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Making initial contacts 07002019 문기철 11002102 박은희 13002040 심혜리 13002037 신채린 13002006 김균희.

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1 Making initial contacts 문기철 박은희 심혜리 신채린 김균희

2 contents -The definition of initial contacts. Initial contacts in Asia Initial contacts in west culture - Gesture - Each national greeting - Meet other cultures -Give them a good feeling

3 What is initial contact? we have many countries in the world and there are different culture existed. Sometimes There are many question that to make them feel that at the first meet. some of things are doesn’t have meaning in our country but it’s can become mean to other country..

4 Asia Most of Asian people have dislike to Physical contact. Make lower themselves to the other people for expressing their courtesy The more lower themselves the more express their respect.

5 west Physical contact is a feeling of intimacy Stand straight and shake other’s hand. They contact their part of bodies, such as hand, face and nose.

6 Gesture

7 OK -money (korea, japan) -worthlessness ( south france) -ok ( U.S, east europe) - slang word ( brazil)

8 The Best -very good (Korea) -rude gesture (Australia) -shut up (Greece) -The gay(Russia)

9 China China used to be agriculture, so they usually ask ‘chifanlema’ It’s rude, if you ask for hand shake to a woman Never ask other’s salary

10 America Stand face to face and shake hand each other. From the western time historically they doubt whether others have fire arms or not so shake hands give expression that they are clear.

11 France ‘Bisou’ is a greeting, cheek to cheek for twice. Men and women of all ages can do the ‘Bisou’

12 Eskimo Each other hit cheek How hard you can slap a cheek mean you are glade. If you are closes then you rub a nose to say hello.

13 Israel ‘Shalom’ is a Israel greeting. This mean is a blessing The shalom is thought to have originated greeting of jewish

14 India Indian believe that all kind of creature have a god. ‘Namaste’ is greeting to other person’s own god.

15 Korea “Did you ate” because we used to be a very poor country. Are you safe? Because we were invaded by China and Japan so many times in the past.

16 Meet other cultures They have different culture. We have to understand them and adjust our way of manner for them We must not neglect or make fun of them because of the differences and also we shouldn’t force them to our cultural manner.

17 Give them a good feeling at first encounter. Smile brightly Memories name Eye contact Complimenting Listening carefully

18 Thank you!

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