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Federal Highway Administration

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1 Federal Highway Administration
Putting a Transportation Perspective on Census Geography (April 11, 2010) Topics 2010 Census Urban Areas MSAs PUMAs TAZs CTPP Update Ed Christopher Resource Center Planning Team Federal Highway Administration 4749 Lincoln Mall Dr. Rm 600 Matteson, IL

2 Age, Race, Sex, Owner/Renter
2010 Census Day - APRIL 1st Short Form Population count Age, Race, Sex, Owner/Renter


4 What is your Local Response Rate?

5 Urban Boundaries Census Defined Urban Area (UA)
Adjusted Urbanized Area (UZA) Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) Non-Attainment Area

6 Boundaries - the Important thing
Census Defined Urban Area (UA) - Population + $$$ Adjusted Urbanized Area (UZA) - Functional Class Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) - MPO Jurisdiction Non-Attainment Area The Letters UZA and UA often get mixed up

7 Boundaries - some names people use
Census Defined Urban Area (UA) Census Urbanized Area (UZA) Adjusted Urbanized Area (UZA) Federal Aid Urban Area (FAUA) FHWA Adjusted Boundary Adjusted Urban(ized) Area Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) Planning Area MPO Boundary

8 What’s an MPO? 100K - Threshold Grandfathering
NARC - Status Quo AASHTO -Somewhat Vague FHWA - Internal House - T+I Committee, HR ____ Senate - 100K - Threshold Grandfathering 200K - Project Selection Authority 1 Million+ Special Funding and Requirements

9 Census Defined Urban Area (UA)
2000 density based, automated process, identified urban clusters (2,500 pop), ignored place boundaries and built from Census Blocks 2010 Census Bureau still deciding process Investigating use of place of work data via ACS, reviewing land use covers and digital elevation maps and satellite imagery, thinking about using household densities and building from Census Tracts. Look for criteria for defining urbanized areas and clusters in Spring 2010 in Federal Register feb. 2009

10 Webinar and other Materials
Q/As from Webinar

11 Some Final Words on UAs

12 Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas, Metropolitan Divisions, Combined Statistical Areas Mega Regions

13 Public Use Microdata Sample
PUMAs? -- What are they? Public Use Microdata Sample PUMS data is based on individual census records and is available only at large geographic areas. Think of the PUMS dataset as the raw, disaggregate census sample data, at a large enough geographic level necessary to protect the confidentiality of the census respondent. Standard Tabs ACS Sample PUMS Records PUMAs are the zones used from PUMS data

14 NE Illinois (2008 pop estimate)
Why are PUMAs Important? NE Illinois (2008 pop estimate) Chicago Let’s Look at Annual Data Annual Data 65K+ Note the areas in gray We call this Swiss Cheese

15 Why are PUMAs Important?
NE Illinois (PUMAs) Tabulation Area for ACS Represent 100K Complete Coverage Smaller than Counties NO Swiss Cheese

16 Why are PUMAs Important?
How many PUMAs should this area have? City of Chicago 2000 PUMAs Why are PUMAs Important? - Defines areas for analysis - Tabulation Area for ACS Who Defines Them? - The Community - Led by State Data Center When are They Defined? - Summer 2011 - Criteria out Spring 2010 2,896,016 (2000 Pop)

17 Census Transportation Planning Products
What is the CTPP? CTPP is an umbrella program of data products, custom tabulations, training, technical assistance, and research for the transportation community. CTPP uses data from U.S. Census Bureau, including American Community Survey (ACS). Census Transportation Planning Products

18 CTPP Program l All States + DC l AASHTO Led l Oversight Board
l Five Year period ~ 2011 (2012) Acquire Data and Develop Products 63% Research, Training and Outreach 21% Manage Program 3% Board Discretion 12% TOTAL $5,844,332 Federal Technical Advisory Group TRB Subcommittee -- List Serve (830 strong) Quarterly Newsletter -- Outreach Several Websites

