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1 Welcome To Client-Centered Marketing In The 21 st Century.

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1 1 Welcome To Client-Centered Marketing In The 21 st Century

2 2 Your Presenter Aaron P. Donsky *Senior level administrator at colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad *Advisor and consultant to hundreds of colleges across the world

3 3 I dont know what the key to success is but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. Thomas Edison

4 4 What Am I about

5 5 The Major Issue Of The Day:Improving Your Profit Margin The Tool For This: Target Marketing If We Know Who your Audience is, Where they are, and What they want, --We can do more effective brochures --Better pricingCost effecting marketing --And appealing curriculum

6 6 The Major Issues Facing Marketing In Higher Education Cost Containment Finding The Right Market Niches Finding The Most Effective Ways to Reach Those Niches ==a reduction in the cost/enrollment== HIGHER NETS

7 7 Who Is Your Target Audience Past Clientsgroup 1 Present Clientsgroup 2 Those who resemble your past or present clientsgroup 3

8 8 The Key Behind All Of This You Must Change The Question From What Shall We Offer? To What Is Our Target Audience? The Target Audience is composed of unique market segments

9 9 You Are Brand Managers Target Marketing will help you to move from being brand managers to being customer oriented Key Segment Managers

10 10 Target Marketing A Way To Segment Your Market A Way To Identify You Best Segments A Way To Concentrate On Differences and Not Similarities A Way To Do Customized Marketing

11 11 What We Need to Know About Those Segments WHO composes your major segments WHERE are those segments WHAT are the segments like- characteristics

12 12 True for open enrollment or customized training Open Enrollment Segment-clusters of households Geography- carrier routes Past and Present clients-best predictor of future clients Customized Training SegmentSIC code Geography-zip code Past and Present clientsbest predictor of future clients

13 13 The ApproachFor Open Enrollment The New Geo-Demographics --customized reports-tailored for higher education --substantially reduced implementation costs

14 14 Levels of Geography-largest to smallest Zip Codes Census Block Groups Carrier Routes Zip+4

15 15 Geo-Demographic Segmenting We use the locations of past and present clients to identify the areas where we will likely find new clients ( the where) We also link these locations to demographic and psychographic (behavioral) characteristics of our past and present clients (thewho and the what)

16 16 Target Marketing Applied To Physical Geography By Finding The Neighborhoods With The largest Concentrations of Your Present And Past clients, You Will Be Able To Identify Their Common Demographic and Lifestyle Preferences This Information Can Help You Find Populations Whose Characteristics match Those Of Your Students

17 17 TARGET MARKETING Birds Of A Feather Flock Together If You Focus Down To A Small Enough Level Of Geography, Like A Postal Carrier Route, You Will Find People Who Share Similar Life Styles And Demographic Characteristics Like Income And Educational Level

18 18 How Do We Get these Demographic and Psychographic Characteristics? We use PRIZM NE Cluster software to link geography to characteristics. PRIZM NE consists of 66 demographic/behavioral profiles that have now been applied to 85% of all households in USA ( income, education, spending patterns, recreation, reading preferences, etc.)

19 19 Characteristics (Cont.) These households are accumulated to the carrier route level and these carrier routes are designated in terms of the density of the various 66 profiles Your clients are fitted to these carrier routes by a process called geo-coding. We can then identify the major profiles ( PRIZM Clusters) that apply to them

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