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2010 Thank You, Sponsor!. 2010 New Leaders/ New Groups Track: Structure a Business Plan that Measures your ERGs Effectiveness Moderator: Brian Sorge /

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1 2010 Thank You, Sponsor!

2 2010 New Leaders/ New Groups Track: Structure a Business Plan that Measures your ERGs Effectiveness Moderator: Brian Sorge / Managing Director / Jennifer Brown Consulting Presenters: Chuck Stephens / Senior Associate, Diversity & Inclusion / Booz Allen Hamilton Stephan Klaschka / Director, Head of Clinical Applications Support & Co-Chair, NxGen ERG/ Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

3 2010 ERGs develop based on the needs of the population. A robust ERG strategy tends to focus on: Engaging and Supporting Employees Directly Impacting Business Needs Key Steps to Developing Individual ERG Business Plan / Strategies Identify organizations overall Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategy Identify goals and objectives across all ERGs Develop ERG-specific strategy – Align with D&I and ERG strategies Build a plan that aligns with organizational/business strategic goals and objectives Structure a Business Plan that Measures your ERGs Effectiveness

4 2010 Defining ERG Effectiveness Level 1: Activity-Based Level 2: Isolated Goals Identified and Achieved Level 3: Change Occurs Level 4: Business Impacts Identified and Achieved Level 5: ROI is Demonstrated

5 2010 Multiple ways to measure ERG progress: Event attendance ERG Membership External Awards Levels of Structure and Governance (i.e. Completed Business Plan) Revenue and Business-Aligned Targets Business Partner Collaboration National, Regional, and Global Representation Cross-ERG Collaborations (internal and external) Developing Sound ERG Metrics

6 2010 Identifying a Strategy Framework or Structure Focus on incremental development vs. current and future state Five-level maturity models have demonstrated success Link to and/or mirror existing organizational models Important to distinguish ERG organizational capabilities from ERG Leader and Sponsor capabilities Look to identify strategic business goals and objectives that align with ERG developmental phases


8 2010 Boehringer Ingelheim Next Generation at the Workplace (NxGen) Steps to establishing an ERG Booz Allen Hamilton Employee Group States of Being – from Affinity Group to Business Resource Group Run your group like a business The Changing Face of ERG Metrics Measurement of Progress Changes as ERGs Mature

9 2010 Human Pharmaceuticals and Animal Health Founded 1885 in Ingelheim, Germany 125-year old global company committed to improving the lives of patients and their families Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation: 41,500 employees worldwide Operating with 142 affiliated companies in 50 countries Net sales U.S. 17.7 billion dollars in 2009 Products marketed in some 152 countries

10 2010 NxGen ERG Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement governs all seven ERGsgoverns –Provides framework, executive sponsors, basic fundingframework –ERGs are employee driven, grass-roots Next Generation at the workplace (NxGen)GenerationNxGen –Focusing on understanding and leveraging generational dimensions –Includes all employees –NxGen has 260+ followers to date –Achieve ERG goals through project (7 active to date) –Read the NxGen case study in NALC Handbook!

11 2010 Steps to NxGen Establish a business case for having the ERGbusiness case for having the ERG –Seek executive stakeholders for support and funding Develop a project strategy for the ERGproject strategy –Build a project portfolio and develop a project pipelineproject portfolio –Projects as business cases aligned with business strategyProjects –Measurable results and professional project management Communicate openly and transparently –Whats in it for me? – member, recruit, sponsor, ERGs –Build trust and dare to reach out unconventionally [1] –Allow for errors, learn from them and have fun! [1] David Thompson (NxGen co-chair), Session D: Hot Topics Track: Using Network Technologies for ERG Growth

12 2010 How do we do? Stakeholder Testimonial The consistent support, positive attitude, and time that you and your colleagues dedicate to projects such as the (XYZ) initiative, are not only appreciated, but will contribute to a new era of collaboration and community development within Boehringer Ingelheim John Yonsky, Associate Director, Online and Internal Communications NxGen – Making the best of generational differences!

13 2010 If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

14 2010 How to start? Build business case get executive buy-in! –Work with company governance body (if exists) Convince by addressing key questions: –How can NxGen help the company understand the needs of different workplace generations? –How does NxGen help the businesses of BI? (external focus marketplace) –How can NxGen ERG help increase productivity? (internal focus workplace) –What is needed for ERG to feel engaged, valued?

