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2 Overview Access to Applications.
Legislative Services Database for the internet (LSDBi). Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO).

3 Session Objectives Identify appropriate search options within LSDBi for legislation, interpretations and educational columns. Learn to submit waiver requests, interpretive requests and secondary violation reports using RSRO.

4 Access to Applications

5 Accessing Applications

6 Adding a User to LSDBi If you don’t see the application you need, consult with the system administrator on your campus.

7 Adding Applications System administrator.
Go to and click the “My Apps” link. “Users” tab in toolbar. Select a name from the “Users” tab. “Access To” dropdown menu. Highlight applications to give user access. “Add Application Access”. System Administrators must also give themselves user access to the applications they wish to use.

8 Adding a User to LSDBi


10 Accessing LSDBi

11 Accessing LSDBi (cont.)

12 LSDBi

13 LSDBi Updates Legislative. Recently posted interpretations.
Recently posted educational columns. Question and answer documents. Manual updates. Case management/waivers. Student-athlete reinstatement. Infractions and enforcement programs.

14 Use LSDBi To… Access most current/accurate NCAA Division III legislation. Access Division III legislative proposals. Search interpretations. Search educational columns. Items now in RSRO. Waiver precedent . Student-athlete reinstatement precedent. Secondary enforcement precedent.

15 Accessing Legislation

16 Accessing Legislation (cont.)

17 Accessing Legislation (cont.)

18 Accessing Legislation (cont.)

19 Accessing Legislation (cont.)

20 Interps/Ed Columns via Legislation

21 Accessing Proposals

22 Accessing Proposals (cont.)

23 Accessing Proposals (cont.)

24 Searching Interpretations

25 Searching Interpretations (cont.)

26 Searching Interpretations (cont.)

27 Searching Interpretations (cont.)

28 Searching Interpretations (cont.)

29 Searching Interpretations (cont.)

30 Searching Educational Columns

31 Searching Educational Columns (cont.)

32 Searching Educational Columns (cont.)

33 Multi Search

34 Multi Search (cont.)

35 Additional LSDBi Help

36 Additional LSDBi Help (cont.)


38 Why RSRO? Subject matter expertise. Consistent decisions.
Easier record-keeping.

39 Accessing RSRO

40 Accessing RSRO (cont.)

41 RSRO Disclaimer

42 RSRO Home Screen

43 RSRO Home Screen (cont.)

44 Make a Request/Self-Report

45 RSRO Case Types Legislative relief waivers. Interpretation requests.
NCAA Division III Academic Issues Subcommittee waivers. Student-athlete reinstatement requests. Secondary/level II violations.

46 RSRO Case Types (cont.) Membership requirements waivers.
Season-of-participation waivers. Extension-of-eligibility requests. Hardship waivers—independent institutions only. Appeals of hardship waiver decisions.

47 Interpretation Requests

48 Interpretation Requests (cont.)

49 Waivers

50 Completing a Request

51 Adding Legislation/ Interpretations

52 Precedent Searches

53 Precedent Searches (cont.)

54 Completing an Interpretation Request

55 Completing a Waiver

56 Case Documentation

57 Signatures—Waivers Only

58 Submission Select the primary and secondary case contacts. The primary contact is the person that the staff will communicate with when working on your case.

59 Submission (cont.)

60 Case Management

61 Case Management (cont.)

62 Additional Resources

63 Additional Resources (cont.)

64 Questions?

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