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The Universal Systems Model

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1 The Universal Systems Model
MVMMS Tech Ed November, 2011

2 The Universal System GIPOF

3 Goals The Universal System Problem Identification Desired Objective
Improve an Existing System Improve an Existing Product

4 Input GIPOF Process stage. Stakeholders Brainstorming Ideas
Team Development Schedule Time Concept Mapping & Mind Storming Research – Build on the past! “Thumbnail Sketches” Vision Strategic Plan Steps to Success Budget And More… GIPOF The key to successful problem solving is to get as much Input as possible within the time constraints so that you have thought of everything you can before moving into the Process stage.

5 Process Professional Development Time Short Term/Long Term Goals
Materials “Bench learning” (Amidon, August 2010, Private conversation) Work in Progress Student Learning Wax and Buff Communicate And more… Process The Big Idea! “Accurate Communication is the key to all human success!” (McCarthy, often).

6 Output Evaluate Your Product 1. Formative a. Hypothesis 2. Summative

7 Feedback Whoops!!! New Ideas New Understandings
Better or Smarter way to Accomplish the Task Reflection Deeper Understanding

8 The Universal System Process Goals Feedback Input Output

9 GIPOF is a system to help solve problems.
The Universal System GIPOF is a system to help solve problems. It is a feedback loop that helps us see where the glitches are therefore allows us to maximize effort where it is needed (ie.) “We are having communication difficulties…” What is the Goal? What Input do we need to know to approach this issue? What Process will we do to ameliorate the issue? What Output do we have that can be evaluated? Process Goals Feedback Input Output

10 Process Goals Input Output The Universal System Feedback
Feedback is a constant. It is both Formative and Summative. If you get to the Process stage and find that you are missing key information, supplies, or personnel, you go back to Input and add new info! Process Goals Feedback Input Output

11 Process Goals Input Output The Universal System Feedback
If you get to the Output stage only to find that your results did not meet your Goals you either need to go back to improve the Processes or Return to Input and add new information and gather more data to start the loop again! The Universal System Process Goals Feedback Input Output

12 The Universal System Process Goals Feedback Input Output

13 Purdue University Engineering

14 Universal Systems Model

15 Inputs of Construction

16 Process of Construction
Processes are what people do in construction. In general, construction process can be divided into designing, managing, producing, and using.

17 Outputs of Construction
There are three outputs of construction: structures, new knowledge and techniques, and impacts.

18 Feedback of Construction
Feedback mechanisms are used to make sure the goal of the system is met and to control or prevent negative impacts, Feedback monitors the system and makes adjustment when necessary.


20 The Universal System Model
A way of thinking about an engineering project in five parts.

21 The Universal System Model
Has 5 parts: Goals Input Processes Output Feedback

22 The Universal System Model
Goals The reason for the system Example: Mousetrap Car goal was to learn about propulsion and friction.

23 The Universal System Model
Input What is put into the system to run it Example: Mousetrap Car input were Capturing the potential energy of the spring in a string Attaching the string to the drive axle to move the wheels

24 The Universal System Model
Process The things that go on when the system is running. Example: Mousetrap Car processes were… the movement of the lever arm to turn the drive axle and propel the car friction along the wheels that may slow down/stop/curve the car car tipping over when it stopped

25 The Universal System Model
Output What work comes out of the input and process Example: Mousetrap Car output was… to move the car the greatest distance.

26 The Universal System Model
Feedback The reaction of the input, output and process of a system. The return of information about your system. Example: Mousetrap Car feedback was… The distance your car went.

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