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Advanced SQL/ODBC Configuration

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1 Advanced SQL/ODBC Configuration
Mike Bianco

2 Agenda: ODBC and Skyward
What is ODBC? What requires ODBC? Configuring ODBC for Skyward Maintenance of ODBC for Skyward

3 What is ODBC? Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) provides a standard software API method for using database management systems (DBMS). The designers of ODBC aimed to make it independent of programming languages, database systems, and operating systems.

4 What requires ODBC? Crystal Reports / Report Viewer
Crystal Enterprise Scheduling software Skyward PaC and Web Crystal Quick Pick Reports Custom/3rd Party Interfaces (Special Ed, UMR/Tools4Ever, etc.) Other 3rd Party Tools (Cognos, Microsoft Reporting Services, etc.)

5 Maintenance of ODBC and Skyward
DBTool’s SQL Width Padding utility should be run weekly. Update Read-Only User process should be run daily. Update Statistics process should be run weekly.

6 Monolith 2 Scheduled Tasks
Web product has the ability to configure Read Only user accounts for ODBC. Monolith 2 can be setup to run scheduled tasks for Read Only User Rights, DBTool utility and Update Statistics process.

7 Creating ODBC Users and Data Source
How do I create a Read-Only SQL User? FAQ Tutorial: How do I Schedule Update Read Only ODBC User Task? FAQ Tutorial: How to I create a Data Source DSN? ODBC Install Guide


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