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Component Based Software Engineering Ravi Kumar Mylavarapu.

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2 Component Based Software Engineering Ravi Kumar Mylavarapu

3 Objectives To explain that CBSE is used to develop standard components To explain the laws of software development To describe component and component integration To discuss the problems with off shelf components

4 Topics Covered Introduction Laws of software Evolution Why CBSE Selection issues Integration issues Maintenance issues Attractiveness for different domains The success of CBSD

5 Introduction Why Component Based Software Development Technology in parallel with EJB,CORBA,COM/DCOM Facilitates maintenance and evolution of systems by customizing and replacing their components Add compatible components and upgrade the software or the suite performance(E.g. windows update)

6 Laws governing software development Continuing change Increasing complexity Self regulation Conservation of organizational stability

7 Laws governing software development contd.. Conservation of familiarity Continuing growth Declining quality Feed back systems

8 Implementation CBSE based software engineering is an approach to software development that relies on software reuse -Reusability -Sustainability -Extensibility

9 Reusability Reusing components in different systems Reusing components demands certain constraints like the necessity for.. Good documentation Well organized reuse process Similar architecture C1 Application1Application2 C1C2C3 C1C4C5

10 Substitutability Alternative implementation of a component may be used The component used should meet the system requirements Application1 c1c2c3C1’c2c3

11 Extensibility Extending components that are part of a system Add additional Components c1c2c3 c1 C2+ c3 c1c2c3 c2c4c3c1

12 Maintenance Component integration is relatively easy, the main focus is on maintenance. Component BuilderIntegrator Customer

13 Off the shelf component maintenance Maintaining the software that is integrated from off the shelf components Component Frozen Functionality Incompatible Upgrades Troazen horses Unreliable components Wrappers

14 Attractiveness for different domains Business point of view -Shorter time-to-market,lower development and maintenance costs Advantages from technical and engineering point of view -Relative ease in understanding Advantages from strategic point of view of a society -Increasing software market, generation of new companies

15 The success… Component based approach has been successful in many application domains -Web and internet based applications -Office applications like the GUI tools -Telecommunications and consumer electronics

16 Conclusion What did we learn What is CBSE Laws governing software evolution Implementation of CBSE Maintenance of CBSE IIn shelf components OOff the shelf components Attractiveness for different domains The success

17 References 1.Software evolution in the age of component-based software engineering M.M. Lehman and J. F. Rami 2.Towards Component-Based Software Engineering Gilda Pour San Jose State University U.S.A. 3.Maintaining Component based software systems.Jeffrey Voes Reliable Software Technologies. 4) S. Ali, H. J. Siegel, M. Maheswaran, D. Hensgen, and S. Sedigh-Ali. Representing task and machine heterogeneities for heterogeneous computing systems. Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering, Special 50th Anniversary Issue, 3(3):195-207, invited, Nov. 2000. 5)S. Sedigh-Ali, A. Ghafoor, and R.A. Paul. Software engineering metrics for COTS-based systems. IEEE Computer, Special Issue on Software Engineering on Internet Time, 34(5):44-50, cover feature, May 2001. 6) Monitoring Software Components and Component-Based Software Jerry Gao, Ph.D., Eugene Y. Zhu, Simon Shim, Ph.D.San Jose State University.

18 References Contd.. 7) Generation of Distributed System Test-beds from High-level Software Architecture Descriptions John Grundy1,, Yuhong Cai1 and Anna Liu2 8) Component-Based Software Development Approach:Is It the Next Silver Bullet? Workshop Moderator: Gilda Pour Department of Computer, Information, and Systems Engineering San Jose State University San Jose, CA 9) Moving toward Component-Based Software Development Approach Dr. Gilda Pour Department of Computer, Information, and Systems Engineering San Jose State University, San Jose. 10)Supporting evolution in component-based development using component libraries Casanova, M.; Van Der Straeten, R.; Jonckers, V. 11)Software Maintenance and Reengineering, 2003. Proceedings. Seventh European Conference on, 26-28 March 2003


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