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Assessment as Advocacy Jessica Balsley, The Art of Education

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1 Assessment as Advocacy Jessica Balsley, The Art of Education


3 The Top 10 Reasons Why Art Assessment Matters.... 1. Program Evaluation: Know if your curriculum is working! 2. Program Saving: Lets face it, the arts are the first to be cut. Dont you want data to fight back and show WHY you should be saved? 3. Accountability: It makes you become more explicit about your teaching, making sure you are hitting the things that matter most. 4. Intimidating: Yes, you really put yourself out there when numbers are attached to YOUR teaching and YOUR students learning. 5. Risks: Obtaining data lets you take risks with your teaching and helps you grow as a teacher. 6. Teacher Reflection: Data shows a teacher EXACTLY what his or her students are not understanding. 7. Student Reflection: Data shows students and parents EXACTLY what studnets are learning 8. Pride: Having data to back your program gives you a sense of pride at what you have accomplished. 9. Innovative: There are so many schools that are not using arts assessments. Be proactive! 10. Lets Face It, our Kids Deserve it: Showing growth (through a variety of methods) is one way we are doing justice to our students and their learning. DATA DOES NOT HAVE TO MEAN TEST SCORES!!!

4 An Assessment Story... from Bubble To Better

5 Research, Research, Research!

6 3 KEYS to a GOOD Art Assessment 1. Fast to take, Fast to Grade 2. Simple- Make it short and sweet 3. Relevant - Only assess the MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPTS

7 a true assessment allows a student to independently show you what they know. Creating a Balanced Assessment Performance Constructed Response Multiple Choice National Assessment of Educational Progress


9 2nd Grade NAEP Style Assessment Sample

10 Scoring Your Assessment

11 The Importance of Piloting.... Because you cant do it all...

12 How to use Data as Advocacy 1. SHARE! Share with administration, schedule a meeting Present at a PTO Meeting Present your data at a local school board meeting

13 Write an article in the local newspaper Post on your school website or blog Invite the superintendent and principal into the art room! MAKE EVERYTHING YOU DO GET NOTICED!!!

14 5 More Easy (and FUN) Assessments to Help you Advocate 1. Comments on art work

15 2. Self Reflections

16 3. I CAN Statements

17 4. Portfolios

18 5. Create an Assessment Plan

19 questions, comments? Jessica Balsley @theartofed 515-508-1609 Lets Connect! Thank you for coming!

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