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Mr. Johnson Perrysville Junior High Updated 2-3-2010.

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1 Mr. Johnson Perrysville Junior High Updated

2 Terms To Know Work – done when an applied force causes an object to move in the direction of the force Energy – ability to cause change; speed, force, shape, or temperature Load – weight being moved Effort - force placed on an object that cause it to move.

3 What is a Simple Machine? Tool used to make work easier Few moving parts Increased mechanical advantage Increase magnitude of out put force w/ cost of increased distance moved

4 Inclined Plane Inclined plane is a surface set at an angle, against a horizontal surface. Use less force over a longer distance to raise an object Object moves, not inclined plane

5 Wedge Similar to Inclined Plane Does work by moving More acute the angle of the wedge, the more mechanical advantage it will have.

6 Screw A screw is a helical inclined plane A screw converts a rotational force, torque, into a linear force

7 Pulley Used to change the direction of an applied force Realize a mechanical advantage in either a linear or rotational system of motion.

8 Wheel and Axle Wheel & axles multiply the applied force OR distance traveled. Larger diameter wheels exert stronger forces on axles

9 1 st Class Lever fulcrum is located between the input effort and the output load

10 2 nd Class Lever fulcrum is at one end, and the applied force at the other, with the load in between Load moves the same direction as the applied force

11 3 rd Class Lever Input effort is higher than the output load Applied force is between fulcrum and load Moves Faster

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