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Once upon a time, when the world was full of wonders, in the time of mysteries, there was a mother in the middle of nothing. Her name was European Union.

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2 Once upon a time, when the world was full of wonders, in the time of mysteries, there was a mother in the middle of nothing. Her name was European Union Julia. Her first son German Günter was born in 1951. After some years, in 1986 the second one, Spanish Santiago was also born. To her biggest surprise, in 2004 she gave birth to twins, called Czech Čestmir and Hungarian Huba. However, she longed for another child so she adopted the little Miss Swiss.

3 October Fest The Team They spent several memorable years together, but the 5 children grew up rapidly. So they decided to try their luck. They set off in different directions. Soon they all found their perfect destination where they did very well. Both German Günter and Czech Čestmir became famous for their beer. Günter organizes festivals e.g. October Fest where beer is in focus. Čestmir is also fond of his Kozel. Santiago is really keen on football so much that he won the world cup in 2010.

4 Swiss Watch Gulash soup and Palinka Miss Swiss has become really good at engineering, she produces qualitative watches. And the last child Huba is an excellent chef: he is famous for his goulash and traditional palinka.

5 Video conference Despite of their success their lives weren’t complete. They loved and missed each other. They tried to get in touch in different ways: they organized video conferences where they could talk and see each other. But it wasn’t enough.

6 Ajka - Hungary 2009 Hungarian Huba Sümeg …hmmm … How delicious! That’s why Huba invited them to Ajka. They met in November 2009. They had lots of programs together. In Sümeg – fighting with terrible weather conditions - they conquered the castle and their prize was a tasty medieval dinner.

7 Veszprém and Lake Balaton Balatonfüred Veszprém Then they visited Veszprém, the town of Queens. They were amused by the marvelous landscape at Lake Balaton. Everybody took a lot of pictures so that they could remember those unforgettable moments.

8 Ajka Magyarpolány Moreover, after climbing the Calvary of Magyarpolány they prepared handmade souvenirs.

9 Farewell party Unfortunately these few days passed quickly, so the siblings said goodbye at a farewell party where all of them were together. They had a lot of fun, played bowling and took some final photos.

10 Olomouc Helfštŷn castle Lipník - Czech Republic 2010 Czech Čestmir A few months later they visited Czech Čestmir in Lipnik, Miss Swiss in Geneva, German Günter in Lüneburg and finally Spanish Santiago in Valencia. During their journeys they met lots of difficulties. First, Devil Iceland Volcano lost his temper and made the siblings’ flight more complicated. Despite the Devil’s shots they could get to Lipnik and conquer Helfštŷn castle successfully. They were enchanted by the miracles of Olomouc.

11 Punkva caves However the most unforgettable experience was when they visited the Punkva caves. In these scary underground caves they could even feel the breath of the seven headed dragon.

12 Geneva – Switzerland 2010 Miss Swiss Cheese factory Chocolate factory After this great adventure Miss Swiss invited them to her home in Switzerland. But unfortunately they also had some difficulties to win. Their mother, European Union Julia turned rusty because they didn’t send any postcards to her from their journeys. As a result, she denied to finance this trip of the siblings. In the end Miss Swiss solved the problem: she worked hard and saved enough money to pay all the expenses of their journey. She fascinated them with tasty dishes, taking them to a chocolate and later to a cheese factory. Everybody was so piggy that in the end they almost ate themselves sick.

13 Red Cross Headquarters United Nations They could also visit the United Nations and Red Cross Headquarters just to prove that they are serious people and it was worth inviting them.

14 Lüneburg – Germany 2010 German Günter They thought that there wouldn’t be any more obstacles before their next visit to Lüneburg. But this journey also had a surprise in store. Ice Princess appeared without any invitation and wanted to keep them back from reaching their destination. She bombed Europe with ice and snow. Fortunately the children were lucky to get to Lüneburg because their love melted most of the ice. As they departed Ice Princess appeared again and made Spanish Santiago’s journey home very adventurous. But while they were together they spent some wonderful days in the lovely world of Christmas fairy tales.

15 C O L L A G E They were amused by the sights of Lüneburg, Hamburg and the Christmas atmosphere everywhere. They had fantastic time making a collage of their new homes across Europe.

16 Valencia – Spain 2011 Spanish Santiago Vicious Virus of Influenza Vigorous Vitamins And their last trip to Spanish Santiago wasn’t unhindered either: an evil, hostile enemy, a Vicious Virus of Influenza frightened the siblings. But they ate a large amount of fruits and also took vitamins so they could defeat this enemy, too.

17 The LAST Meeting The beautiful sights I Santiago wanted to show them his hideaway and on their way they could admire lots of sights and a fountain which had magic power. All of them drank a glass of its water because they want to come back some time…

18 During the last two years of the visits they had challenging competitions, too. The siblings loved their mother, European Union Julia so much, that they organized contests to find out who knows their mother the best. Besides, they also wanted to prove their knowledge in Maths and Literature. The cutest siblings won precious presents and awards from their mother.

19 THANKS FOR THE LOVELY PROGRAMS!!! Having all these adventures they were very happy and satisfied. Hopefully, they will keep in touch in the future, too, and they will never forget each other. If you don’t beleive me, go and see for yourself!


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