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EDO(N) Community Status Brief

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1 EDO(N) Community Status Brief

2 EDO(N) Program Background
EDO(N) Program - established in 1997 Produces officers to serve as RCOH/NEWCON CVN Reactor Officers Provides Engineering Duty Officer community with officers qualified to be Major Program Managers or Major Shore Commanders Retains SWO(N)s for nuclear duty by providing a career path with fewer at-sea requirements Developed in conjunction with SWO(N) career path SWO(N) Community is sole source for EDO(N) accessions Lateral transfer of up to 10 SWO(N)s per YG (Nominal 3) EDO(N) NOIP policy modeled after SWO(N)s Policy provided via Long-Range Nuclear-Trained Engineering Duty Officer (EDO(N)) Officer Personnel Policy Memorandum Last revision: June 2008

3 EDO(N) Program Health EDO(N) Community Health
Average of 3 SWO(N)s per YG have transferred to EDO(N) community Community strength: 34 EDO(N)s at various phases of career Since 1997, some inception “drivers” have changed SWO(N) community healthy & stabilized Cadre of ED officers with CVN operational experience EDO(N) RO enhances Reactor Dept in RCOH/NEWCON SY experience with organization/structure/production timelines More “transition” experience (e.g. plant testing) Provides additional nuclear experience to ED community EDO(N)s fill nuclear related S/Y, planning, acquisition, and design billets

4 Growing a Successful RO Skillsets
Training Power School / Prototype / Quals / PNEO / XO Refresher / NR PCO Course At Sea experience operating the plant Deployments with Flight Ops, Drills, Casualty Control Special Evolutions – Underway Testing, Major PMS(RM/RC), Sea Details In Port experience operating the plant Maintenance - Homeport / PIA / DPIA / RCOH / NRRO interaction Senior Supervisory Watch for special evolutions & testing Day to Day operations Admin Programs – PMS / RPPMS / LOQM / Check Chem / Matl Hist Audits and Surveillances / Training Leading People Drill Team / Watch Team Divo / CVN Divo / Topside DH / PA / XO / Command at Sea PPWO / EOOW PPWO / RDO DIVO / PA 60-70 Months total nuclear experience – 48 months at sea

5 Growing a Successful RO SWO(N) Career Path
1st Divo Sea Tour NPS/ NPTU D H S DH CVN PA 2nd Shore Window 1st Shore XO/CO XOSM CVN RO 3rd Shore Window Maj Cmd O4 XO/CO 4th Shore Window Two nuke sea tours and one nuke shore tour prior to RO 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 DH Screen PA Screen XO/CO Screen ARO Screen Major Command Screen SUCCESS in 1st Divo tour => SWO Pin SUCCESS at 24 months on CVN => PNEO Qual SUCCESS in Topside DH tour => Warfighter SUCCESSFUL PA tour => Nuclear Expertise XO/CO Fleet-up Screen

6 SWO(N) Community Requirements vs. Inventory
87 DIVOs/yr ~29 Nuclear Shore RQTS ~24 Nuclear Shore RQTS 22 PAs/yr 87 nuclear Division Officers required per year = (10*12 + 1*22)*12/(24-4) + 2 RCOH plus up 22 nuclear Principal Assistants required = (10*3 + 1*8)*12/(24-3) 6 Reactor Officers required = 12*12/(30-6) NPTU/MTT/424 = 4*12/24=2.0 7.5 6 RO additional for CO NPTU, 424, etc. Total size: 971 Nuke shore for JOs Data analysis for YG 03-04: 97 left CVNs, 41 went to shore, of those 41, 17 were upper half/upper half NNPTC+NPTU+NR requirement is 7*12/ *12/21 + 2*12/23 = = 11 per year (NPTU follow on and PNEO makes worse) - MTT det and BUPERS billets not hard to fill NNPTC and NPTU are the hard spots. NPTU and NNPTC incentives – Silver bullet, nuke shore complete, NPTU follow on 7.5 RO-MTT-NPTU / yr ~1 N9-NRLL / yr

7 EDO(N) Career Path and Boards
SWO(N) EDO(N) Nuclear Proficiency Tour ED Industrial ED Acquisition CVN PA Tour CVN RO 1st Shore Tour Post Graduate School NPGS or MIT EDQP Reactor Dept DivO SY CO SOS CO MPM NPS NPTU ED IND ED ACQ Topside 2 12 14 20 3 6.5 9 16 18 5 25 23 27 PA Continuation LAT XFER ARO Community Boards: Lateral transfer: ~6 YCS, Nominal 3, Maximum 10 per YG EDO(N) PA Board: YCS, Nominal 3 per YG (held on as-needed basis) Continuation Board: 14 and 15 YCS, Nominal 1 per YG ARO Board: 15 YCS following Continuation Board (held with SWO(N)s) RO Board: 17, 18 or 19 YCS, Screen to Requirements EDO(N)s who are descreened remain EDOs and continue to remain competitive for Command

8 Assistant Reactor Officer Purpose
Enhance RO’s focus on the execution of propulsion plant operations, maintenance, and training by: Enforcing the standards, priorities, and departmental philosophy Providing an experienced quality cut on departmental administration Supporting external coordination requirements (TYCOM, RPPY, JTG, etc.) Leverage nuclear expertise of SWO(N) and EDO(N) officers no longer on track to be a Reactor Officer Would otherwise lose nuclear qualifications SWO(N)s not screened for CO Afloat EDO(N)s not selected for continuation and future RO eligibility at 15 YCS

