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Solovyeva Alina Krasilnikova Kate Kadieva Zury Rudametova Joanna

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1 Solovyeva Alina Krasilnikova Kate Kadieva Zury Rudametova Joanna
Nestle S.A. Solovyeva Alina Krasilnikova Kate Kadieva Zury Rudametova Joanna


3 Nestle S.A. Nestlé S.A. is a multinational packaged foods company founded and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland Nestlé is the world's largest foods company. The Chairman of the company is Peter Brabeck-Letmathe The chief executive officer is Paul Bulcke

4 History The company dates to 1867.
In 1875 Daniel Peter from Veve found the way of making milk chocolate by adding cacao to milk. He had a company which in 1904 entered The Nestle Corporation. In the beginning of 20th centure the company was operating factories in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. And later it spread all over the world. World War I created new demand for dairy products in the form of government contracts; by the end of the war, Nestlé's production had more than doubled. During the Second World War profits dropped from US$20 million in 1938 to US$6 million in 1939. After the war the company was developing rapidly. In 1988 the Willy Wonka Brand was brought to Nestlé. In December 2005 Nestlé bought the Greek company. It is the world's biggest ice cream maker with a 17.5% market share

5 Henry Nestle

6 Products The range of products has reached 8000 labels such us coffee (Nescafé), bottled water, other beverages, chocolate, ice cream, infant foods, performance and healthcare nutrition, seasonings, frozen and refrigerated foods, confectionery and pet food.





11 Let’s talk about figures
Revenue CHF billion (2008) Operating income CHF billion (2008) Employees - 283,000 (2008) Research and development investment was CHF billion.

12 Structure of Nestle company
Board of directors Chairman President (Chief executive officer ) Managing director (Chief operating officer )

13 Structure of Nestle company(departs)
Structure of Nestle company(departs) Chief financial officer Chief human resources officer Chief information officer Chief marketing officer Chief technical officer Chief administrative officer Chief strategy officer Chief accountant Personal manager Chief communications officer Chief brand officer Production manager Chief legal officer* Chief analytics officer IT Manager Chief learning officer Chief information security officer Chief Purchasing officer Chief data officer* Chief channel officer * Chief risk officer* Chief networking officer Creative director Chief science officer Chief compliance officer *

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