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Bert Debruin President of Alta Pro Electric Ltd..

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1 Bert Debruin President of Alta Pro Electric Ltd.

2 H ISTORY OF A LTA P RO E LECTRIC LTD. Introductions Beginnings Of Our Journey Changes And Adaptations Through Our Journey Where Our Journey Brings Us Today ERP- 4 - CON

3 G ROWTH H ISTORY Calendar Year % Change in Sales % Change in Profit % Change in Labor Costs $$$ Loss/Gain in Productivity 2007+24%+2%+.32-$22,601.00 2008+49%Same-.22%+$23,135.00 2009-21%+2%+4.6%-$383,502.00 2010+25%-4%+.37%-$38,528.00 2011+27%-8%+.85%-$112,314.00 2012+14%Same+4.3%-$645,980.00 2013+.01%+8%-.016%+$292,500.00 ERP- 4 - CON

4 P ROBLEMS W ITH C URRENT O PERATIONS Lack Of Costing Control And Project Analysis Inconsistent Materials Acquisition Processes Communication Gap Between Office And Field Time Spent To Manually Input Duplicate Information Laborious Manual Process To Transfer Useful Data From Estimates To Projects ERP- 4 - CON

5 T ARGETED S OLUTIONS Integrated Timesheets And Purchase Orders That Automatically Apply Costs To The Relevant Project Integrated Materials Database With Up To Date Purchase Costs Full Access For Crew Leaders To All Project Documentation Information Is Input Once And Carried Forward To All Areas Needed Integrated Solution That Pairs Estimating And Project Management Software ERP- 4 - CON

6 B ENEFITS A CHIEVED W ITH A N ERP Accurate Daily Job Costing With Key Performance Indicators Ability To Manage Costs More Effectively Increased Efficiency And Accuracy Of Information Sharing More Accurate Manpower Forecasting Stronger Feedback To Estimating Department With Actual Project Information ERP- 4 - CON

7 R EASONS F OR A C USTOM ERP Adapt The Tools To Your Existing Workflows Grows Fluidly With Company Growth New Tools And Workflows Can Be Integrated More Effectively Competitive Edge – Proprietary Workflows Developing A ERP Tests Existing Operations Exposes Current Limitations Providing Growth Opportunities ERP- 4 - CON

8 R EASONS A GAINST C USTOM ERP Extended Duration Before Implementation Testing New Practices In An Un-finalized State Unfamiliarity With New IT Terminology And Programming Development Larger Financial Investment Up Front Disconnect Between Developer And Company ERP- 4 - CON

9 M AJOR H URDLES Finding The Right Developers Do You Speak The Same Language? Does Your Interpretation Match Their Interpretation? Image Credit: ERP- 4 - CON

10 M AJOR H URDLES Understanding Software Design and Limitations Differing Operating Systems Differing Programming Languages Differing Communication Environments Image Credit: ERP- 4 - CON

11 M AJOR H URDLES Understanding Hardware and Infrastructure Requirements Internet Bandwidth-Existing Infrastructure Remote User Accessibility Security Protocols Image Credit: ERP- 4 - CON

12 ERP R EQUIREMENTS F OR S UCCESS Full Analysis Of Current Workflows Before CMS Development Began Cross Department Collaboration On Analysis Asses Effectiveness Of Current Procedures Employee Input On Ways To Increase Effectiveness ERP- 4 - CON

13 ERP R EQUIREMENTS F OR S UCCESS Analysis Of Current Interface Options How Are Employees Going To Access The Software? What Are The Limitations? Image Credits: ERP- 4 - CON

14 T RUTHS A LONG T HE W AY We Didn’t Necessarily Do It Right On The First Try ERP- 4 - CON



17 C HALLENGES Assuming Our Current Documentation Styles Would Easily Translate Into An Automated System Assuming The Developers Will Know How To Address Every Design Request Easily ERP- 4 - CON

18 S UMMARY O F A FFECTED S YSTEMS Human Resources Contacts And Communications Estimating And Proposals Pre-project Planning Project Management In Office Site Project Management Materials Acquisition And Control Labor Management And Control Quality Assurance And Quality Control Project Close Out ERP- 4 - CON

19 P ROGRAM H UMAN R ESOURCES Manual Entry Of Faxed In And Dropped Off Timesheets Employee Training Records Not Accessible Employee Records Kept In Excel With Limited Access Contact Database In Reference Documents Direct Input Of Timesheet Entry By Employees Employee Training Records Visible To All Employees Integrated Employee Database Contact Database Directly Integrated EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

