs, and pictures. It is also considered as an important medium for instructional materials.

3 Uses of the Chalkboard To illustrate facts and processes, often with the help of drawings and sketches, maps and others . To present important facts and principles such as new words, terms, rules, definition and classification. To provide a good medium for students’ demonstration. To display a wide variety of materials ranging from the motivational, development to evaluative activities. To enhance maximum pupil participation To provide for diagnosiss of individual differences.

4 Characteristics of a good Chalkboard
It should be within reach of the pupils. It should be easily erase and clean. It should not be glaring It should not be abrasive.

5 Advantages of Chalkboard
Mistakes can be erased right away. Teacher's demonstration can be paced to suit the level of the pupils Maximum pupil participation is insures as pupils go to the board. Can be used for demonstration purpose. Principles of correct spelling and various processes can be illustrated. It is always available as it is a permanent classroom fixture.

6 The Bulletin Board Display

7 Bulletin board This is the medium for displaying materials, which must be cooperatively planned and put up by the teacher and her pupils or students.

8 Purpose of Using Bulletin board
To approach a unit . The are used as a springboard to a new unit. To develop a unit. This type of display provides the pupil or students some materials for research purposes. To summarize a unit. This type of display showcases are projects or requirements of whole class.

9 The Multi-Purpose Board

10 Multi-Purpose Board It serves many purposes: like to announce important events or occasions; to inform the public about programs and offering; to congratulate winners or high performances and the like.

11 Characteristics of a Good Bulletin Board or Multi-Purpose
It should be with finished edge. It must be fixed on the wall to prevent accidents It must be colorful and attractive. Have at least a unified theme for clarity. Avoid overcrowded display Be guided by the principle of balance, unity, harmony, portion and contrast

12 Three Dimensional Instructional Materials
Specimens and Objects Model and Mock-Ups The Globe

13 Specimens and Object ~>Good substitute for reality. We must admit that direct experiences cannot be made available all the time like the exploring the ocean floor or the Polar Region

14 Points to Consider in Using Specimens and Objects for Teaching
Develop a purpose for using them Provide opportunities to pupils and students to work with or to manipulate the specimens so that they can discover concept , process and principles by themselves. Present just enough specimens or objects at a time so as not to overwhelm students or pupil. Present the materials in a dramatic way so as o arouse and sustain the interest of the students or pupils.

15 Models and Mock-ups These are recognizable imitation of the real thing except size, which may be scaled down or scaled up to provide the needed expected experiences. Mock-ups are special types of models which are focused on a specific part of a whole object and these are workable.

16 The Globe This is the most widely used model which the reduced version of the earth. Student can learn more about the earth from the globe rather than from the flat map. Thru the globe, the students can understand the titling of the earth, its rotation on its axis and the equator cutting earth into the northern and southern hemisphere.

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