15 2010 Project Strategy Professional project management –Measurable results build credibility pipeline –Business manager as project sponsor $$ Focus on a few projects with –High need in the organization meaningful –High visibility, fast completion impact ERG as sounding board for management –Build a strong support base (followers) –Transparent and open communication

16 2010 BACKUP SLIDES Boehringer Ingelheim

17 2010 Office of Diversity, Inclusion& Engagement: Organizational Structure Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement BI Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council BI Operating Unit Diversity Groups BI Employee Resource Groups Field Sales Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council AHBR AERG D.O.N.E. La BIICA! WLI Working w/ Pride Ben Venue Labs BI VetMedica Inc. BI Chemicals Inc. BI Roxane Inc. & Roxane Labs Inc. NxGen

18 2010 How were doing: The ODI&E

19 2010 ERG Governance Governed by the HR Office of Diversity, Inclusion& Engagement –Nancy Di Dia, Chief Diversity Officer Part of the company's diversity and business strategy Follow clear set of rules for ERGsset of rules Have an executive sponsor Receive company funding

20 2010 What is needed for an ERG? –Around intrinsic diversity dimensions –Support diversity, inclusion, business objectives –Promote networking, mentoring, coaching, community outreach Inclusive –Open to all employees; cant oppose other ERG Transparent –No political or lobbying activities, no hidden agendas Compliant –Abide company policies and procedures ERG ground rules

21 2010 Why a Gen ERG? Demography changes society and the workplace Four generations work together in different waysFour generations –Communication, networking, collaboration, expectations Increasingly distributed workforce –Results-oriented, virtual, rely on technology Prevent the baby-boomer brain-drain GenY outnumbers GenX by 50% –Make a change, involved in decision-making

22 2010 Demographic Change

23 2010 NxGen Mission Next Generation at the Workplace ERG leverages generational differences and similarities for professional growth opportunities and inclusion within Boehringer Ingelheims workplace and marketplace. NxGen is inclusive to all employees

24 2010 NxGen Overview Kick-off event in October 2009 –NxGen followers to date: 260+ Organization –Chair, two co-chairs, executive sponsor –Core team of 12 meets monthly as an open forum to set strategy and coordinate project teams Focus on projects as business cases –ERG goals in an annual business plan –Active projects to date: 7

25 2010 Project Portfolio Build portfolio and develop a project pipeline Align projects with the business strategyAlign projects –Such as Financial, Operational, People, Marketplace excellence Project mix to attracts different personalities and interests Communicate benefits –Make it a win/win for company and employee –Recruit active staff to execute projects!

26 2010 Aligned Portfolio Focus AreaProjects Operational Excellence People Finder/Expert Locator R&D wiki Remote Workers at BI Marketplace Excellence Recruit and Inform Data Analysis People/Financial Excellence Talent Acquisition Learn@BI

27 2010 Project Initiation Build a business case –Demonstrate business need with success metrics Appoint a passionate project manager –Guide with a framework of questions –Provide guidance and support –Distinguish novelty from true innovation –Work with sponsor to prepare organization –Establish regular report to core team –Delegate and dont take the work back

28 2010 Project Outline Focus AreaOperational Excellence TitleRemote Workers at BI Objective (1) Recruit active members/information receivers (2) Surface data on BI's remote workforce (3) Share data w/ Future Workplace project & ERGs (4) Establish project portfolio, act upon findings (5) Start one project Success Criteria/ Metrics (1) Recruit 200 (count email distribution list), (2) Launch online survey for remote workers by 31Jan2010; analyze survey results by 31Mar2009, (3) Share survey results w/ ODI, ERGs, WoF by 15Apr2010 (4) Establish project portfolio by 30May2009 (5) Launch first project by 01Jul2010 Communication Planby Remote Workers at BI core team by 28Feb2010 Necessary Resources- PeopleLead: Stephan Klaschka Necessary Resources- Financialn/a Targeted Completion Date(see metrics)

29 2010 ABCD Reports Project:Remote Workers at BI group Lead:Stephan Klaschka ( 1) Completed Goal was 200 recruits; recruited 221 members (2)Completed Conducted online survey since Jan2010 and continue open-ended for now. (3)Completed Analyze and communicate interim results for 321 responders competed in Apr2010 (4)+ (5) - planned. Cultivate a work-environment that supports the growing segment of virtual workforce Increase competitiveness: Attract and retain employees seeking flexible workplace Max. business support for virtual workers Promote awareness & appreciation for remote workers Measurably improve collaboration, engagement. BenefitsAchievements Do Next Concerns (none at this time) Use interim results from online survey to identify project candidates and develop a project portfolio. Project Objective: (1) Recruit members and followers (2) Surface data on BI's remote workforce (3) Share data with Workplace of the Future project and ERGs (4) Derive a project portfolio (5) Launch -at least- one project

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