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Tractor Supply Company

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1 Tractor Supply Company
An Overview of America’s Largest Retail Farm & Ranch Store Chain

2 Objectives Discuss the history of TSC (how did it begin?)
List & discuss current TSC stats. Describe the type(s) of customers TSC relates to. Describe where TSC stores are located. List & discuss the types of products that TSC sells.

3 1. TSC History Charles E. Schmidt Sr. of Chicago, Illinois established a mail order tractor parts business, in 1938. By 1939, it had grown into a successful retail store in Minot, North Dakota.

4 2. Current TSC Stats The company operates more than 900 retail stores in 44 states. TSC employs more than 13,000 team members. The company headquarters are located in Brentwood, TN.

5 2. Current TSC Stats Tractor Supply is a leading edge retailer with revenues surpassing $3 billion. TSC is a public company whose stock is traded on The NASDAQ National Market under the symbol TSCO.

6 3. TSC Customers farmers horse owners ranchers
part-time and hobby farmers suburban and rural homeowners contractors tradesmen

7 4. Location of TSC Stores Primarily located in rural areas and the outlying suburbs of major cities where agriculture is a significant factor in the local economy. The typical Tractor Supply store has 15,000-24,000 square feet of inside selling space with a similar amount of outside space used to display agricultural fencing, livestock equipment and horse stalls.

8 5. Products TSC Sells clothing equine and pet supplies animal feed
tractor/trailer parts and accessories lawn and garden supplies sprinkler/irrigation parts power tools fencing welding and pump supplies riding mowers

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