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Using Interact Forums for collaborative learning and development of Critical Thinking Skills. Ken Crofts ICT CoP – 23 April 2010 1.

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1 Using Interact Forums for collaborative learning and development of Critical Thinking Skills. Ken Crofts ICT CoP – 23 April

2 Burning water? 2

3 Critical Thinking Cottrell 2005 identifying other people’s positions, arguments and conclusions, evaluating the evidence for alternative points of view, weighing up opposing arguments and evidence fairly, presenting a point of view in a structured, clear, well-reasoned way that convinces others. 3

4 Forum task on CD Study Guide 4

5 Task for Topic 1 5

6 Topic 1 - Messages 6 Sub-forum established for each topic

7 Critical comment I absolutely agree with Paul (Sharpe) and Chris (O'Brien) –the title of this article is straight out of the David Penberty (Daily Tele Sydney) school of attention seeking – really quite out of step with Carr’s article. In any case, here's my first posting (only cracked the CD and books tonight) I imagine Carr's belief systems have been shaped by the widespread, extremely complex and costly (and frequently unsuccessful) ERP fad of the 1990's. Summarising; this was where corporates around the world poured millions of dollars into... 7

8 Comment The objective of Nicholas Carr’s message in “It doesn’t matter” is to stress that extensive business investment in IT does not lead to success or profits. Nicolas argues that organisations should invest more time and money into strategy and it employees... I agree with Carr's argument to an extent. I feel organisations should invest more on their employees. Investment in IT is crucial, it is crucial to the survival of an organisation but it is not the only competitive advantage an organisation has over its competitors. Investments into IT should be done sparingly upon extensive research. Management must get over the concept that IT is the solution to all problems. 8

9 Response I agree with your comment regarding the title being misleading. A better title would be "Does IT Investment matter". My response would have been yes as long as there is strategies and limits on investment. Businesses often see IT systems as a solution to all problems and not look any further. Whereas they would realise like you have said that business should look at investing more time and money into stretegy and its employees Lastly, your comment about management, I have a different perspective on management concepts of IT, I feel that it depends on if the GM or senior management are influenced by the "new toy approach" i.e. IT upgrade to Windows Vista", because it is new regardless of what it can do for the business, then there is a problem. 9

10 Forms part of Assignment 1 Part A - Online forum tasks (0 marks) To complete Assignment 1 successfully, it is strongly recommended you compete the online forum tasks for topics 1 to 4 as follows: Item 1 Prepare your response to the forum topic for Topics 1, 2, 3 and 4 and post by Monday of the following week to your topic sub-forum. (300 words max for each response.) Item 2 Reply to at least four posts by other group members for Topics 1 to 4. (i.e. 1 per topic, or 4 in total). Carefully assess the viewpoint of the person to which you are replying. It is not sufficient to simply say 'I agree'. You will need to present your own viewpoint and/or argument, adding new insight to the topic. These responses would normally be expected the Friday after the initial forum task is due. 10

11 Assignment 1 – Written Essay Part B - Written assignment (20 marks) Item 3 Choose one of the key questions below which relate to the forum tasks. In your discussion, you need to draw from the text, essential readings, and other literature sources, as well as from the discussions in the topic forum. (1000 words max.) Topic 2 - "Information technology vitally assists in overcoming barriers to entry to competition in most industries." Critically discuss this statement stating whether you agree or disagree. Topic 3 - Critically evaluate why duplicate information is in evidence at banks and marketing companies and detail a strategy as to how duplicate information could be minimised in these organisations. Topic 4 - Critically discuss whether functional business systems are appropriate for business organisations of today. 11

12 Key points Students need a reason to interact on forums (eg marks or assessment pre-requisite) Students need to be guided on critical thinking skills Playing the ‘devil’s advocate’ is often a good way to elicit different responses Positive comments have been received from students over a number of sessions now in regard to use of forums for collaborative learning 12

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