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Resume Writing for Education

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1 Resume Writing for Education
Burr House, 414 E. Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069 Phone: Website:

2 Think Ahead…. What is the market for teachers? Where do you want to work? Growing as fast as average. 9-17% Some markets are better than others.

3 How Can I Be Best Prepared?
Be versatile. Have more than one area of certification, endorsement and experience. El.Ed/Special Ed. Special Ed/Sec. Ed. Bilingual, Reading First, Computer Coaching endorsements, cheerleading Debate, theatre, publications, student government. Learn a Language other than English

4 How Can I Be Best Prepared?
Prepare yourself for an area that has shortages. Shortage Fields (5 State Area) Deaf Education, Music, Science (Chemistry & Physics), Math, Special Education Balanced Fields (5 State Area) Art and Foreign Language Tight Fields (5 State Area) Elementary Education English, Social Studies, Physical Ed., Speech

5 Writing your resume A resume is a summary of your education and experience in a format that best represents you. Resume’s are similar but unique because no one has same experience as you. One of the most valuable reasons to write a resume is for you to take stock of your experience and think about how to market yourself. Review what you have/plan for what you need.

6 Possible Section Headings
Education Experience Teaching Experience Objective Summary of Qualifications Work Experience Student Activities Leadership Athletics Computer/Technology Skills Language Skills Honors Activities Research Publications Presentations Scholarships

7 The Anatomy of a Resume Sam R. Reading
Present: Home: 123 Cottage Ave Oak Street Vermillion, SD Akron, Iowa 56700 Cell: Professional Portfolio: EDUCATION University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD Bachelor of Science in Education Major: Elementary Education Endorsements: Kindergarten GPA: 3.5, Deans List 6 semesters PRAXIS TESTS PPST: Reading: Writing: Math: 175 ELED Content Knowledge: 197E PLT K-6: 175 MS Language Arts: 155 Received letter of excellence from ETS for ELED CK TECHNOLOGY SKILLS Microsoft Office suite; Word, Outlook, Access, Excel, Power Point. Front Page for web development, scanning, Distance Learning Classrooms, video projectors, Smartboard.

8 Resume Continued TEACHING EXPERIENCE Student Teaching Kindergarten, Beresford Elementary School, Beresford, SD 10/2007 – 11/2007 Taught class of 15 students, planned activities, field trips, developed Happy Healthy Exercise class. Third Grade, Beresford, Elementary, Beresford, SD 11/ /2007 Planned and taught lessons to class of 21 students. Special activities included: instructional activities on dental hygiene, and water cycle; incorporated hands on science activities; taught guided reading lessons; designed learning centers; guided students in preparing electronic newsletters for parents , documenting classroom activities: participated in parent conferences. Other Field Experience First Grade Paraprofessional, Vermillion, SD Spring semester 2006 Assisted students with handwriting and reading; led activity that taught students how to write and create their own books. Sixth Grade, Middle School Internship, Akron, SD Fall Semester 2005 Tutored individual students; assisted in math classroom; taught lesson on use of graphing computers.

9 Resume Continued Seventh and Eighth Grade Reading Assessments South Sioux City Middle School, South Sioux City, NE 3/1/04 Completed individual informal reading assessments on 5 students using the Slosson Reading Assessments and graded passages. Multicultural Experiences , Winnebago School, Winnebago, NE and Sioux City West, Sioux City, Iowa Fall Semester 2003 Observed teachers working with multicultural students to learn about special techniques for instruction and interaction with students from a variety of cultures. Related Activities Playground/Cafeteria Monitor, Austin Middle School, Vermillion, SD Big Pal/Little Pal, 10 year old boy, Vermillion, SD Honors Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship Citibank Scholarship

10 Resume Continued Memberships
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf present Attended Convention of American Instructors for the Deaf Student Member, South Dakota Education Association present SDEA Treasurer Phi Kappa Alpha Fraternity present Vice President – 2005 Education Officer Other Employment Park and Recreation Leader, Akron, IA Summers 2004 – 2007 Organized and led wide variety of activities including arts, crafts, field trips and sports teams. Student Activities Office Assistant , Work Study, USD, Vermillion, SD Present

11 Wrapping it Up You cannot have any errors of grammar, punctuation or spelling. Do nut rely on spill check for grammer and punctuation. Have someone else review your documents for accuracy.

12 Just For Fun “I am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details.” “Received a plague for Salesperson of the Year.” “I am excited to be a facility member at this university ” “Bachelorette of Science” “I am replying to your add. ” “I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse.”

13 Look Ahead Start e-portfolio
Keep up resume and look for experiences, leadership opportunities. Stay aware of trends in teaching, endorsements, etc. Look ahead, grad school, specialty areas, administration. Think about where you want to teach and prepare for it.

14 Resources Your professors/advisor
The teachers, administrators you meet Donna Tucker, Ed.Certification/Placement The Career Development Center Burr House on Cherry Street Web site on University web page. See Career Development under Offices, For Students

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