19 AASHTO CTPP Oversight Board (ACOB)
MPOs Kuo-Ann Chiao, NYMTC Steven Gayle, BMTS Mell Henderson, MARC Arash Mirzaei, NCTCOG Guy Rousseau, ARC Clara Reschovsky,MWCOG Pete Swensson, TRPC Vacant Chair: Jennifer Finch, CO (Region IV) Vice Chair: Jonette Kreideweis, MN (Region III) AASHTO Liaison: Penelope Weinberger 17 voting members: 9 states and 8 MPOs Consensus Decision Making Ex Officio Members Ed Christopher, FHWA Melissa Chiu, Census Bureau Alison Fields, Census Bureau Rich Denbow, AMPO Elaine Murakami, FHWA Robert Padgette, APTA Alan Pisarski, Consultant Steven Polzin, USF. CUTR Nanda Srinivasan, TRB John Sprowls, FTA States Laine Heltebridle, PA (Region I) Nathan Erlbaum, NY (Region I) Hui Wei Shen, FL (Region II) Paul Agnello, VA (Region II) Phillip Mescher, IA (Region III) Ahmad Jaber, UT (Region IV) Ayalew Adamu, CA (Region IV)

20 Special Staff Penelope Weinberger Melissa Chiu
CTPP Program Manager, AASHTO 444 North Capitol Street NE Suite 249 Washington, DC 20001 Melissa Chiu CTPP Program Manager Censu Bureau , 2454

21 Data Products 3-Year Data Profiles l Uses 2005-2007 ACS
l Compares to 2000 l Focused on Transportation l Includes Significance Tests

22 CTPP 3-Year Main Product
Coming in September CTPP 3-Year Main Product September 2010 2006, 2007, 2008 20,000 Pop. Areas (County, Place, PUMAs) Actual Flows

23 The 3-year Product Design
2000 Geography MSA – EACH Principal City Metropolitan Statistical Area State-POW PUMA State-PUMA State-Place State-County-MCD State-County Nation (US Total) Product Structure 3-Parts Part 1- Place of Residence Part 2- Place of Work Part 3- Flows between Home and Work with On-Line Extraction Software State

24 3-year CTPP Product Summary
Highlights Low Lights Based on CTPP2000 Tables Many NEW Univariate Tables More Age Tables Streamlined Race Tables More HH and HH Lifecycle Tables More English Proficiency Tables Way more Flows Tables Incomplete Coverage Rounded Reduced Number of Crosstabs with Mode -- Travel time -- Household income -- Vehicle availability -- Age -- Time leaving home Tables will have Suppression -- Means based on 3 values -- 3 records in Flow

25 CTPP 5-year data product
CTPP 5-Year Main Product Fall 2012 2006, 07, 08, 09, 2010 Small Areas (Tract, TAZ, Block Group) New TAZs Synthetic Data and Flows

26 “NEW” TAZs Traffic Analysis Zones
Developed in Summer 2011 TAZs will nest with TADs GIS equivalency process Funded under Consolidated Purchase FHWA is contacting state DOTs to set up contacts TAZ Traffic Analysis Zone Traditional Size TAD Traffic Analysis District 20,000 population Subcommittee working on TAZs Guy Rousseau-chairing

27 Building the 5-year data
Key product to the whole CTPP effort Hinges on some key research NCHRP Project 8-79 ($550K) Producing Transportation Data Products from the American Community Survey that Comply with Disclosure Rules Contractor selected Nov 2009 Westat Inc. (signed contact January)

28 Resources

29 CTPP List Serve

30 “Status Report” newsletter

31 ACS Data Profiles

32 Training and Technical Assistance
Report 588 A Guidebook for Using ACS Data for Transportation Planning Trend Analysis How to recalculate Margins of Error 275 pages

33 Working with ACS A Compass for Understanding And Using ACS Data
l Set of user-specific handbooks l Train-the trainer materials l E-learning ACS Tutorial

34 Getting Data - Census Standard Products

35 For a free copy of these slides go to
What is on your mind? For a free copy of these slides go to

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