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Laura Furman 9. class November 2013 Country in Central Europe.

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2 Laura Furman 9. class November 2013

3 Country in Central Europe

4 Bordering countries

5 Provincial of Slovenia: Gorenjska Štajerska Prekmurje Koroška Notranjska Primorska Dolenjska Language Slovenian also italian and hungarian Provinces of Slovenia

6 Flag The Coat of Arms Anthem: klik to hear it

7 Euro

8 Lake Cerknica Lake Bled

9 Saltpans of Sečovlje Postojna Cave

10 Logarska valley Velika planina

11 Triglav National Park Triglav (2864 m)

12 Lipizzan (horse) Karst Shepherd

13 The Idrija LaceHayrack

14 Church Kurent

15 Alpine farming in Gorenjska

16 PoticaSmoked Ham Žganci Prekmurje layered pastry

17 An economically developed country with farming and industry.

18 Skier Tina Maze Rowers Iztok Čop in Luka Špik Cross-skier Petra Majdič Hockey player Anže Kopirat

19 Boxer Dejan Zavec Basketball player Goran Dragič

20 Dubravka Tomšič – pianist France Prešeren - poet Leon Štukelj - gymnast Slavko Avsenik - trompetenecho composer and musician Klik to hear it

21 Ljubljana at night

22 Maribor The second largest city in Slovenia About 114,487 inhabitants

23 Celje The third largest town in Slovenia Located below Old Castle Celje

24 Koper City in southwestern Slovenia

25 The oldest cities Ptuj is the oldest documented town in Slovenia.

26 Škofja Loka

27 Piran

28 The longest rivers in our country River Soča 138 km

29 River Sava 221 km

30 River Drava 142 km

31 River Mura 95 km

32 Slovenia’s coas is part of the Adriatic see 46,6 km long

33 Highest peaks Triglav (2846 m) Škrlatica (2740 m) Mangart (2679 m)

34 Important events in Slovenian history A holed bone found at the subterranean cave of Divje Babe is 55,000 years old, making it the oldest flute in the world.

35 The ancestors of the Slovenes were Slavs who migrated from the Carpathians to the present-day territory in the 6th century, before a hundred years later founding the oldest known Slavic state, Carantania.

36 Reformer Primož Trubar published the first book in Slovene, Catechismus, in 1550. Jurij Dalmatin translated the Bible into Slovene.

37 World War I Slovenes fought for more than three years on the Austro-Hungarian side on the Soča Front World War II The Second World War was a tragedy for Slovenia, as it was simultaneously a national liberation war and a civil war.

38 Slovenia held a referendum in 1990, in which over 88% of voters backed independence. Independence was declared on 25 June 1991.

39 Slovenia became a member of the EU on 1 May 2004 with nine other countries. It joined Nato in the same year.

40 YOU ARE WELCOME TO VISIT SLOVENIA! It’s a beautiful country.

41 STUDENTS: Laura Furman, 9 th class Kristjan Furman, 9th class Kristjan Krušič, 9 th class Nejc Butolen, 6th class Matjaž Butolen, 6 class TEACHER MENTOR: Mrs. Lidija Šešerko

42 N. Cajhen, N. Drusany, D. Kapko, M. K. Ortar, M. B. Turk, Slovenščina za vsak dan 7, Založba Rokus Klett, Ljubljana 2011.

43 "This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in."

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