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Create an interactive Science PowerPoint for classroom instruction

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1 Create an interactive Science PowerPoint for classroom instruction
Using ADDIE to Create an interactive Science PowerPoint for classroom instruction

2 ADDIE Model systematic instructional design model consisting of five phases:
Analysis Phase Design Phase Development Phase Implementation Phase Evaluation Phase

3 -My first step was to create an ADDIE Proposed Instructional Design Plan -Next create PowerPoint layout and verbiage - Then find appropriate video, download the video clips in to a folder and insert in to the slides

4 Needs Analysis: Students in our ISD have scored low during the past two years on the State MI-Access Supported Independent and Functional Behavior Assessments in the content area of Science. To meet this need I developed an unit on Simple Machines to address benchmarks in physical science. This PowerPoint is at the beginning of the unit.

5 Student Categorical Definitions
My classroom consists of up to six students (grades 5th through 8th ) who have Autism Spectrum Disorders and function as though they are Mild to Moderately Impaired. These students may have difficulty in abstract reasoning; math, reading and writing symbols; difficulty seeing cause and effect relationships; trouble transferring knowledge from one setting to another. (Macomb School District) Many of my students also have limited language abilities. Students tend to score in an I.Q. range of 40–54 - Moderate Cognitive Impairments 55–69 - Mild Cognitive Impairments

6 Content Analysis Content to be learned: Students will connect to prior knowledge and identify the six types of simple machines Identify how science relates to the world around them.

7 Task Analysis Describe the Types of Tasks: Using differentiated instruction (technology with embedded video clips and interactive questions) to acquire information and connect new concepts to the world around them.

8 Design Objectives and Extended Benchmarks:
Students will identify six different simple machines (lever, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, screw, wheel and axle) State Standards: P.MO.FI.EB.IV.3.m.2a - Identify forces (push/pull) that speed up, slow down, stop, or change the direction of a moving object. R.RO.FI.EB.II.1.m.3a - Identify how science relates to the world around them.

9 Design Description of Instructional Resource:
Interactive PowerPoint with embedded video resources, clipart and audio. I made use of color, sound and movement to help keep students on task. Highlighting key points helping to guide their learning and tag information. Description of Resources: Discovery Education Video Streaming and Microsoft PowerPoint Software

10 Implementation Implementation with Target Audience:
PowerPoint will be on a standalone student computer in the classroom. Students will take turns with the interactive PowerPoint. Implementation/testing during course: Considering the nature of my classroom, this Unit Introduction PowerPoint will be viewed by each student in the class. Students will answer questions in the PowerPoint while staff collects data. Students are then encouraged to take part in discussions about what they learned. Method for collecting feedback (teacher created worksheets, discussions and observations). *As a special education teacher of six students with ASD, I use data collection on a daily basis to collect data on behavior, goal work and academic achievement.

11 Evaluation: Formative evaluations (ongoing throughout the unit): (Teacher created worksheets, discussions and observations) Summative evaluations: Feedback acquired from data collection sheets. After a review of unit, students take a quiz using accommodations as stated in their IEPs. Plans for evaluating project: Ask colleagues look at the materials I have created for my classroom (taking in to consideration the categorical descriptors of my students) and provide feedback (in survey format) for improvement. Feedback from the Summative evaluations will also guide changes in the unit.

12 References: All photos are snip-it files from my computer of:
Video Clips A First Look: Simple Machines. Prod. Cochran. Cochran, Discovery Education. Web. 06 April All Clipart and photographs, Microsoft ADDIE information from Dr. Stephen Yelon, Professor Emeritus at MSU and Dr. Kathryn Dirkin at CMU

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