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Sex Ed Review.

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1 Sex Ed Review

2 Make sure you can… Label the diagram of the male anatomy
Label the diagram of the female anatomy Get 100% on the quiz from last week

3 What is the cervix? The opening to the uterus

4 What are seminal vesicles?
Glands that produce most of the semen

5 What are the vas deferens?
Tube that the sperm travel through from the testicles

6 What is the ovary? Female gland that contains eggs

7 What do the testicles do?
Male glands that produces sperm and testosterone

8 What is the uterus? The organ where the fetus develops

9 What is the anus? Opening from which feces passes

10 What is the vagina? The birth canal

11 What is the labia? Folds of skin that cover the birth canal

12 What is the bladder? Organ that stores urine

13 What is the epididymis? Where sperm mature

14 What is the endometrium?
The inner lining of the uterus

15 What is the vulva? External female genitalia

16 What is the urethra? Tube through which urine leaves the body

17 What is the cowper’s gland?
Secretes fluid prior to ejaculation that flushes out the urethra in men

18 What does the scrotum do?
Holds the testicles, regulates temperature

19 What is the penis? Male organ that becomes erect during sexual stimulation

20 What is the prostate? Contains a valve that restricts urine flow and allows semen to pass to urethra Contributes to production of semen

21 What are the fallopian tubes?
Tubes that pass eggs from the ovaries to the uterus Where fertilization usually occurs

22 What is semen? Fluid that nourishes and carries sperm

23 Are females born with all their eggs?

24 What hormone helps sperm develop?

25 When do testicles descend?
Before birth

26 In men, what goes through the urethra?
Both urine and semen

27 What is a vasectomy? When the vas deferens is cut and sealed to prevent sperm from leaving the body

28 What is tubal ligation? Permanent tying of the fallopian tubes so eggs can’t be released

29 What is the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy?

30 How long is a menstrual cycle?
Different for every woman. Average is 28 days Normal is 24-38ish days

31 When does ovulation occur?
When an ovary releases an egg Usually around day 14 or 15 of cycle

32 What days of the cycle does menstruation occur?

33 When is an egg released? Between days 11 and 19 Around day 15

34 What happens to the body when the egg is released?
Body temperature goes up Progesterone goes up LH goes up

35 If you use a diaphragm, what else should you use?

36 Should male and female condoms be used together?
No, they will rip/tear

37 What are barrier methods?
Prevent sperm and egg from coming into contact Condoms

38 How do the pill, patch, ring, shot, work?
Eggs are not released because the woman’s body thinks its pregnant due to higher levels of progesterone

39 Can bacterial STDs be cured?
Yes, with antibiotics

40 List some bacterial STDs
Gonorrhea Syphilis Chlamydia

41 List some viral STDs HIV Hepatitis Herpes HPV

42 What is the most common STD in the US?
Chlamydia is the most common bacterial STD

43 Can lice and trichomoniasis be passed without having sexual contact?

44 What is PID? Pelvic inflammatory disease Results in sterility in women

45 What is the order of development of a baby?
Zygote Blastocyst Embryo Fetus newborn

46 When does a woman get her first period?
Puberty Ages 8 to 15

47 What happens to the follicle after it releases an egg?
Becomes the corpus luteum and releases hormones

48 Where does fertilization occur?
In the fallopian tube

49 If a woman is not pregnant, what day of the cycle does menstruation occur?

50 Is genital warts viral or bacterial?
Viral (it’s HPV)

51 What STDs can be treated with antibiotics?
Bacterial Chlamydia Syphillis Gonorrhea

52 If a man has burning when he pees, he probably has
A bacterial STD

53 Which type of contraception can help prevent STDs?

54 What body fluids transmit HIV?
Blood Vaginal secretions Sperm Breast milk

55 Why does alcohol increase HIV transmission?
You make bad decisions when drunk

56 What types of ways are most STDs transmitted?
Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Digital-genital intercourse

57 What is the difference between harassment and assault?
Physical contact

58 What is the diff. between a felony and a misdemeanor assault?
The use of force

59 If 2 people have sex and one passes out, is this rape?
Yes, because consent can’t be given when passed out

60 Which is the worst form of contraception?
A. the pill B. abstinence C. diaphragm D. female condom E. withdrawl

61 What prevents the release of an egg?
The pill (or patch, or nuva ring, or depo)

62 When do females stop producing eggs?

63 What is implantation? When the blastocyst attaches to the endometrium

64 Other than abstinence, what’s the best way to stop STDs and pregnancy?
Using a barrier method (like a condom) and a chemical method (like the pill) together

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