20 E STIMATING A ND P ROPOSALS Estimating Department And General Manager Discuss Gaps In Future Work Low Level History Of Bid Success Estimating Documents Need Manually Moved In To Project Files Estimating Department Has Direct Access To All Project Scheduling Fully Detailed And Searchable Bid History Estimating Files Linked Directly To Project In System EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

21 P RE - PROJECT P LANNING Project Manager Approximates Manpower Timelines Manual Loading Of Estimate Data For Cost And Productivity Tracking Automated Project Labour Duration Projection Integrated Information Loading For Cost And Productivity Tracking EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON


23 P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT - O FFICE Need To Manually Input Same Information Multiple Times Various Excel Documents To Track Project Details Critical Tasks Recorded Manually All Information Is Entered Once All Project Details In One System Critical Task Procedures Produce Automatic Reminders EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

24 P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT - F IELD Access To Project Changes Through Printed Documents Reliance On Email From Project Manager For Status Updates Reliance On Office Staff To Load Current Material Pricing Into Project Folders Online Access To All Current Change Documentation Automatic Alert When A Change Is Approved Access To Integrated Materials Database With All Current Pricing EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

25 M ATERIAL A CQUISITIONS A ND C ONTROL Call Or Email Suppliers For Latest Prices History Of Cost Not Searchable Shipment Shortages And Damages Not Reported Immediately Long Term Pricing Agreements Full History Of All Material Cost Adjustments Immediate Notification To The Office For Shipment Issues EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

26 L ABOR M ANAGEMENT A ND C ONTROL Labor Allocation Based On Personal Experience Labor Issues Not Readily Apparent Until Project End Excel Document Used To Project Number Of People Needed Requests For Hiring Personnel Done Through Emails Exact Labor History Of Projected Vs. Actual Exact Numbers On Labor Overages Project Overages / Shortages For Specific Type Of Employee Integrated Detailed Personnel Shortage Alerts Sent To HR EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM CMS-4-PAP

27 ERP- 4 - CON



30 Q UALITY A SSURANCE A ND C ONTROL Company Standards On Paper In Binders Access To Updated Standards Through Email Or Printed Documents Crew Leaders Send Training Requests To Office When Needed Company Standards Filed Electronically Online Access To Latest Company Standards Integrated Training History With Alerts EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

31 P ROJECT C LOSEOUT Project Manager Must Call Or Email Crew Leaders Project Manager To Discuss Project Completion With Accounting Online Access / Alerts To Dates Of Completion Integrated Notifications To Accounting For Project Completion EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM ERP- 4 - CON

32 C OSTS T O D EVELOP N EW ERP Capitalized Costs Hardware Costs Payroll For Employee Working With Developers Revisions During Development ERP- 4 - CON

33 C OSTS T O D EVELOP N EW ERP Non Capitalized Costs Evaluation Of Alternatives Research And Development Training Costs ERP- 4 - CON

34 H OW D O W E I MPLEMENT N EW ERP? Parallel Adoption Simultaneous Use Of New And Old Systems Triple Training Company Wide Group Training Individual Site Training Individual Employee Training ERP- 4 - CON

35 H OW D O W E C ONTROL I MPLEMENTATION ? Gradual Rollout Improved Standard Operating Procedures Gather Employee Feedback And Monitor Pain Points Consistent Support For Employee Adaptation ERP- 4 - CON

36 H OW D O W E M EASURE S UCCESS ? Increased Productivity Increased Efficiency Increased Capacity Increased Employee Satisfaction Increased Client Satisfaction ERP- 4 - CON

37 V ALIDATION O F C USTOM ERP Measureable Decrease in Wasted Overhead Improved Quality and Consistency of Information Ease of Operations For Employees ERP- 4 - CON

38 H OW C AN T HE N EW ERP B E I MPROVED ? Practical Testing of New Workflows Implement Native Estimating, Accounting, and Inventory Software. Leverage Cloud Based Computing Power ERP- 4 - CON

39 T AKE A WAY M OMENTS...F UTURE More Frequent And More Accurate Information Tighter Integration Of The Entire Organization Streamlined Workflows Company Wide Uniformity – Higher Quality Image Credit: ERP- 4 - CON

40 This technology adoption project was supported in part by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC- IRAP)

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