9 Assistant Reactor Officer Selection and Assignment
Picked by administrative board (first board in Feb 05) SWO(N)s following CO-SM, XO-SM, or XO Afloat tours EDO(N)s following unsuccessful second look for continuation Nominally 3-4 officers needed each year FY09 Board 8 eligible officers (4 SWO(N) and 4 EDO(N)) Four selects authorized by precept Board picked 3 SWO(N)s and 1 EDO(N) Must be under orders to an ARO billet by 30 Sept of year of selection month tour Financially incentivized Nuclear COPAY eligibility continues through ARO tour and beyond until reaching 21 YCS or 3 years away from nuclear billet (whichever occurs first)

10 EDO(N) Community Nominal Throughput
EDQP Prof Tour RO

11 EDO(N) Program Nuclear Proficiency
4-year clock requirement between nuclear related assignments Clock stops post-RO CVN, nuclear shore, and non-nuclear shore tours sequenced to meet requirement Engineering Duty Qualification Program divided between tour nuclear/non-nuclear billets Nominally 18 months in nuclear billet Minimum 18-month post-PA nuclear shore assignment required before RO

12 EDQP Billets SUPSHIP Newport News – Nuclear Power Supt / CVN Overhaul Assistant Project Officer Naval Shipyard - Ship Construction and Repair Superintendent (Nuclear) / Zone Manager Norfolk (2) Puget Sound (2) Portsmouth Pearl Harbor NSY – Ship Repair Officer / Assistant Project Supt (Submarines) SUPSHIP Newport News – Ship Project Officer/CVN Overhaul Assistant Project Officer * Norfolk NSY – Ship Construction and Repair Supt (Nuclear) / Nuclear Operations * Norfolk NSY – Ship Construction and Repair Supt (Surface Ships) / Zone Manager (Submarines) * Puget Sound NSY – Ship Construction and Repair Supt (Nuclear) / Nuclear Operations * Puget Sound NSY – Ship Construction and Repair Supt (Submarines) / Zone Manager * SUPHIP Groton – Naval Engineering Inspection Officer / Ship Coordinator * Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard – Ship Repair Officer / Assistant Project Supt (Submarines) * SRF Yokuska - Ship Const and Repair Supt (General) * *Filled only if top billets unavailable

13 Pre-RO Proficiency Billets
COMNAVAIRFOR/LANT N431 – Force Maintenance Officer COMNAVAIRFOR/LANT N43 – Ship Material Officer PMS312E – Propulsion Engineer NAVSEA 05V – CVN Deputy Ship Design Manager NAVSEA 08P - Assistant Program Manager Carriers USFF N438A – Fleet Carrier Program Manager Naval Shipyard Assistant Project Superintendent, Nuclear (APS-N) Norfolk Puget Sound Portsmouth SUPSHIP Newport News Code 151 – Project Officer for Aircraft Carrier New Construction SUPSHIP Newport News Code 152 – Project Officer for Aircraft Carrier Overhaul

14 People

15 Future Issues SWO(N) career path review and EDO(N) impact
Manning for CVN-65 decommissioning EDO(N) RO selection for CVN-72 RCOH and CVN-78 NEWCON Last RO Board held Aug 2008 Board required in 2011 Could also consider board in 2012 Minor adjustment to board timing to support consecutive EDO(N) Continuation, SWO(N) PA Screening, and ARO Selection Boards Maximize TAD funding utilization and make best use of limited pool of board members Use most board members for all three boards

16 Backup

17 EDO(N) and EDO Career Paths
URL EDO Standard ED Career Path Warfare Qual DivO Tour/ SWOS 2nd Div-O Tour Post Graduate School NPGS or MIT ED Industrial ED Acquisition ED Industrial ED Acquisition ED Industrial ED Acquisition ED Industrial ED Acquisition SY CO SOS CO MPM STAFF HQ PMS At-SEA EDQP Tour 2 3 5 6.5 9 12 14 16 18 20 23 25 27 Nuclear Proficiency Tour ED Industrial ED Acquisition CVN PA Tour RO ED IND ED ACQ 1st Shore Tour Post Graduate School NPGS or MIT EDQP CVN Reactor Dept DivO SY CO SOS CO MPM SWO(N) EDO(N) NPS NPTU Topside 2 12 14 20 3 6.5 9 16 18 5 25 23 27 PA Continuation LAT XFER EDO(N) Career Path

18 EDO(N) Screening Boards
PA Screening Board Screen to nominal three officers per YG One Look: 10 YCS as required Continuation Screening Board Screen to nominal one officer per YG Two Looks: 14 and 15 YCS Transition: Officers at 16 YCS included in FY08 board and 16 and 17 YCS at FY09 board Officers at equivalent point in careers PG School, EDQP tour, and PA tour complete RO Screening Board Screen to requirements based on projected RO billets available Assigned for RCOH and NEWCON One Look: 17, 18 or 19 YCS Conducted minimum of every 3 years

19 AQD Removal Requirements
EDO(N) Requirements: EDO(N) Shaping Boards (PA, Continuation, RO) Exceed 4 year nuclear clock. (Excluding RO Served Officers) 2X FOS CAPT (recommendation required to NAVSEA 08) Other examples: PA Alternate ARO Medical Officers who fail to screen RO on their second look will have nuclear AQDs removed at end of Fiscal Year (or completion of current nuclear tour, whichever is later) EDO(N)s out of a nuclear billet for greater than four years (Excluding RO Served Officers) Equates to ~22 YCS. 2X FOS CAPT will have nuclear AQDs removed at end of Fiscal Year (or completion of current nuclear tour, whichever is later) PA Altertnate Method: Maintain AQDs until end of Fiscal Year once determined not to be used. ARO Method: Maintain AQDs until 21 YCS if maintain 3 year clock (or until completion of current nuclear tour, whciver is later) XO SS (Sub): Maintain AQDs until 15 YCS (LCDR) or 21 YCS (CDR) if maintain 3 year clock. Add 21 YCS Limit for EDO(N)s (Excluding RO Served Officers)?

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