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Direct and Indirect Accidents Costs

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1 Direct and Indirect Accidents Costs
Presented by QBE Loss Control Services

2 Why Evaluate Accident Costs
Reliable costs needed for decision making Estimation of cost savings from safety expenditures Dollar savings may be more meaningful to management than incident rates

3 Direct Costs (Insured)
Definite and known costs - Worker’s compensation premium - Costs for repair/replacement of damaged equipment/materials

4 Indirect Costs (Uninsured)
Other non-billable costs that result from internal systems adapting to the accident. Usually account for 70%-90% of the total true accident cost.

5 Hidden Costs Of Accidents
Direct Costs Like This Iceberg, Hidden Costs Of Accidents Are Not Visible On The Surface, But Are There Just The Same! Indirect Costs

6 Indirect Costs Wage of injured worker for part of day missed due to accident Wage costs of other workers Property damage not covered by insurance Administrative costs Litigation

7 Loss of Productivity Injured worker(s) Malingering following injury
Damaged equipment Damaged or lost product Other employees time Supervisors time Rescheduling

8 Loss of Productivity Subcontracting
Decreased production while new employee is trained Down time Interviews/investigation Cleanup after accident

9 Training Time Development costs Planned or unplanned

10 Hiring Replacement Interview Orientation Drug Test Physical

11 Morale-Consequences Poor safety practices Work slows down
Poor workmanship (quality) Lack of respect for management

12 Legal Costs OSHA Fines OSHA- Cost/Time to correct violations Legal
- Depositions - Information Searches - Attend court proceedings

13 Human Resources Insurance forms Accident investigation
Medical management Recordkeeping Finding light-duty jobs

14 Direct vs. Indirect Costs
Are from 2 to 20 Times Direct Costs

15 Did you Know? Claims reported more than 3 days after injury can add:
16% to Medical Costs 38% to Indemnity Costs Claims reported more than 12 days after injury can increase the likelihood of Attorney Representation by: 67% for Medical Claims 69% for Indemnity Claims

16 Sales required to pay for an accident
Profit Margin 1% % % % % $1000 $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 Accident Cost

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